10 Pieces of Bad Dating Advice to Ignore

10 Pieces of Bad Dating Advice to Ignore

A person seeks love by building up expectations, determining for yourself the necessary level of requirements for a partner, passing through meetings and partings, successful and unsuccessful appointments, leaving painful traces on the heart. What you need to know about it to perceive the situation most objectively, not allowing anyone to destroy your own identity?

Why bad dates are dangerous?

Disappointed young people noted a significant deterioration in health status. It starts with an increase in anxiety level (25%) to skin problems (6%), manifested in the form of a reddish rash or eczema. Unregulated overeating began in 10% of respondents, and a third showed signs of real depression. This is understandable from a medical point of view. Stress contributes to the release of testosterone and cortisol. The first affects the sebaceous glands that secrete an increased amount of fat, leading to skin rashes.

And cortisol through the hypothalamus receptors affects a significant increase in appetite. The weakening of immunity on the background of stress affects the duration of the disease state. Severe psychological consequences led to the reluctance of new meetings (70%) and disruption of communication with loved ones due to fear of inquiries and negative assessments of what happened. Is it possible to understand in advance the signs of dating disasters to avoid serious consequences?

bad dating advice

Smart people only go to meetings with partners whom they know. But in the age of the Internet and mobile communications, people are increasingly practicing blind dates. So the prudent people prefer to be slightly late and watch a girl or boy from afar to avoid unpleasant disappointments. This is unpleasant, but it beats the partner’s pride less and does not lead to a waste of time. The most unsuccessful dates begin with bad dating site photos.

Instead of a real picture, the unlimited possibilities of Photoshop make everything. Distorted information about age, income, profession, marital status and other aspects also play a role. What does the cheater count on? He relies on the fact that his rich inner world will outweigh everything else. Alas, the disappointment of the meeting can be so intense that everything achieved during the preliminary communication will lose its meaning.

Worst date ever by the eyes of men

Studies of the reasons for unsuccessful dates among visitors of dating sites have determined that 64% of respondents see this as the main reason for their bad relationship. And if the girls are ready to continue to communicate, giving men a second chance and finding other virtues among them, then for a man this is the final match. They must desire their partner.

Among the signs of an unsuccessful meeting for men are:

  • They did not come, or they were significantly late
  • Appeared with a friend
  • Immediately stipulated that the time for the meeting was limited
  • Asked help to close the cash loan
  • Was not beautiful
  • Ordered in a restaurant so much that a man barely managed to pay
  • Drunk too much alcohol
  • Was leading conversations about her ex-boyfriend for the whole evening

For men who expect something more at the end of the evening, unsuccessful dates with women are the absence of an invitation for tea. Or worse, a call without any sexual intercourse. The girl on the forum described how, after a prolonged party, she left the guy to spend the night in her house because he had nowhere to go. And then all the time led SMS correspondence, fighting off his desire. In this case, the guy was lying near her on the floor. The male psyche is not capable of capturing the nuances, perceiving the signals unequivocally. Nothing beats a man’s self-esteem as a provocative female behavior.

Women’s opinion

He is late
Of course, you can be delayed in different ways. In a big city, getting into a traffic jam is much easier than not getting there. The girl is much more willing to wait in the cafe if her counterpart apologizes and informs about the reasons for the delay. But if it takes 15 minutes, half an hour, an hour…

He does not order anything
And you hastily put a tea card in your hands until you have managed to grasp the main menu. He orders a glass of packaged juice or a cup of coffee. Perhaps he is on a diet or not hungry, but most likely he is either or terribly in a hurry, and he just came to look at you with one eye and assess whether you are okay or not. On the other hand, maybe he does not have money. In the meantime, while dinner is not ordered, girls prefer to finish the day quickly. Or, on the contrary, sit an hour over this unfortunate glass of juice. Some girls can, of course, order some food at your own risk and nobly pay for your dinner. But almost all of them adhere to the rule: “A man can let me pay for myself. But only once.”

His bad manners
He cannot calmly wait for the waiter, gossip about others requires the administrator to complain about poor service or quality of food. But, for a moment, he is not a restaurant critic and not a critic at all. He just came to meet you. If it is more interesting for him to pay attention to any trifles, and even in a negative way, and not to you, then let him deal with it alone. Just do not distract him.

He does not offer to take the girl to her house
This can be a consequence of a previous point or a sign that he is not happy with a date. And he may think that you are a bad girl. In any case, if he says goodbye to you somewhere in the city and escapes into the night with the words “get in touch,” it is not recommended for you to call him.

He drinks too much
One girl from forum met a handsome and wealthy man. His business, traveling, fun were so good. She thought that in this they were the same. But, unlike him, she was not able to drink a bottle of wine in one person in 15 minutes and order a second without a pause. Maybe, of course, he was very nervous, which she doubt very much. But getting drunk right after the word “hello” is a very disturbing bell.

That is why be careful about communication with people on the internet and meetings with them if you are not sure.

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