10 Stages of a Relationship

About the relationship between a man and a woman, you can talk forever and not come to a common denominator. The reason for this is an entirely different psychology of people. There are a considerable number of married couples who did not go through any stages in a relationship, but began to live together in the first week of dating. Fortunately, some of them live long and happy, and some reap all the fruits of their haste.

What are the stages of a healthy relationship?  Why are they needed? Each step in the relationship between a man and a woman is aimed at meeting the needs that are embedded deep in a person, even at the level of instincts. All couples build their relationships purely individually, but there are still indicative rules for the sequence of building relationships between a man and a woman.

1. Introduction

At this stage, you meet each other. It could be a casual date or a purposeful acquaintance. When you first meet each other, you should not expect love at first sight. A man and a woman should control themselves and direct their strength towards getting to know each other. At this stage, everyone tries to show himself in the best light to gain the favor of the other. Women at this stage look so fit.

Make-up, hairstyle, manicure, clothes, and most importantly a charming look and dazzling smile are part of them. All that makes a man interested. Men always come in clean clothes and take a shower before dating. They carefully wash their car in the hope of rolling a new girlfriend. This stage is the most exciting game between a man and a woman. Often married women make comments to men like: “when we met, you were not the same as now!”

There is a saying: “A man cares for a woman for a month, and a woman for a man for the rest of his life.” In the case when you are firmly committed to living with this person all your life, you can advise not to try to change the situation, but to change your attitude towards it. So, this stage of a dating relationship can last about a couple of weeks. It all depends on the intensity of the meetings. If a man and a woman are interested in each other, then relationships continue.

2. Butterflies in the stomach

When you met your partner and realized that you are ready to start building relationships with him, you open yourself up and surrender to the growing feelings. At this stage, many are tormented by doubts. Men and women who have been burning in a relationship earlier feel harder about revealing. At this stage of the relationship, kisses and touches become more outspoken. Many couples are moving to intimate relationships. Often, sex only strengthens the relationship and allows the couple to move to a closer level.

relationship levels

Women and men who have plunged in love with their heads do not notice the shortcomings of their partner. And for about a month, they actively go on dates and enjoy each other’s company. Newly-made couple at this stage loses their friends from sight. The man in the second stage of the relationship should maximize himself. Flowers, candy, going to the cinema, cafes and other romantic dates have a place to be. A woman should be grateful, smile, kiss and seduce her giver. Here is such a game!

3. Meet friends

It is the next stage of relationship levels. A man with a woman for more than a month enjoyed each other. Passion, endless talk and passion again. But as time passed, the couple realized that they were utterly cut off from the world. The moment has come to introduce a new love with friends. There may be problems in relationships. The relationship between men and women with friends may be different. In some companies, friends keep each other’s privacy under control and impose their opinions.

If friends do not like your new love, and they actively talk about it, you are faced with your first problem in a relationship. Here you need to understand what is happening. Listen to the arguments of friends and analyze. Are the charges true, do you share these charges and are you ready to build relationships with such a partner? Often, a man and a woman stop such conversations and do not listen to the advice of others.

Even if they were right, you would understand this after a while, but this will already be your informed decision. Therefore, it is not necessary to allow the opinions of strangers to change something in the relationship. Only your relationship experience will help you be happy in this life. Otherwise, you will have to think about how to move on from a relationship.

4. Joint leisure or visiting

This stage in the relationship plays an important role. After all, a man and a woman must be like-minded people to become a healthy couple and build a serious relationship. Lovers may face some problems in such a seemingly harmless side as leisure.

5. Parents

When a man and a woman have already known each other enough and have gone through some difficulties in a relationship, it is time to get acquainted with their parents. Here the couple may face the same problem as the dissatisfaction of friends. It is challenging for some personalities to argue with their parents and relationships can end.

steps in a relationship

But most adults start a silent fight with their relatives from that day on. They are trying to prove that their second half is wondeful. It is a severe problem in the relationship and frank conversations between men and women, their patience, respect, and love will help to complete this stage successfully.

6. Live together

Nowadays, the overwhelming majority of men and women prefer to start living together not with legal marriage, but with cohabitation. This stage of the relationship is crucial. Here, a man and a woman are revealed already at 100%. The first problems of life, money, the crisis in sex and so on.

7. Wedding

Here all the relatives come into the fight. Before the marriage, the question of money arises, and all these mercantile things spoil the relationship of all members of the future family. Some men and women heroically endured all the wedding lawsuits and finally swore each other in eternal love. It would seem, live and rejoice! But no, the next stage in the relationship between a man and a woman comes into play.

8. Pregnancy

It is a challenging stage in the life of a relationship. Huge nerves of men and women are spent here. It requires maximum support, patience, and love for each other. When pregnancy occurs, men should show great attention, care, and expect with trepidation the appearance of the child with the woman.

9. Child

In our time, you can find a considerable number of divorced women with small children. The birth of a child is the first real crisis in the relationship between a man and a woman. Both parents should make every effort to keep the family warm. Children lead to the process of taking a relationship to the next level.

10. Relationship Crises

Then a man and a woman overcome many crises of family relations. They are connected with self-realization, age-related psychological problems, tests of life and finances. Relationships between men and women go through many stages all their lives. The most important thing is not to make a mistake at the very first stage.

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