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10 Tips How to Escape the Friend Zone in 2021

If there is a hot girl in your life that you have been hanging out for some time but you feel no movement further romantic relationships, that is the time to realize you have walked into the friend zone. It sucks, however, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should give up trying to become closer with a girl you like but change the way you treat her. So, how to escape the friend zone in 2020?

The one thing we know for sure is that you shouldn’t be hiding your feelings as it might cause lots of pain to you and you don’t want to be in a relationship that makes you hurt. You should find some gentle ways to change the direction and style of your communication and to set up a romantic mood that will change the way you crush takes you. 

We have listed 10 tips on how to escape the friend zone in 2020. You can use them all or pick some techniques that seem the most effective and applicable to your case. 

1. Be careful with expressions

Maybe it is your fault that you’ve been sticking in the friend zone. Just think, if you use the word “friend” towards a woman that you are interested in she might consider it as a sign, that you have no romantic intentions at all.

 Be careful with expressions

There are so many other words and ways to describe the level of your loyalty and appreciation by telling her what an amazing woman she is, for example. There is nothing sexy about this expression but makes her feel special and admired.  

2. Figure out what is her type

If she considers you as a friend there is a chance she answers your questions honestly, so why wouldn’t you use that to find out what kind of guy she wants to see next to her?

You can rofl while checking different men profiles on media and talk about her preferences. Listen carefully to things she likes and doesn’t like in men – it will help you to create an image of a perfect guy to her taste and become that one for her.

3. Don’t be a nice guy

Of course, you shouldn’t offend her in any way but don’t try to be a perfect guy that spreads positive vibes only. If you want to escape the friend zone and try to build relationships with a girl you should be honest and real.

Don’t be a nice guy

You are allowed to be angry and upset sometimes and instead of covering your real emotions with a fake smile just let your girlfriend know about your true feelings. That will pull you that is for sure. 

4. Chill

Men tend to impress women with their actions and try to act like a gentleman by opening doors, buying drinks, and helping her with shopping.

Chill to Escape the Friend Zone in 2020

You shouldn’t do all that stuff with a girl that has been holding you in a friend zone unless you want to become her assistant. Treat yourself with respect to make her appreciate your time and your presence in her life. 

5. Don’t be jealous

If a girl that you have a thing for shares with your her positive impressions on any guy doesn’t treat her choice with criticism.

Try to keep the conversation as casual as possible without showing your anxiety as if she considers you as a friend she might feel uncomfortable making you sad and irritable. 

6. Let her talk

Of course, you want to appear as attractive and interesting as possible when trying to leave the friend zone but you shouldn’t be talking about you all the time.

Let her talk

It is better to ask her about her thoughts and feelings, so she knows you care for her. But don’t be too pushy and respect her choice to avoid some topics if she finds it to personal or delicate to discuss. 

7. Define your goal to escape the friend zone

Ask yourself if that girl deserves your effort. We bet, she is beautiful, intelligent, funny, and hot, but is she the one for you?

Define your goal

If you crush on her then do your best to make her yours, however, if it is a regular desire to have fun with a hot girl you shouldn’t waste your and her time by trying to escape the friend zone.

There are 5 basic questions you should ask yourself.

“Are you really interested?”

“What kind of relationship are you looking for?”

“If she dates someone now?”

“What is the best way to make the first move?”

“How do you minimize the awkwardness?”

8. Make her jealous

That’s an aggressive yet very effective way to make her think of you as a potential boyfriend. Suggest her to take a friend with her when hanging out the next time and you bring a friend that isn’t her cup of tea so you remain a better option for her.

Make her jealous

Now, your task is to flirt with her friend and watch her reaction – it might anger her, but when she cools down she will look at you from a very different perspective. It’s one of the most powerful ways to escape the friend zone.

Make her jealous to escape friend zone

9. Touch her

It is very important to break that touch barrier as once it is crushed you get an opportunity to use your body language to imply your intentions even more transparently.

Touch her

It is the best way to set up the connection between you and awaken her sexual desires. 

10. Pick the right time to tell her the truth

If you feel like your crush responds to your calls positive, she lets you touch her, becomes more open and shares her secrets with you, initiates meetings with you, etc. then you can tell her about your real feelings.

Pick the right time to tell her the truth

However, mind her experience. If you know your crush just broke up with her boyfriend and she has felt a little down, then you should wait for a little bit, provide her with support and understanding when she feels so vulnerable.  

Remember, that every friend zone is different, and using all of those tips can not guarantee you achieve the desired goal, if at all. The main thing we would recommend is to value your time and effort as you deserve to be in a relationship with a girl that crushes on you as you are on her. 

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