12 excellent first date rules for women

12 Excellent First Date Rules For Women

From the first meeting depends on whether the second date will take place or not. The law of the classics of the relationship genre says “A man invites a woman to date” and it is important not to violate this law since your female wisdom is to enable a man to be a man who takes responsibility for developing relations from the very first minutes of your time. You need to take into account the psychological perception of a man of you during and after the first date to make him want to meet you again. What do you need to do for this? Your main task is to fill the meeting with positive emotions, sexuality, and kindness.

Tips for the first date for women

First, already at the stage of a telephone conversation, it is essential to accept the proposal about the meeting place without your own adjustment. You do not have to offer another cafe (or restaurant) since the man most often picks up the cafe options according to his possibilities. But one should not immediately assess his incomes, since men usually invite in places with neutral prices, keeping options for the woman’s further surprise if he likes her.

The second one, of course, is to shape your appearance, which is close to the photographs, according to which the man saw you and chose during correspondence acquaintance. You need to make makeup, slightly emphasizing your dignity and a neat hairstyle. What about closes, it will be great to wear a skirt or a dress, highlighting your natural femininity. It is also essential to have a good sleep before the date so that there is no tiredness after work in the evening or on a day off.

The third is to create a positive inner spirit already before the meeting. Be sure to listen to cheerful favorite music or read a joke before the meeting. Then your smile will be natural, and your eyes will shine. You will already create an excellent emotional attitude at the very beginning of the meeting, thereby defusing the exciting situation for both in the first minutes of the meeting. It is essential to give a man a chance to show gallantry and care for you, allowing you to help you remove the outerwear upon arrival at the cafe.

If a man is not accustomed to such methods of interaction with women, then ask him: “Could you please help me to remove the coat?” Later thank him. This psychological moment is important because a man needs to feel that a woman needs him even in small things. You invite him close to you for a short time, showing your confidence. When ordering from the menu, express your desires specifically (green tea, cappuccino coffee, Napoleon cake, etc.).

where to take a girl on a first date

You should not ask him to choose instead of you because the man does not know you yet and he will be tortured to guess what you want at the moment. And your goal is to make an impression of an easy woman, which does not create problems for the male mind (you should study male thinking and behavior in professional literature separately). You need to manage the topics of conversation, revealing only positive aspects! Therefore, no discussion of sad stories about past relationships, grievances at work, your own mistakes in life, etc.

Even if a man himself will touch on the subject of negativity, then you can safely and efficiently start a discussion of a new story. It is advisable to talk about your interests, favorite movies, concerts, books and other neutral, but informative hobbies, which gives the man a comprehensive idea of ​​your life and preferences, so that he already has a topic for a second date. The seventh rule is the sexual charm through light movements of stroking your hands (this is an erotic device for the subconscious), your neck, slightly opening it from behind the hairstyle, straightening hair, modestly licking your lips.

It is important to make sincere compliments to the man for his appearance, his actions in the stories. Thus you raise his self-esteem. It is necessary for a man to see that you see his virtues, appreciate and accept him for what he is. When paying the bill, thank him for dinner, noting that you really enjoyed it. It is essential for a man to understand that you are a grateful and educated person. At the end of the meeting also allow him to take care of you when you dress.

It is also important to let yourself be carried out to a car, a metro, or a bus. After you come home, send him a message that you got back safely, thank him for the delicious dinner, exciting topics for the meeting and a pleasant evening, which would be happy to repeat. Thus, you celebrate his success in organizing the evening and give the green light to further meetings.

How to act on a first date?

You should make emotional surges. Make your date like a little short adventure. Create situations where you can touch a man. For example, ask him to hold your hand until you shake out a pebble from a shoe. Another way to create an emotional connection is to try something new together. Go to places where you have not been both yet. Go to a trial master class in cooking, attend a tango lesson or clay modeling. On such dates, you manifest yourself from different angles, you see your partner, and you have the opportunity to touch each other and make physical and emotional contact.

You can let him into your world if you lead a socially active life. And then your first meeting will definitely not be mediocre. Not only you will fascinate a man but also by the life that you lead. Therefore, it is very important to have your own interests that you enjoy. If an interesting man sees how enthusiastic you are, love your work and your life, he will certainly want to share it with you.

Date tips for a girl

So, on the first date you may feel ten aspects of your future life in a test version:

  • event organization;
  • caring for each other;
  • attention to each other’s needs;
  • showing interest in each other’s life;
  • support and joining personal hobbies;
  • sexual realization;
  • knowledge and consideration of the difference between male and female perception;
  • acceptance of each other and recognition;
  • respect
  • positive and promising meeting.
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