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15 Super Fun Summer Date Ideas in 2021

Summer brings us more daylight, warm sunny days, and plenty of outdoor entertainment offerings. Spending time outdoors with a beloved person enjoying warm weather – this is what many couples look for. Summer brings us plenty of cool opportunities to pick a woman of your dreams and impress your beloved person with plenty of cool summer date ideas. 

What’s the most common summer date idea that comes to your mind? I bet you thought about a picnic somewhere at the seaside. This is a great idea to enjoy warm days in summer. However, there are plenty of other opportunities to win the heart of your match and go for a memorable date. 

If you are in search of summer date ideas for 2021 or you are looking for ways to spice up your current relationships, then the following list of summer dating ideas should come in handy to you. 

15 Fun Summer Dating Ideas 2021

Summer brings 92 warm long days when you can bring your craziest ideas to life. If you want to impress someone who is very special to you, then going to the cinema or watching Netflix at home is hardly what you are looking for. Instead, try something super creative. 

We have listed all the most impressive summer date ideas below. Check them out and get inspired for your summer dates!

Online dating

online dating

Summer is the time when we want to spend the maximum number of time outdoors. However, many of us are super busy at work and online dating turns out to be the only chance to make new acquaintances and find your match. 

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Fire Pit

fire pit summer date ideas

Just because it’s summer it doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy cuddling with your beloved person by a flickering fire. Fire pit is one of the most romantic summer dating ideas without any hesitation. You can leave the city for a date or simply sit close to one another under the blanket while roasting marshmallows.  

Baseball Game

Baseball date in summer

Does your couple enjoy sports as much as you do? Then watching a baseball game together will be very romantic. But before you go, make sure that you grab enough food and drinks for you two. What’s served at the stadium doesn’t always taste good. 


Aquarium date

You can have so much fun visiting the aquarium together. You can simply walk around watching different species of fish, take pictures, and learn a bunch of useful information about the sea’s animals.



If you want to do something useful for other people who surround you or you feel indifferent about some social issues, then you may start volunteering. In fact, you can go in for this not only in summer but all-year-round. If you have never participated in the volunteering activities before, then summer can be the perfect time to take the first step. 

Road Trip

road trip

Leaving for a road trip is definitely worthy to be mentioned on the list of fun summer date ideas. This is a perfect time to spend a couple of hours together, listening to your favorite music or simply talking to one another.

Walk On The Beach

beach date in summer

Summer is mainly associated with the sea. You can leave for a short summer trip to the seaside and walk along the beach right in the middle of the day. 

Boat Ride

kayaking date

You can enjoy nature with your beloved as you simply rent a kayak or paddleboat and go for a ride on a lake. This can be a perfect date when you spend time communicating, learning each other better, and getting some exercise at the same time. 


picnic in summer

Here comes the summer date idea that we mentioned at the very beginning of this post. Going for a picnic at the seaside or simply somewhere outdoors when the sun goes down is a fantastic summer date idea. You can carry with you the food and drinks that you like.  

Watch the sunset

Sunset date

This is something that our parents and grandparents enjoyed doing when they were young. I guess there is nothing in the world that can be compared to watching the sunset together with your second half. You can bring a bottle of your favorite wine with you, along with some fruit, and simply enjoy staying together in nature. 

Watch the stars

watch the stars date

There is no better time of the year than summer to go outside and watch the starry sky. The stars shine brighter in rural areas. If this is not a problem for you to go out of the city after the sunset, then you won’t regret the view. 

Attend an outdoor concert

date on concert

Do you enjoy listening to music and there is a place nearby where your preferred music band takes the stage? This is a great idea to attend an outdoor concert together with your beloved person. Even if there is no such place in the area where you live, do research and find outdoor concerts in the cities or states near you. Leaving for such a journey you will have an unforgettable fun time together.

Go camping

camping date

This can be a weekend trip or an overnight journey if you live in a city. Leave your smartphones and turn off cellular data. Enjoy nature to the fullest. 

Visit a local farm

Visiting a local farm with your second half, you can have a memorable experience picking fruit like strawberries, raspberries or blueberries. You can, later on, enjoy tasting what you’ve gathered together, with a bottle of wine. This is also always a good idea to go out to the countryside for a day.   

The beer garden date

beer garden date

The name speaks for itself. You can find the best beer garden nearby, stake out great seats, and invite your beloved one for a date. You can spend a wonderful time together talking and trying new brews.

Wrap Up

I did my best to select the best and the most creative summer date ideas for this article. I hope that you found it interesting and some of the highlighted activities inspired you for planning your own memorable summer date with your beloved person.

By the way, which of these summer date ideas sound the most appealing to you? Are there other activities that you would recommend loving couples to try in June, July, and August? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments.

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