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10 Best Beach Date Ideas

Many existing ways to make your girlfriend pay attention to your feelings may not have a positive result. For this, you need to apply something out of the ordinary. This is the way a romantic date on the beach can be. During this date, you will be able to fully open your feelings to your darling and hope for reciprocity. The unusual atmosphere, a beautiful beach is a paradise for two people who love each other. With such a date, your eyes will not be able to lie, and you will be able to experience feelings with a new force.

Date on beach

For couples celebrating their next wedding anniversary or dating, spending time in a relaxed and romantic setting will also have a beneficial effect on relationships. Romantic date on the beach will help in such cases to update the relationship and feel their full depth. In the summertime, it is ideal to organize a romantic date on the beach. It is worth considering every moment – the interests of the partner, his preferences in food and music. A trip to the city beach can be one of the romantic ways of dating, where you can relax, swim and sunbathe in the pleasant company of your love.

I want to give 6 tips to couples who want to organize a romantic date on the beach:

  • Beach date is not just for summer. You can do that any time you want.
  • Go and explore the place where you want to have a picnic in advance. See how many people there are at the time of the day that you need.
  • Solitude will help you to create the right atmosphere by giving you the opportunity to quietly lie down and speak without a crowd of individuals.
  • Take a bag with tasty food with you. Your favorite food and drinks will help you to fully enjoy the evening.
  • Bring incense sticks to the beach – this is an excellent mosquito repellent. Mosquitoes can easily turn a romantic evening into a nightmare. Therefore, aroma sticks are our friends.
  • Seagulls on the sea can make the atmosphere on the beach more romantic. You can take with you something edible, for example, fish, and feed the birds.
Beach for couple

Preparations for a romantic evening on the beach

The first part of a preparation for beach dating is clothes and shoes. You should never wear evening dresses, jackets, ties, and stilettos. Lingerie should be such that you could swim. Do not forget to warn your love in advance about the chosen date of your meeting. A next part is a place.

Choose the least crowded part of the beach. Therefore, you will be less distracted by others’ cries and conversations. This is inappropriate for a romantic date, so you need to be careful.

Dating on the beach can be arranged both in the afternoon and in the evening. However, beach date at night will be an even more memorable date, but then you need to grab something warm.

dinner date at night

It would be ideal to bring with you a cooler bag in order to put in it a couple of bottles of champagne. If you do not have such a bag, you can use the advice on how to keep drinks cold on the internet.

It is very romantic to sit on the hot sand and to drink cold champagne from glasses. Feel as the main characters of the movie about love.


By the way, you will have to take glass glasses with you, because it is not cool to drink this noble drink from single cups! Fruits, chocolate, and cheese are also great for romantic beach ideas. You can also turn on nice music on your mobile phone, if, of course, your device has a good speaker.

Fun activities on the beach

You drank, ate, talked about a thousand topics, hugged each other, and now you need to offer some interesting activities. Try to add some originality now. Here are some awesome and romantic beach date ideas.


1. Small Boat or Catamaran

If the date is going to be held in the daytime, then suggest a partner ride on the sea, because inflatable boats can be rented in almost any beach. Take a basket of products in advance to eat. You can rent a catamaran.

2. Water Skis or Slides

Drinking champagne far from the shore among the water is more romantic and more fun than on the sand. In addition, you can dive and it will be very fun. Jet skis, boats, water skis, slides, and other activities will add some extreme feelings to your date on the beach at night.

3. Yacht Date

You can also ride take a ride on a yacht. Such walks last from one hour to several. Pleasant music, a restaurant, and gorgeous landscapes will contribute to the conversation, and create a pleasant romantic atmosphere.

yacht date

4. Build a sand castle

Yes, maybe it may sound childish, but try to remember when you or one of your friends last built a sand castle, especially on a date. All the unusual things are going to be remembered for a long time. That is why you need to be non-standard.

5. More with Sand

There is an easier option, you can simply put the girl’s feet on the wet sand and make her a mermaid’s tail. You can also take body art. Buy pre-washable skin-friendly paints. Paint each other and be sure to take as many pictures of your art as possible. You need to take only original photos.

What is more, it is better to be photographed before the opening of champagne. You need to look like you are in love with each other, but not simply drunk.

sand mermaid

6. Bonfire Date

If you are planning to meet in the evening, then the bonfire will be a bright detail of this situation. Prepare firewood and fuel mixture in advance. You also need to grab the blankets and a bottle of good wine, fruit and chocolate are suitable for an improvised holiday table as well.

beach date with bonfire

Use candles, laying them on the beach in the form of a heart. In such a spiritual situation, you need to meet the dawn with the singing of birds.

7. Fishing Date

Fishing date

If your love is not indifferent to fishing, then you need to grab fishing rods. It will be original, and the joint catch will be remembered as a pleasant moment in your relationship.

8. Sunset Date

Sunset date

What can be more romantic and beautiful than a date with the sunset on a background?

There is certainly some magic that brings trembling and intimacy.

Prepare a small gift for your sweetheart. Maybe it seems like a trifle, but it is very nice. The foundation of your future wonderful relationship is laying on these little things will lay, so you should pay more attention to your partner.

9. Sports on the Beach

sports on the beach date

Sports activity always unites. Especially it is true when it’s a part of your date.

You can play volleyball, Frisbee, make a swim race. it should be super fun and exciting.

10. Food

Obviously, food and drink can be a part of any other type of a beach date. But for those who really appreciates this type of activity it worth mentioning separately ;).

Wrap Up

Sometimes it is worth to ask your friends for the help of organizing such a date. They will give you more ideas and suggestions. Moreover, you have an opportunity to look for different dating agencies who are able to organize such a date instead of you. However, you will need to spend more money on such a date. But it will worth it if you really love your darling.

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