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17 Best Date Ideas in Winter 2021

February 2021 is over now however it doesn’t matter that winter fun ends here as well. Winter is a magical season that appears romantic to experiencing global warming firsthand people. Thankfully, there is some snow left in the mountains so if you want to dip your date in the atmosphere of a winter fairy tale. Let’s consider best date ideas in winter.

Mountain resort is a perfect place to go with a girl you meet on a dating website. Like all kinds of relationships, online dating requires some steps towards each other so a meeting is a matter of time and a place. This is an excellent idea to meet a girl you’ve been chatting online on neutral ground to make it all seem more casual and entertaining. 

We have prepared some winter date ideas for you that will work great for a woman you know for some time. Still, any of these will help you to pick up girl you like at a hotel you are staying in with friends. The best thing about spending time with a girl at a winter resort is that the most fascinating activities are free – you shouldn’t pay extra for the ability to watch and appreciate the beautiful nature that surrounds you and establishes a romantic atmosphere.

Check out 17 best date ideas in winter that will help you to pick up woman:

Hot Tub

1. Contrast feelings help to reveal sensuality so you can spend some time in a hot tub together and get some goosebumps when a cold wind meets your warm bodies. 

Ski Resort – One of the Best Date Ideas in Winter

2. Ski resorts offer plenty of outstanding entertainment options such as skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, etc. Even if you are not a pro at any of these sports you can have a great time while achieving new skills and supporting each other during this process.

Cold Walk

cold walk

3. Most ski resorts and spa resorts placed in mountains are designed to look pretty much like a village from a fairy tale. Take her for a walk before dinner to catch the beautiful winter sunset together.  

Winter Fairs

4. Winter fair is an awesome place to go with a girl because there you can find the most wintery treat which is a mulled wine. There is something romantic, spicy, wintery about this drink. A cup or two of mulled wine will warm you both up and make you feel more relaxed. 

Winter Photoshoot

5. Most girls nowadays are addicted to social media. So, one of the best ways to impress her is to show that you are okay with taking numerous photos of her. Suggest a little winter photoshoot for her. Believe us, she will be even more glad to get a few nice photos for her Instagram feed instead of a bouquet. 

Winter Hike

6. If she is into sports you can invite her for a hike. This is a more chilled way to spend your time in the mountains than do skiing all day long. Plus, it allows you to have a nice deep conversation and enjoy watching nature beauty. A good hike can make her tired and make her desire a nice massage that you can generously give her. 

Local Events

winter local events

7. You should check the events calendar of the place you are staying at. That will simplify the entertaining process for you especially if you have a lack of fantasy. Spa resorts often arrange parties, gourmet dinners, wine degustation sessions, and other interesting activities for their guests. 

Board Games

8. If you are close enough to spend time in the room together then you can have some fun doing puzzles or playing twister. Both can initiate an “accidental” touch that can light you both with a spark. 

Village Travel

9. If you are traveling any ancient place that has an interesting attraction nearby, such as castles and small medieval villages then you should go and check that out together. Girls love smart guys and the fact you are interested in architecture and history will impress her. 

Local Attraction

10. Do your research before you go on holiday with a girl. Find out which is the most popular or extraordinary attraction that you can take her too. This can be fascinating as well. 

Positive Focus

11. When it comes to date ideas in winter try to focus on positive. Even if it is freezing cold outside and you can’t really enjoy the outdoor activities keep showing your girl that you are happy to spend time with her and her company warms you up better than a cup of mulled wine.

Winter Zoo

12. If you know there is a zoo nearby a place you are staying at you should take your girl there. Watching animals is an entertaining activity especially if there are any furry buddies that you can not often find at a regular zoo. 

Spa Session

winter spa session

13. Do a spa session together. That is a non-trivial way to turn almost naked next to each other and share some exciting and sensual experience of a couple’s massage. 

Indoor Sports

14. If the weather is horrible and there is no encouraging sign in the weather forecast then you can always go for active indoor activities such as a climbing wall, bowling, or mini-golf. 

Local Breweries

15. Do not dwell on the hotel or resort that you are staying in. There exists a possibility to try some delicious food and beverage at local breweries and restaurants so you should book a table at the most authentic and romantic one. 

Natural Intentions

16. Don’t do all that tacky tricks shown in romantic movies. You don’t need to shower her bed with rose petals. All the best things happen naturally so try to have fun and not to force things.

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Relax at a Fire Place

 couple at winter fire place

17. Go for room service. That will help you to spend more quality time together and feel more secure. Simply imagine, it is just the two of you having delicacies in front of the fireplace. It is difficult to imagine a more intimate ambiance. Therefore шежы one of the best date ideas in winter.

So, that is a plan for you to entertain and turn your girl on at the same time. Even the coldest resort can become a starting point of the hottest affair in your life.

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