Can you fall in love with someone you've never met

Can You Fall in Love with Someone You’ve Never Met?

Life is an unpredictable thing. You can never know what is waiting for you just round the corner of the street. Some people meet their true love at school and spend half of century together while others strive to find someone and fail as a result.

There is no recipe where to find your love. You can ask your friends to arrange you a date with their pretty colleague or try to flirt in the public places. Online dating site is another great option for lonely hearts. You may doubt if it is possible to fall in love through just letters. You are definitely wrong.

The history of love correspondence is counted not only by the decades. Long before the invention on the Internet and IT this function was performed by the newspapers and magazines that had special rubrics for lonely hearts. You could send your announcement with the description of your perfect match and give your postal address. It resembles searching criteria of the dating sites, doesn’t it?

But even before that, the Royalty used to send letters to a possible match together with a painted portrait. So, love correspondence is a method tested by time. That’s why if you still ask your friends: “Can you fall in love with someone you’ve never met? Can it be with someone who you know only through letters?” The answer is “Yes!”

What are the benefits of the Internet dating?

You are not limited by the place. You can find your love that lives in the other city or in a different country. There are no boundaries and barriers on the net. Just think what kind of mentality and cultural background is attractive for you, and start your search.

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When people meet in the real life, very often they hurry to have intimate relations. And after some time they find out that there is nothing that unites them. But if you start from talking, you can understand what you have in common. You may share same opinions on different issues, admire each other’s intellect, build a spiritual bond. Then after meeting in the reality, you will have all in one – physical, intellectual and spiritual connection.

Getting acquainted at the dating site is also attractive because it is much easier than in the real life. People who are shy or afraid to meet a woman or a man in real life can always find someone in the networks. And it is much easier to communicate as you do not see a person, do not look into the eyes, so there is no tension. After all, you can leave the network at any time and stop chatting.

People who are introverts, singles, homebodies and others, for whom the real communication is not easy, can consider a virtual relationship. This is the best way to reduce the fear of entering into some real interaction. Even if you won’t find your love online, this will be a good preparation to a date offline.

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The presence of various psychological complexes associated with real or, often, imaginary lacks of their appearance, low self-esteem – for all these people the ability of virtual relationships became the chance to have at least some kind of relationship in contrast to the complete solitude and isolation.

By the way, this group of people tends to write about themselves fictitious information in the profiles. A man will present himself as a superman, and a woman – as a fantastic beauty. The truth is that behind these masks there are sensitive personalities. This masquerade is nothing but a defensive reaction. Unfortunately, their partner finds that out only after years of communication.

And the first signal that you communicate with a fictional character may be his or her unwillingness to “show their face” on Skype or any other video chat. The Internet is filled with stories in which the correspondence partner turned out to be in fact of the wrong age and even sex (!), not to mention other stated merits.

There is also a risk to become a victim of a cheater, who wins your heart with sweet words, compliments and constant attention, but later something “terrible” happens in his or her life and they need sufficient financial help. Sadly, such stories do happen.

What to do in order to be successful in the online dating?

You should listen to the best psychologists of our blog about dating. Their ideas will help you to find the right person and not to get disappointed with your search. The first thing to do when creating a profile at the dating site is choosing a proper photo. Your good profile photo is a guarantee that a large number of people will want to meet you. Look at your page from a different perspective, maybe you need to remove something vulgar or stupid, and vice versa.

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Get rid of everything that can be misunderstood. If you want to look like a person with a taste, then you have to write about movies or books that you really watched and read. There is no need to pretend being a super advanced interlocutor, just be yourself, and others will appreciate it. Be reserved when communicating with people. Do not put smiles too often, and you must avoid inappropriate swearing or vulgar expressions. Keep up the spelling, as illiteracy does not give you any credit.

You must be careful. Do not give your phone number and your personal data to everyone. There are a lot of scammers at the net both among men and women. Try to discuss general topics, look for something that will be interesting not only to you but also to your interlocutor. If at first it will be difficult to do it, then gradually the conversation through messages will become multifaceted and interesting.

If you want to find girls, you should not focus only on yourself. Such kind of selfishness will not make you popular. You are a man and you should admire your lady, tell her compliments, and ask how her day was. It is necessary to show interest in her life. That’s why if you want to know the person truly, don’t be shy to ask questions. You may ask about studies, work, hobbies, interests, etc. But it is better to avoid questions of personal character at the beginning of your communication. They can be kept to the moment when you learn more about your interlocutor.

Be able to use a sense of humor wisely. Good jokes and the ability to laugh only improve your correspondence and freshen it up. In correspondence you need to be sincere, but at the same time don’t be too open. Each person has his or her own secrets, which even in real life, cannot be revealed to everyone. In correspondence borders erased, and sometimes you want to trust your interlocutor. But you must resist this temptation until you are confident that you would be able to tell everything when you see someone in the real life.

Do not limit communication to only messages. If you want your relations to be real, they have to go out of the net. Psychologists do not recommend corresponding more than six months. Otherwise, virtual communication will gradually become obsolete, as there will be no further development. It is better to see the online dating as a first step of your relations. After you liked the person, it is the time for the meeting, even if you are separated by the thousands of kilometers. It will bring you more pleasure and emotions.

You can love a person in many situations, even if you have never seen him or her in reality. But it is totally up to both of you to turn your virtual love story into the wonderful reality. If you check the top online dating sites like VictoriyaClub, you will see that there are thousands examples when people fall in love with each other in internet. And then they continue their relationship offline.

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