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Candle light dinner ideas

Most of the people dream about arranging a romantic dinner at home for a loved one. It is not essential to have any occasion or event for this. Such an event can be organized at any time, regardless of the circumstances. To create a truly memorable evening, it is worthwhile to think carefully about everything, create the appropriate atmosphere, decorate the table, and cook delicious dishes.

To arrange an evening, you need to pay attention to the following details:

  • Atmosphere. To create a romantic atmosphere, you can use a standard set: lighted candles and calm relaxing music.
  • The absence of other people. Thinking about candle light dinner ideas at home, you should know that a romantic evening is the intimate pastime of two people, and the presence of other persons is unacceptable. If there are children in the family, they can be taken to the grandmother. When a relative lives in an apartment, you can buy him tickets for a new play in the theater or ask him to leave for a while.
  • Dishes. No romantic dinner can do without culinary delicacies. The menu should not be banal, which you second half sees every day.
  • Drinks. Almost all people associate romance with wine. Wine perfectly relaxes after work. The drink must be selected after drawing up the menu. Otherwise, the dishes will be poorly combined with it. You can consult with the seller of a particular store. He will help you choose the right variety within the established budget. You should not buy strong drinks, such as brandy. They do not fit into the romantic atmosphere.
  • Surprise. You can present a gift in the evening. Your second half will be pleased, and perhaps he or she will make a reciprocal gesture.

Romantic atmosphere

Romantic dinner for a loved one at home cannot be imagined without candles, so you have to think about different types. You can choose any color and shape. It is recommended to try floating candles. They look spectacular on the table in an unusual vase or a plate of water.

Some prefer to use scented candles with their favorite scent. They will quickly relax after a long working day.  Flowers will also be a great addition. They can be put in a vase, or scattered throughout the room.


First, you need to choose a room in which the idea will be implemented. In most cases, people choose the kitchen. It is convenient to prepare a surprise there.

Important nuances

Candle night dinner for your loved one at home should be clean and tidy. Many people do not clean up before a surprise. Nobody would want to spend the evening sitting at a dusty table and drinking wine from his finger-stained glass. Therefore, general cleaning is required. Otherwise, there will be no romantic mood and atmosphere.

It is not recommended to have dinner on working days. First, you will not have enough time to prepare everything. And secondly, the work takes a lot of energy, and the only thing that both spouses will want is just to rest. But the weekend is ideal for the implementation of the plan.

What to cook for a romantic candlelight dinner

Romantic dinner should consist of a set menu:

  • Hot dishes;
  • Snacks;
  • Desserts;
  • Drinks.

It is not recommended to select too exotic dishes, especially if there is no confidence in your cooking abilities. You can choose simple options that will be an excellent addition to the evening.


Light drinks, such as wine or champagne, are best suited for candlelight dinner at home. If a man prefers stronger options, then you have to buy whiskey or brandy. You should not get involved in drinking alcoholic beverages. Otherwise, the evening will lose all meaning. Therefore, it is recommended to minimize the use of strong drinks.

If you are planning to arrange a romantic evening for your beloved husband or boyfriend, it is better to opt for light alcoholic beverages.

For dessert, you can serve a cup of tea or coffee. It all depends on the individual preferences of each. You can make a little variety and offer some milk or cream.


For a girl, a suitable option is a cocktail dress, light makeup, and a simple hairstyle. For a man, the best option is everything that can be called a neat appearance.

How to decorate a table for a romantic dinner

Decoration and table setting is an essential stage of preparation. It is not enough to cover the tablecloth, place the kitchen utensils, and invite your second half. A table can be covered with a lace tablecloth.

You can sprinkle rose petals on top, or put flowers in a vase on the table. The bouquet should not be too large and occupy a large space. Dishes and cutlery can be put on napkins. At the same time, they should fit the prepared menu.

Romantic dinner for a loved one is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. The main thing is to think over all the details, decorate the interior, prepare unusual dishes, and create the right atmosphere at home.

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