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dying marriage

Dying Marriage: 8 Useful Tips to Save Your Union

Family life requires great patience from the spouses, the supply of which is running out every day. Petty quarrels develop into scandals, resentment into chronic hostility. For many, the only…

date your spouse

Date Your Spouse: Why Is It Important?

It’s easy to date your spouse at the beginning of your relationship. Couples spend all their time together, share everything, and are happy just to have one another. This is…

What is a competitive relationship?

What is a Competitive Relationship?

Human is a social being that cannot imagine his life without interaction with other people. Even if you see yourself as a sociopath, it is hard to avoid communication in…

10 signs she doesn't love you anymore

10 Signs She Doesn’t Love You Anymore

“Nothing lasts forever, and we both know hearts can change”, sang Guns N’Roses in their famous song. Indeed, it is hard to disagree. Love and affection cannot be taken for…

13 things you can do to improve your relationship

13 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Relationship

Most normal people live in a permanent relationship with their partner. In the routine of everyday life, it is straightforward to forget how valuable your closest person in the world…