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Dating Tips For Shy Guys

First, you need to understand that shyness is normal. This character trait is inherent in any person. All of us are all shy of someone or something in varying degrees. Therefore, there is no need to panic and make a tragedy out of this natural phenomenon.

Shyness most often caused by a lack of knowledge or experience in a particular area of ​​life. It is quite possible to understand the sources of one’s own uncertainty, to be able to correct and overcome it. Very often, guys have difficulty in communicating with the female sex. They do not know how to get acquainted with a girl, how to invite for a date, what to talk about, and how to interest her. They become timid on a date, forget the elementary rules of communication, or, on the contrary, become too cheeky and break the rules of decency.

Dating tips for shy people

First of all, you need to overcome the fear of failure. If a girl does not want to communicate, refuses to meet you, then you should leave her alone. There are many other girls around, and you don’t need to stuck on one. At the very beginning of dating, a simple greeting phrase will do.

It would be even better if you immediately say a compliment. Compliments are always nice and dispose to further communication. Shy guy flirting is always cute. But be sincere when you give compliments. Insincerity is very easy to recognize. It always sounds ugly and causes distrust from the very first minutes of communication.

Try to be as natural as possible. Find an interesting topic for conversation for both of you. If you don’t know how to start, try to make a mini-story about yourself before the beginning of communication. This is enough to create the first pleasant impression about yourself.

Online dating

Dating on the Internet is a good alternative to regular dating and excellent training of communication skills. There are a lot of girls on social networks and dating sites who want to meet. Therefore, create your personal pages in popular social networks if you do not have them. Upload your best photo on the page, and write some personal information about yourself. Then feel free to start searching for a girl. You can search for similar interests, places, hobbies, views on life, etc.

Dating tips for shy guys how to start a conversation

If you like the girl, then feel free to write her a message. Try to be active and friendly from the start. But do not write that you are shy. Let this be your secret. Keep in mind that the answers of girls can be completely different. Do not be offended and do not worry if the girl does not answer you or writes something not very pleasant in response. The Internet is just a mirror of our reality, and you need to be ready for everything.

Start communicating with the usual phrases. When you overcome your first fear, you can come up with other, more interesting phrases. The first acquaintance should be natural and simple. There is no need to hone the skills of wit.

Dating in real life

Some time ago, dating on the street, in transport and in other public places were the most common way to get acquainted. Where else can you see so many people in everyday life and in familiar surroundings? Unfortunately, life in big cities is very busy, and often we just do not have time to look around and do not notice the sympathies shown in our direction.

Try to develop the ability to observe people. Notice interesting events and do not be fixated only on your own personality. You should plunge into real life, feel it, and become emotional.


Nightclubs are a good place to meet. A lot of people gather there to relax, dance, and have fun together. It is all so. But often there are more guys than girls. Therefore, you must be prepared for serious competition.

Here you need to take into account the level of the institution, type of music, etc. If you want a successful acquaintance, you need to be able to attract attention to yourself. Appearance, behavior, knowledge of etiquette, and the ability to dance are essential in such places.

Street or work

Yes, this kind of dating is had for shy guys. But try it. Perhaps you will be able to quickly overcome your fear and realize that most people have similar behavioral traits.

It is easy to meet a girl there. Common interests and duties connect people. You spend a lot of time in the same room, go to the same lectures, seminars, courses, meetings. You can often intersect in the dining room, smoking-room, or locker room.

This is a great idea of dating for shy people. It is very easy to start the first conversation, ask for help, or offer your own under such circumstances. You can discuss a common problem, work plans for the week, and agree to go home together. As you can see, there are a lot of reasons for talking with a classmate or a colleague, so you should use this dating help for shy guys.


Starting to communicate with a girl among friends is very simple. You are in a comfortable environment, and there are familiar people who will always understand and come to the rescue if something goes wrong. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

There are usually many invited girls at different parties. Your friend can help you to meet the guest you like and will introduce you to her. Once she is invited, it means that she already knows your friend.

Be active

The more diverse the interests of a person, the more interesting he is for others. An enthusiastic person always has something to tell and share. He can always tell others how and where to have a great time.

For example, many beautiful girls are engaged in dancing. And it often happens that they lack a partner for dancing. So you can get to know the most charming beauty in the hall, learn to dance nicely and make your figure better.

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