Dinner ideas for two

Dinner ideas for two

If you want to refresh your relationship with the color of romance? Our article “Dinner ideas for two” will tell you how to create a pleasant atmosphere, what dishes to cook and much more.  You can turn an ordinary evening into a whole event to confess your love again, mark a memorable date or make a proposal to your soulmate.

 Few words how to plan a date

Romantic dinner for two is always an exciting event, because you want to have a nice time and give a surprise to your partner. First, you need to think about the date. It is clear that the evening of the weekday will be quite difficult to plan, and your soulmate may be too tired after work.

Therefore, it remains Friday or Saturday, on Sunday  it is necessary to gain strength before the beginning of the working week. You need to prepare a shopping list in advance. You can buy food and the decor to create the necessary atmosphere.  You need to choose shopping stores or order everything online with courier delivery. But in this case, be careful not to lose the date.

Let`s choose the style

Romantic homemade dinner does not have to be traditional, by candlelight and surrounded by fragrant flowers. A lot of people want something special and unusual for their partners,  to remain the evening in memory for a long time. Therefore, before you start to make the menu, you should consider and decide on the concept.

romantic dinner for two

Remember that you are arranging an event for two, so you should remember about the tastes of your soulmate and not be too creative. We advise you to read about the proper serving and relevance of certain cutlery, if you do not have such information. There is nothing worse than eating a dish with an inappropriate fork.

We can tell the same about glasses. If you do not have suitable dishes, you can purchase it in advance, or limit the menu for your serving. If your partner is embarrassed by the choice of table items or does not know how to use them, begin to eat first and he will look at the process. This is especially true for couples whose romantic relationship are at the very beginning.

We offer you a choice of several dinner date ideas:

  1. In tiffany style. This date is especially suitable if you want to make a proposal to your girlfriend. So, we start the design with the traditional colors of this famous brand – turquoise and white. You can buy a tablecloth or napkins in a similar color, order cream cakes in similar colors in the pastry shop, paper flowers are quite appropriate as a decor on the chairs. Do not forget about the elegance, you need to look at the correct table setting. Dress code – costume and cocktail dress. Tell your partner that you want to make a special surprise for her and expect that she will put on the best dress.
  2. In oriental style. If you want to hit your man and make him feel the real sultan, then learn Eastern cuisine. You can catter a lot of colorful pillows on the couch or the floor, light incense and wait for your padishah. You can dress up as an oriental beauty and easily rent a suit.
  3. Traditional evening by candlelight. Remember, that atmosphere plays a special role. You can light candles using safe candle holders or decorative jars, decorate the table with fresh flowers, cover the table with the best tablecloth. Put relaxing music as a background, special relaxation melodies will fit very well into such a concept.
  4. Home comfort. If you have a fireplace or a special heater that simulates a living flame, the table can be placed directly in the living room or even the bedroom, hinting that date night dinner can be finished more than pleasantly. Rose petals scattered on the table and on the floor will bring the entourage. They can be purchased at special stores.

romantic meals for two at home

If you want to surprise your partner, but you are familiar quite recently and still do not know his tastes, you should not to be wise, and use proven methods. We offer romantic candle light dinner at home ideas:

  • Let’s start with candles. You need to get long copies that look beautiful in candlesticks. You can also take a few aromatic candles, but they should not emit sharp odors, not to cause a headache;
  • Tone tablecloth. It is better to choose a snow white or bright red tablecloth, hinting at passion;
  • Take care of beautiful utensils. It is better to use the entire serving from one set to look harmonious and elegant;
  • Do not forget about yourself! You must shine to cause admiration from your soulmate. Make an evening make-up, but do not overdo with cosmetics, because you do not want a man to taste all cosmetics when kissing.  Choose a comfortable, but at the same time, festive attire.  Remember that you have to stand up to make the change of dishes, so the clothes should not restrain movement.

If you want to add high point to your evening and add creativity, then we offer several fun dinner ideas for couples:

  • Home picnic. Even if it is dank autumn or snow drifts, create an atmosphere of warmth and summer. You need indoor plants and a bright green fleecy carpet that mimics the lawn.  You can throw a few artificial flowers on the floor.  You also need a checkered tablecloth and a wooden basket to put food and drinks there;
  • Night in the cosmic style. Get a starry sky projector, cover the table surface with foil, and download background sounds of cosmos as background music to give your home a proper atmosphere.  Decorate the edges of the plates with shiny foil, but be careful that your decor does not get into the food;
  • On the roof of the house.  There is nothing more beautiful that night view of the city.  You can negotiate with your house manager to arrange a beautiful date with such a stunning view. Decorate the place with festoons using a mobile generator.  If the weather is windy, discard the tablecloths, if you do not want developing tissue to interfere with your meals.

Romantic dinner ideas for two at home can be in a different style.  Add a little creativity, and the usual evening will turn into a special event. We advise you to think over the plan of events in advance and purchase products to prepare a surprise for your soulmate.

Let`s work out the menu

You need to start planning a romantic dinner with the menu.  If you do not have culinary experience, we do not recommend you to cook complex dishes. You need to decide whether you want to make a traditional three-course dinner and dessert, or it will be something like a buffet.

romantic dinner

Easy romantic dinner can include appetizers and one main course, or dessert at once.  It is suitable for those who have not tried themselves in the role of chef, but want to make a good impression. The ideal option is a cheese plate, salad, cakes and wine.  Vegetable dishes should be made from fresh produce, so go to the market on the day of the proposed date. If your lover does not have lactose intolerance, then various types of cheeses will be most welcome. Be careful with cheese and moldy cheeses. Their sharp smell and taste may not please your second half.  If you are not allergic to seafood, shrimp and arugula will be an excellent choice.

We offer several romantic meals for two at home, if you have the desire to hit your soulmate in the heart with your culinary masterpieces:

  1. Baked pork with champignons and spicy herbs.
  2. Salmon with tender mashed potatoes.
  3. Pasta with sea cocktail.
  4. Steak with red sauce.

How can you complete your romantic dinner?  As a dessert, do not serve the cake on the table.  Firstly, it looks rather cumbersome, and secondly, it is inconvenient to cut it and you can break the beauty of the decorative details.  However, if you have already chosen the sweet magnificence, serve it on the pieces that were prepared in advance.  You can choose desserts in the form of mousse in beautiful drinking bowls, cupcakes with different fillings, which can be put on special coasters.

romantic dinner ideas for two at home

Exquisite tiramisu dessert is quite difficult to prepare, especially if you do it for the first time.  But, if you practice, you get a great dish that will surely have to taste your chosen one.  It combines the intoxicating tartness of brandy and the delicate creamy flavor of Mascarpone cheese.

If your sweetheart doesn’t like too sweet deserts, then we suggest replacing them with jelly or sour-sweet fruit mousses.  You can serve ice cream in beautiful crystal rosettes, or to serve a fruit plate.  It goes well with red or rose table wine.

easy romantic dinner

As a drink for sweets, you can serve fragrant Turkish coffee.  Choose a mixed version of arabica with robusta, and the drink will have a barely noticeable acidity.  It is better not to serve teas, if you do not have a theme evening in the style of the East or India, then limit yourself to wine or another drink.

A few words about what is better not to serve. Skip the first dishes. Not always soup is convenient to eat, even if it is in the form of a cream.  In addition, you will often have to wet your lips with a napkin, which means that the makeup of your soulmate will be at risk. Khinkali, dumplings and other similar dishes are also not a good idea. Of course, if you serve them in a beautiful pot under the sauce, it will look beautiful, but you should not serve these dishes on a plate. The same rule applies to roast.

Pay attention to the serving of the dish. The edges of the plate should be clean with no traces of sauce or fat droplets. You need to decorate dishes moderately, especially with onions and herbs.  It is better to slightly salt the dish, put the pepper and salt shaker on the table and your partner will be able to spice up the food to your his taste.

date night dinner

Let’s discuss the drinks. Do not overdo with alcohol! Your goal is not to get drunk the soulmate, but only to supplement dinner with a suitable drink.  The best choice is sangria, white, red or rose wines, champagne.  The main thing is that the selected drink is combined with the main course. Do not forget about aperitifs for snacks, if you have them.

We offered you dinner ideas for two, which will surely kindle your feelings and help you to demonstrate all your love and care towards your partner. Confess your love, hand in marriage or apologize in that way, which would make it remembered forever!


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