Girlfriend texting other guys behind my back

Girlfriend texting other guys behind my back

It is unpleasant for men when a girl texts with another guy. And naturally they want her to pay attention only to her chosen one, in this case, you can resort to a few tricks, then you will be able to pay attention to yourself, and the beloved will forget about her new hobby.

First, you have to think, for what reason does the girl communicate with another guy? Perhaps there was a split in the relationship, or she was much offended by her lover, so she did not even hide her correspondence with a new guy.

What should I do if my girlfriend texts other guys who like her?

There is a few options:

  • find out the reason;
  • try to speak with her;
  • make her feel jealously;
  • create a fake account and text with her.

Let’s look closer at each of these options. It should be remembered when this happened, and you need to try to understand where the mistake was made. It will be so much easier to correct the situation, return trust, and love to the relationship.

If the girl texts with another person in front of her young man because of resentment, then you should apologize to her. Then she will abandon this occupation since she will achieve her goal. But when there was no reason for insults, you will have to act differently.

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The best way out of this situation is to sit down and talk about what is happening, so you can find out why she is so humiliating her lover. Maybe she wants to have fun, so she is chatting with another guy. In this case, the young man needs to explain that this is unpleasant for him and try to convince her to quit this activity.

Girlfriend keeps texting another guy

If after this conversation, everything remains as before, then a plan of action should be different. You can, for example, also start a correspondence with another girl, but you only need to make sure that she finds out about it from a third person. In this case, she will understand that this situation is not very pleasant and will think about her behavior. You do not need to fear that the girl will arrange a scene of jealousy because you can always remind her that she is not without sin too.

This will cool her ardor and make it clear that there are many girls in this world and she can lose her beloved from a love to flirt. And if this does not happen and the relationship disintegrates, then you should not be greatly upset, because the correspondence with the outsider was the first “bell” of the fact that there was something wrong between the lovers.

It is worth noting that there is such a type of girls who love to flirt with other guys, so they assert themselves, and this situation makes them feel irresistible and desirable. If the beloved is precise of this type, then you should not panic much, because it’s all part of her life. You only need to accept this. Alternatively, find another girlfriend.

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To dispel your doubts about her beloved and understand what relationships she has with another guy, you can not contact her directly, as she most likely will not tell the truth. It is better to find a way to read her correspondence. Of course, reading other people’s letters is not good, but looking like a fool is even worse, so you need to sort out the situation and then decide what to do next.

If you believe the statistics, in 50% of cases, relationships are born out of ordinary correspondence. Although in 90% of cases, they are fleeting and do not end with marriage. But the couple breaks up, and it is already too late to return the former. Therefore, such communication should be stopped at an early stage.

When a girl communicates with another guy through the Internet or a mobile phone, it makes sense to find out how far she can go with this. Of course, some young people will not want to re-read her entire correspondence with a new fan, but there is another way.

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You need to find out where she found him, and register on it, but only under a different name. As a result of the correspondence, you can learn a lot of new things. Perhaps she is just flirting without serious intentions. Or maybe the girl decided to leave her young man and is just looking for a replacement for him. Of course, you will not find it out quickly. However, in a month the situation will become more evident. If there is no time to wait so long, then you can try to arrange a date for her in the process of correspondence.

And you need to ask her if she has a young man. If she answers that she has, then you can calm down. Also, you can try to find out what she thinks of him, as well as find out why, then, she corresponds with another. If, however, she says that she is lonely and has no boyfriend, then you should charm her and invite her for a date. There you must show your personality and find out the relationship for the last time. Only in this way, it will be possible to put an end to this uncertainty.

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In this case, a break is better than fortune-telling on a daisy “loves – doesn’t love.” In this case, you should not despair and conceal anger for the entire feminine gender, and you need to pull yourself together and try to forget the former lover who did this to her boyfriend. But if it turns out that the girl is just looking for friendship and communication, which she lacks, you should calm down and pay more attention to her. Then the correspondence with the other person will disappear soon, and therefore the problem will go.

Often, to discourage your beloved one to communicate with other guys, you should make her a little jealous. You can, for example, create a compliment to her friend with her or talk familiarly on the phone with a mutual friend. Then she will understand that when she communicates with other guys, she does something wrong and hurts her young man. So, the correspondence will soon cease, and complete harmony will come in the relationship.

However, if she chooses to break the tie, it means that there are no good feelings and she was looking for a way to break up. Of course, it will be unexpected, but it will not be necessary to suffer. Sometimes communication with another guy is nothing more than flirting. But still, this situation should not be allowed to take its course, because the girl herself cannot notice how she falls in love with a person by correspondence. Therefore it is better to stop it at the initial stage so that it will not be painful.

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