How Do I Know If a Woman Loves Me?

What is one of the most popular phrases in the word? You do not have to open Google because the answer is really simple: “I love you”. Love is the force that literary rules the world.  There are different kinds of love. We love our family, friends, close people and our soul-mates. Everyone wants to be loved. The curious thing about Love is that it cannot be measured or got by force. You can buy sex, but you cannot buy True Love. And this is great, as you do not have to be talented or rich to be loved by someone.

Our close people and family simply love us for what we are, regardless of our financial position or social status. But the situation is different in relations between a man and a woman. It happens so, that women (as well as men) pretend to be in love, especially if the chosen partner is rich, or “comfortable”, or can be useful in something. Thus, many ladies have consumer attitude to the guys – they do not love them and simply use for their own purposes. In their youth, beautiful but stupid girls pretend that they like the company of a smart but unpopular boy just to copy his homework.

Gradually, the beauties begin to pretend that they love wealthy, but aging and unattractive men only because such ladies are trying to get their money. Naturally, men wonder how not to be fooled by such “gold-diggers” because girls can pretend for years and play their part perfectly.  Our blog will give your several useful tips how to know a girl likes you.

Signs a woman is in love with you

  • Body language

The best way to understand and to know that girl loves you from heart is to watch her behavior. Pay attention to what she does on a date with you, her gestures and secret signs. Words can lie but it is almost impossible to control all unconditional gestures and all her body language, unless she is a professional psychologist or spy. If you learn to read a girl without words, then you will stand high chances to seduce her and achieve the desired result in a relationship. Many guys do not notice, but it is the behavior of the girl that explains a lot of what and how she wants.

signs a woman is in love with you

  • Interest

A girl who is not indifferent usually listens about your life and work with great pleasure. A sure sign — if a girl is trying to find more information about you from someone else: common friends or colleagues. If a girl is always ready to help you, regardless of being busy with her work or study, she likes you.

  • Communication

You will also have a priority to reach her any time. She will answer all your calls and always text you back. She will prefer talking to you rather than gossiping with her girlfriends. Such talks may last for hours. In case you are busy or disappear for a couple of hours, be sure, she will try to contact you.  That’s why if your phone is overwhelmed with text messages, don’t be irritated.

  • Sacrifice

You know she’s terrified of drowning, but she bravely follows you into the boat. What does it mean? She totally likes you. A girl in love often set high priorities to the interests of a guy. A sure sign of love from a woman is the ability to compromise her habits for the sake of a loved one. She is ready to quit smoking, party with unmarried friends on Fridays or work late hours. She will learn all about fishing or football just to make a company for you.  But remember that the girl will expect the same from you, so, do not disappoint her. If she wants you to go to the tea ceremony with her or to watch the soap opera in the cinema, well, you’ll have to do it.

  • Gifts

A gift without a cause is a reason to think about the nature of your relationship. This is the most obvious way for a girl to show that she likes a young man. If you were given a handmade thing, which required a lot of time and effort, it shows that you mean much to her. Sometimes girls give gifts that may seem foolish from your point of view. For example, it can be a soft toy or a photo frame with your picture together. You should never laugh at such gifts as it is how you know she loves you.

  • Jealousy

Did she get furious when you talk with her friend? You helped a cute stranger  on the street and then you can’t understand why she’s so upset? She’s just jealous of you. Even if you are not in a relationship, a girl in love does not want to share you with others. Frankly speaking, men behave the same if they fancy a girl.

how you know she loves you

  • Touches

A girl in love will constantly look for touches to the desired man. Very often it is even unconsciously for herself. Women need physical contact to express their feelings. That’s is why your girlfriend will sit closer to you in the café, in all the attractions, in the cinema and in other places. What for? She hopes your hands will meet accidentally. Hence, if a girl is constantly trying to fix your hair, slap on the shoulder or make  order of your outfit, you can confess her about your own feelings. Be sure, you won’t be denied.

  • Excitement

For any woman meeting with someone she likes is a very exciting moment. Looking at her at this moment, it’s easy to see if she feels something for you. A girl in love may have a slight blush on her cheeks and rapid breathing. She will not know where to put her hands and may even say something inappropriate. Pay attention to her eyes. When she likes you, her eyes will shine with excitement when she sees you. If you are not in relations, she may be even shy to look into your eyes. In order to notice these subtle, almost invisible signs of affection it is necessary to develop a good observation.

  • Her looks

Love is an additional article of expenditure for a woman. After all, she wants to be the most beautiful girl to make you look only at her. And the glance of the other men will only confirm what a beautiful and desirable woman gave her heart to you. When a woman loves a man, she wants to make him proud of her.  She imagines how your friends tell you  “Wow, she is stunning! Man, you are lucky!”. That’s a kind of the female vanity. This desire transforms into a new dress, new shoes, new perfume, a new haircut and a lot of new cosmetics. It is a curious thing that these sings remain unnoticeable for men in most cases.

  • Flirting

Flirting exists not only at the initial stage of relations. Even married women flirt with their husbands. It is also the way to show that you mean much to her. She will tell you compliments and praise you for your merits.

she likes you

  • Care

Stop asking yourself “is she in love with me?” if your girl runs home from work just to cook your favorite pasta. Of course, she loves you. It is in the nature of a woman to surround the ones she loves with her care. She is happy when her close people are happy. Sometimes her care can be annoying if she constantly reminds you to take an umbrella or wear a warm scarf. Do not be mad at her for that as it is simply the way she shows her love.

  • Going into the close circle

When a girl really likes you she wants you to be the part of her life. She will introduce you to her family, friends, neighbors, pets, literary to anyone. As a matter of fact, she wants to shout out all over the world “This is my man!”

  • Scandals

Yes, you got it right. Scandals and quarrels are also a part of her love. In relations there are always conflicts and misunderstandings. Women are more emotional creatures than men, so they have stronger emotional reactions to something they don’t like about your behavior.  She wants to make your relations closer and solve all the conflicts in such a way. It hurts her to know that something is wrong between both of you.

On the contrary, when she is always calm and reserved, in the other words, when she is indifferent, it is a sure sign that you lost her. Do you still wonder how to know she loves me and what is the most definite sign of love among the mentioned ones? Well, you must take a look at the whole picture. Definitely, you should not judge only by one or two signs. But, to tell you the truth, the most obvious sign of love is her shining eyes when she sees you. And the only thing for you to do is just to listen to your heart –  it will tell you the real truth.

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