How Do Women Manipulate Men?

Unfortunately, when people are in relations it is not only about kisses under the moonlight and holding hands. There are lots of rather unpleasant things, such as quarrels, scandals, misunderstanding and manipulation. Today we are going to talk about female manipulation, but before we start, let’s make clear what manipulation is.

Psychologists say that manipulation is a hidden psychological instrument aimed at forcing another person to do something that contradicts his interests. The main condition of manipulation is to present things in such a way that another person believes he wants to do it from heart.

The prerogative of manipulation belongs to women. The reason is that men are used to getting what they want by force, while women, fragile creations, had to find another way. World history knows many examples of manipulative women who made their loving men start wars and kill thousands of people only in the name of the woman. Times have changed but ladies still remain aces of manipulation.

How not to be fooled by a manipulative girlfriend?

First of all you must study the ways women control men, as forewarned is forearmed! We have gathered for you the most common types of manipulation.

Let’s take a close look at them!

  1. Silent treatment

Not to notice a partner is one of the most favorite female methods of manipulation. It affects absolutely all men. However, the danger of this method is that the lady begins to ignore the man and stops talking for any small reason. Girls think that men can read their thoughts, so they will easily guess the reason of the silence. Unfortunately, men are often unable to understand this behavior, and, as a result, get bored it.

  1. Beautiful looks

A girl who knows how to dress stylishly and how to present herself in a right way is a powerful manipulator. Short skirts, long legs, high heels, proper makeup and long beautiful hair — these are the most attractive elements of a charming female image. With a shining smile on her pretty face, pleasant talks and graceful manners a girl can make an object of her manipulation to do whatever she wants: to get acquainted with the right man, to receive a bouquet of roses as a gift, a discount on the purchase of a fur coat or an invitation to a restaurant, to go on a trip at the expense of a gentleman, and even to get a good job. Women who use men know pretty well how this kind of manipulation works, and in most cases, they succeed.

how women manipulate men

  1. Food manipulation

Many women, having quarreled with a partner, refuse to take care of him in everyday life:  they do not wash man’s clothes, do not iron shirts, but most often, do not cook. And this is another common method of manipulation. Though, it refers only to couples who live together.

  1. Crying

All women know that the easiest way to make a man feel uncomfortable is to cry. Tears are a powerful tool of theemotional manipulation. It is obvious that every man will want to do everything he can only to stop this crying. Women learn the trick from childhood. Fathers give gifts to their crying daughters, and schoolteachers forgive bad behavior just to make this waterfall of tears stop. For the majority of women this technique is worked out so well that it becomes very difficult for a man to determine the truthfulness of tears. At the same time, there are men who simply hate women’s tears and became furious when they see them.

  1. Jealousy

Every man wants to be the only one for his lady and this desire can play into girls’ hands. A little flirting or agreeing to take a drink from a stranger at a bar may be a reminder to you that you’re not the only guy in town. She makes a guess that if you feel that you can lose her, you will try to do everything in your power to save your relations. As a result, a more generous and indecisive man will do whatever she wants. From the other hand, this behavior can cause a break-up or even force a man to do revenge in the form of adultery.

  1. Flattery

The human ego is a fascinating thing. To the woman showering you with praise, no matter what she praises you for (your appearance, how good you are in bed, your work), you are sure to show more gentleness or understanding than usual. What is the use of it for her? As you feel that you are appreciated, she realizes that you will willingly agree to help her.

  1. Involving friends

A more intelligent woman will seek help immediately from the source of your ideas and your support – your friends. As if by the way, when she is alone with your friend, she accidentally mentions what she wants, expressing the idea of what would make her happier. As usual, the goal is obvious.  If you go to friends for ideas about Christmas or her birthday gifts, your friend will immediately remember that “casual” conversation with her and will give you the whole “dream-list”. But to tell the truth, such manipulation can be useful for you because you don’t have to think hard how to make her satisfied. Isn’t it great?

  1. Manipulation of sex

This is one of the most powerful female tools of influence on a man. Sex is loved by absolutely everyone, both men and women, but the sexual desire of a man is so strong and uncontrollable that men become really mad when they see the object of their adoration. For the sake of intimacy, they are willing to give a lot. So, offering her body as a prize is how women manipulate men.

women who use men

  1. Weakness

Every man wants to be a hero, especially in the eyes of his girlfriend. And wise girls can pretend to be weak just to let the man feel like a superman. Be sure that almost an every girl can change an electric bulb, knows how to use a hammer or can kill a spider, but they will never do that if there is a man in the house. So, be ready to do the great things in the name of your Love.

  1. Children

This is perhaps the most cynical kind of female manipulation. There are two aspects. The first is when a lady gives birth to a child from a man not because she loves him, but because she wants to keep him beside her. The second point is when an ex-wife does not allow her ex-husband to see a child. Very often a woman, realizing that a man won’t marry her, because he, for example, is already married, gets pregnant from him.

This is the easiest way to tie a partner to yourself, or at least get money. Now you know the signs of a manipulative woman, though, don’t be too fast to judge. Sometimes relations need a bit of a game, and manipulation is one of them. One party tries to manipulate a bit and another party pretends that he believes this manipulations. If this situation is fun for both, then it is great, but if you feel that you are being used like a marionette, you have to stop it.

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