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How to Meet Someone without Online Dating?

Internet is a great way to meet new people in the modern world. Its advantages are undoubted. You can reach anyone in any corner of the world. Even language barrier doesn’t matter much as you can always use online translation service. In spite of these advantages, there are people who are against online dating. They believe that printed lines cannot carry the warms of the voice and gentleness of the touch. Moreover, you can easily fall in love with the fictional image that is far from the reality. Isn’t it better to leave online chatting room and try dating in the real life?

But what to do if you don’t know where and how to meet girls? As a matter of fact, starting conversation with someone is not a great deal. If a girl likes you from the first sight, she will understand your hints and gladly talk to you. Believe us, girls like when the man takes initiative in acquaintance. In our turn, we will give you a couple of real tips to make you an experienced pick-up master. Let’s first take a look at the places where you should try your charms.

Where to meet girls?

  • Closest neighborhood
    Well, we know that you mom has been trying for years to be a matchmaker for you. She wants to marry you off to her friend’s daughter/ niece/ neighbor (underline the necessary option). But the truth is somewhere here, you can look around, maybe there is a new cute neighbor next door. Be attentive when you go shopping, there you may also see some sweet stranger who is lonely just like you.
  • Birds of feather flock together
    Let’s be frank, relations cannot be built only on sex. Even with the most passionate girl you will have to talk. And it would be better if you have some common topics and interests. Such things create a great basis for long-term relations. What to do? If you are interested in cooking or chess or whatever, stop doing it alone. Join some club, attend courses and look around. Maybe your future soul-mate is waiting for you there. When attending such activities, you are simply going to the best place to meet women.
  • Café
    We can say with the confidence that a café or a pub is the best place to meet women quickly. In a café, no one is in a hurry, and the atmosphere is really suitable for a casual conversation, especially if the place is popular and crowded. In addition, the chance of meeting beautiful girls in a café is much higher than in any other place or even in a club. She’ll be in a good mood because she’s relaxing. And you can choose a good time to start a conversation.
  • Street
    In fact, to meet a girl on the street is a rather difficult option. Girls have a belief that it is a little indecent to get acquainted on the street. Therefore, it is possible to hear such phrases from girls: “I don’t get acquainted on the street” or even “I have a boyfriend.” And what if you saw a beautiful woman on the street or in the parking lot?! Just do not care about stereotypes! Don’t hesitate and try to pick up a girl. A real man does not depend on circumstances. He creates opportunities. We spend a lot of time on the street, so, that is the best way to meet women.

how to meet new people

How to meet new people: a short guidance

  1. Demonstrate confidence and openness. When meeting in real life, nonverbal signals can play into your hands. Remember about open poses, a steady (but not excessive) eye contact and a sincere smile. They’ll do half of the work producing a good impression of you.
  2. Offer help. A courteous stranger who offers a girl to carry a huge suitcase or explain the way, as a rule, has high chances to get her phone number. Just do not confuse courtesy with imposition. Usually “no” still means “no”, and excessive persistence just will not add you points.
  3. Compliments. It is a perfect option but only if the compliment is devoid of banality. It must be elegant and fresh. Forget clichés about oceans of eyes and waterfalls of hair.
  4. Be realistic. You should soberly estimate the chances to get acquainted on the street with a girl. That is, if you see that her handbag costs as much as your entire outfit (including a leather jacket, presented by the parents for your birthday), then you probably do not need to ruin your self-esteem by being refused by such a chic. She’ll “scan” you in two and a half seconds!
  5. Be persistent. If you are really fascinated by the girl, say that you will wait for her three days in a row in this place and at the same time with a bouquet of flowers. On the first day she will definitely come to look around the corner at a sort of a “weirdo”, and on the second she will definitely go with you on a date, being smitten with your romanticism.
  6. Be a good interlocutor. Try to ask more questions than to talk about yourself. Find out what she does for life, what she likes or what she doesn’t like. In the meantime, praise her for her style, or pay attention to her jewelry, accessory. If she asks you questions, try to answer honestly, wihout being too critical of anything, so as not to cause irritation or negative attitude.

You must always remind yourself that Fortune favors the brave. That’s why, forget about meting someone online, go out and conquer the world!

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