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How to ask a girl on a date?

Only a few men are born with the skills of a pick-up master. They always know when and what to do to impress a girl. The vast majority of the less lucky men have to gain such skills. The good news is that asking a girl out requires only practice and positive attitude.

First of all, you have to choose the best way to ask a girl out. It may be through a phone call, SMS or a text message in one of the popular messengers. And let’s not forget about an invitation eye-to-eye. It all depends on your self-confidence and how close you are with the girl.

The easiest situation is when you already know the girl. Maybe you work together or study and you feel that you start falling for her. So, you will not have shyness of the first meeting that is so common when you get acquainted on the street. You already possess some basic information about her and her interests. It will give you a clue how to ask her for a date.

As a matter of fact, there is no a one hundred percent “working” phrase or a single approach that will ensure success, but there are certain general principles that will help asking the girl out. First of all, your invitation must be original. A non-standard approach can make a girl sure that she is dealing with an outstanding, interesting and cheerful man, with whom it won’t be boring to spend the evening.

How to ask a girl to hang out:

You need a suitable situation and environment for conversation:

  • No extra people. You would even get a refusal if she is with her girl-friends. Girls like to play Ice Queen at times.
  • Good call time ( f you decide to invite her for a date by calling her). It must not be early in the morning, when the girl can still be sleeping and answer automatically, without understanding half of what she hears;
  • The absence of various distractions (the girl can be in the public transport, stand in line at the store, etc.).

In short, catch the proper moment!

The best ways to ask a girl out:

  • You should make her interested: invite to the movie, which she is waiting for, to a concert, to the café with her favorite cuisine, to the skating rink, if she likes this kind of entertainment.
  • It is necessary to clearly indicate the time and place. “Maybe we should go out one day, just go for a walk,” such invitation will be definitely ignored. Girls like persistent men with fantasy.
  • Make sure that the girl knows how to get to the meeting place.
  • Make a hint where she is exactly invited because she will need a suitable outfit and shoes, especially if it is going to be a kind of active leisure. Such things matter a lot for girls.
  • Do not say directly that this is a date so as not to frighten the girl with a too rapid development of events. You’d better come up with a more delicate phrase:
  1. “I have a surprise for you. I know one amazing place that you will love. Shall we go?”
  2. “Let’s go skating on Sunday? I promise you will laugh at my clumsiness, but I will do my best.”
  3. “I know a great place where they cook delicious hot chocolate. You have to try it. Let’s have a day of sweets!”
  4. “I want to ask you for a little favor. Friends invited me to the party, so I need to choose a suit, will you help me? You have a great taste. Then we’ll go for a walk and have some ice cream.”

A man should radiate calmness and confidence (do not mumble, use affirmative form rather than in the interrogative one). A smile and a relaxed attitude are your main weapons.

How to ask a girl to go on a date is she refused before?

You need to prepare “Plan B”, if a girl says that she cannot meet on the day you choose. So, you need to offer her an alternative. “Okay, talk to you later/agree then/later” is the issue postponed until never. It is necessary to decide exactly on what day the girl will be able meet. Insist on the exact date and time.

If a girl just refuses and comes up with another excuse for the umpteenth time, but you still want to meet her, you can refer to your sense of humor and still ask her out: “Well, you do have a busy schedule! You are so busy all the time that you have already refused to meet me 4 times. Why don’t you agree for a change?”

How to ask a girl out on a date if you do not know her well?

Of course, it is much easier to invite a woman to meet with you if you already know her well. Things are a bit more difficult if you just met her but want to develop your acquaintance.

It is a fact that a lot of guys take first dates too seriously. They are convinced that if on the first date something goes wrong, there will be no another chance for him. However, this is not true. After all, if the girl liked the guy, she will surely give him a second chance, so he could fix the first one. Moreover, if she really liked him, she can give a third chance as well.

Even, despite the fact that the girl is always ready to give the young man a second chance, if she likes him, many guys are afraid to go on a date. They think that they will not be able to find common topics for a talk with a girl, so they will look ridiculous. This fear restrains the guys, not allowing them to show their best sides. Therefore, the guys need to forget about the fear of communication on the first date, because there is nothing special about that. Remember, the girl can worry about the meeting no less than you. She may be choosing the proper outfit for days and act out different situations in her mind. She also wants to produce the best impression. You are on equal.

Questions to ask on a date:

As it may seem, there is nothing difficult, just a talk. However, shyness, stress and lack of self-confidence completely turn off the brain. The conversation is either not carried on at all, or the tongue works faster than the head, telling some nonsense. To avoid such situations, prepare a list of questions that will keep a casual conversation and help you to know the girl. Listen carefully to her answers and be ready that she may ask you to answer them too.

  • Do you like to travel? If so, where would you like to go?
  • Do you think a man is destined to live a certain life or are we the masters of our own destiny?
  • What would you do if you turned into a man for 24 hours?
  • What will you choose — to know the future or to correct the past?
  • How often do you communicate with your family? (Her answer will show how close she is with her family.)
  • Do you believe in the saying “And they lived happily ever after”?
  • Are you married? (The question seems strange for a romantic date, however, you need to ask it because “Separated” or “Going to break up” is not the same as “Divorced”. If you have far-reaching goals, make sure that the girl is officially single.)
  • Do you like your job?( It is better to know at once that she is married to her work and she will never have time to cuddle in bed with you on Sunday morning, go on vacation or even just go to the movies.)
  • How did you finish your last relations? (If she blames the ex, that’s a very bad sign.  If the girl thinks that there was her fault too, this demonstrates such good traits of character, as humanity, honesty and ability to personal development.)

How to ask a woman out without looking like an idiot?

  • Do not ask questions that can be answered “Yes” or “No” because they do not contribute to your talk.

Remember: the question serves as a tool for the development of the conversation. Don’t ask “Do You like pizza?” unless that’s a reason to order it or an invitation to a place with the best pizza in town.

If “Yes/No” questions cannot be avoided, extend them, for example, “Do You like flowers? What are your favorite ones? Would you like to see them in the botanic garden? Let’s go there together!”

  • Don’t ask vulgar questions. If you do not want the first date to be the last one, avoid vulgar topics. Of course, some ladies even welcome this behavior, but it is rather an exception than a rule. Such conversations are allowed only between close people. Otherwise, you may produce an impression of a sex-crazed man.

Now you know how to ask a girl to date you. We hope that our tips will help you to produce the best impression. After all, to become a pick-up ace you need just practice a lot.  Don’t wait too long, ask her to go out with you tonight!

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