How to Be a Bad Boy. Stop Being a Nice Guy: 18 Tips

A tale as old as time, girls prefer bad boys to good ones. Even though, who have experience dating complete jerks still tend to fall in love with those who spread badass vibes. The reason is hidden in female instincts that push them to give preference to more masculine and aggressive men as they are capable of hunting a mammoth and guarding a cavern. Even though those days are truly behind us, some girls fall in love with mature and bad guys. We are going to share with you 18 steps to become a bad boy.  

1. Bad boys don’t eat salads

It is a nice habit to check what you eat and give preference to healthier options when it comes to food, still, most bad boys prefer joy to value. A real bad boy would eat a good piece of steak and have as much beer as he wants without inserting products into the food nutrition checking app.

2. Act cocky

Most girls find cocky guys extremely arousal as they appear more confident in comparison to nice and humble guys.

Act cocky to be a bad boy

Apart from that, such an attitude helps to scare off all the potential competitors. 

3. Do what you want

Don’t spend much trying to make your crush happy. Don’t be her errand boy unless you want to lose her respect. Focus on your feelings and desires and take steps to achieve what you want. 

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4. Stay adamant in your beliefs

This one is similar to the third one as it implies absolute confidence and a focus on personal thoughts. Yes, it seems quite egoistic, still, that’s how bad boys act. 

5. Be passionate

It is okay for bad guys to express their emotions passionately. They don’t hide their arousal but try to show it off so a girl knows she is desired by such a gorgeous and passionate guy.

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6. Get the girl that you want

A nice guy tries to find the best approach to their crush, whereas a bad boy comes straight to his crush and gives her a good kiss. Of course, this one works only for those girls who prefer bad guys. 

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7. Don’t joke too much

Sense of humor is an important aspect of a man that can help catch a girl’s attention. Hover, bad boys are less clubby but more mysterious and brooding. Let nice guys amuse a girl that you will take home with you later. 

8. Don’t apologize

Most women believe that men should say “Sorry” to her, even in a situation when a girl is responsible for a conflict initiation.

Don't apologize

Well, you should surrender and apologize just because you are a man. Bad boys don’t say sorry.   

9. Be spontaneous

Her work and meetings shouldn’t be concerns of yours. Bad boys don’t check schedules and find the most convenient time to have a date for both but initiate meetings spontaneously. 

10. Be who you are

At the beginning of relationships, most guys try to show a better version of themselves. Well, you shouldn’t as bad boys are gorgeous in their original form and don’t need to fix their hair every 5 seconds. 

11. Break the rules

Bad guys are leaving by their own law. They walk where they want, smoke where they want, call a girl when they want, you get it, right? Rules are for good guys and you live the life you want to live, which often means neglecting generally accepted norms. 

12. Hide your feelings

Can you imagine an Alpha man telling his new crush about his childhood traumas or problems at work? No, because it would make him insecure and that is not the place a bad boy wants to be. The same with HER feelings: a bad boy shouldn’t show lots of interest in it as well. 

13. Don’t be scared of danger

Bad boys tend to live bright lives full of adventures.

Don't be scared of danger - bad boy

Some of them are dangerous, still, it makes them even more attractive and up and shoulders above other guys. You can start with riding a motorcycle. Your girl will love that. 

14. Never mind

A bad boy and a crying man are two different persons. You should leave this task for her friends and psychologist but don’t spend your date listening to her problems and concerns for hours. Appreciate your time and spend it nicely. 

15. Be in the spotlight

An Alpha man shouldn’t be hiding in the corner but making catches all the attention in the room. Being humble and quiet is for weak and insecure guys. 

16. Be a superman

It is extremely important for any girl to feel safe by her man’s side. So, exercise.

 Be a superman

Even a bad guy should take care of his girlfriend’s safety and defend her from unwanted attention from other guys so she feels relaxed and grateful when you are next to her. 

17. Stay brazen

Your girl will get angry at you at some point as it is not the simplest thing to have a relationship with a bad guy. Still, she might enjoy playing games with you and acts like that to get a rise out of you. What you should do is to act spectacularly: use passionate gesticulation when you fight, touch her, look into her eyes. That way you become closer even when fighting. 

18. Don’t watch your mouth

Be loud and honest when you speak to your crush. Honesty is the key to successful relationships even for bad guys. Don’t be afraid to offend your crush during a showdown but say what you really mean. 

You should remember that dating a bad guy is not for everyone, however, there are lots of girls that fall in love with an Alpha male as relationships with one seem more spicy, passionate, and very much alive.

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