How to begin a conversation with a girl online?

How To Begin a Conversation With a Girl Online?

Are you still single? The answer is obviously  “yes” as you have been inquiring on the issue of relations and acquaintance. It is a fact that nowadays we have great opportunities to meet people from another part of the world. Distance and language simply does not matter. But why are there still so many single people?  It seems really easy to log on the dating site and pick someone to chat to. However, you need to have basic communication skills to start talking online. There are some pitfalls you should avoid to be successful when you talk to girls online. Here is an ultimate guidance for you!

How to start a conversation with a girl?

The very first thing to do is to create your own account at the dating site or any other social media. It is up to you if you choose a free or paid resource. In any case you have to fill your profile with the true information about you, but don’t write too much, there must be an ace in the hole that can help you to develop communication.

Note! Upload your own photos

Always upload only your photos. They must be of good quality. But do not ask a professional photographer to photoshop them as if you just starred for the cover of the popular magazine. Remember that one day you will have to meet in the real life, and her expectations will be too high. Maybe she has already fancied meeting a Prince Charming, but here comes a lean guy with pimples and a bad haircut. Isn’t it a sad alternative?

Don’t use templates from the dating sites

So, if you wonder what to text a girl to start a conversation, it is obvious that you should not write “hi, how are you?”, “Let’s get acquainted”, “Beauty, why are you still awake?” and other nonsense. All these phrases have been used for a hundred years and they will not make interested even your great-grandmother. Girls always want something brand-new. But you do not need to come up with some really crazy stuff trying to intrigue her.

online chat with girls

All guys behave like that. In order to stand out favorably among all of the other candidates that send her nonsense of every kind, it is enough to write a normal sentence-statement. If you still lack ideas to start conversation, you may use some templates, but don’t choose too corny and banal ones. And please, do not send silly verses like “roses are red, violets are blue, I want to hang out with you.”

Be confident, but not too pushy

Every conversation should have a purpose. Your one is to make a girl interested and invite her on a date. In the end, all communication with her should be aimed at this. If you started to communicate with a lady on a certain topic, you have to see the situation a couple of steps forward in order to transfer your communication in the right direction for you.  Though, don’t be annoying. If you feel that the lady is not in the mood or something distracts her from the conversation with you, then it is better to take a break. Text her later.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

The advantage of the online dating is that you can correspond with a couple of girls at the same time. Take the time to see chatting with whom you enjoy most, and then develop your relations. Remember there are so many options to choose from. Don’t be sad if one lady dumps you.

 Don’t correspond forever

Keep in mind that online chat with girls is simply the way to start relations in the real life. Your goal is to take the girl’s phone number and meet in reality. The impression of novelty and vivid emotions disappear fast, both in the real life and on the Internet. If a new girlfriend is willing to communicate with you and is interested in relations, then don’t wait. Arrange a date and meet her in real life, even if she lives far away from you.

Otherwise, you can cross the line when communication online cannot bring anything new to both of you, and it will naturally fade away. Usually in such cases, guys are always asking: “What is going on? I had such a great time talking to a girl but then she slipped away. What to do?”. This is exactly the case when you did not move to a new stage of communication with her in time. Of course, if your goal is just being pen pals, you may write to each other as long as you enjoy it.

how to start a conversation with a girl

Pay attention to her photos

Usually girls love to be photographed: selfies, professional photo sessions with photographers, photos from clubs and restaurants. But you have to remember one important rule: most of these photos are far from the reality. Now a phone of every girl is full with so many programs to edit her pictures that you can be really surprised at the live meeting. So, be ready for the fact that you will see a slightly different girl at the meeting than you are used to see when chatting online. So, we have already told that the best way to start a conversation with a girl online is to choose a proper pick-up line.

The originality of the first phrases is a guarantee that the girl will pay attention to the young man, willing to know him better. However, do not make your pick-up lines too complicated, otherwise you will be misunderstood. You should carefully study the profile of the girl and learn more about her friends, interests and hobbies, favorite places she visits and so on. It will give you a clue what to write her. Start with common topics, based on the information from her profile. If a girl is interested in communication with you, it possible to diversify gradually your chats with stories from your own experience (preferably funny) or send a message about your hobbies and interests, thoughts and feelings.

Personal talks

It is not necessary to tell everything about yourself at once, but to interest the girl and involve her in a dialogue, you still need to give some personal information. Even when talking about yourself, it is better to ask the interlocutor a couple of personal questions from time to time, wondering about her life, thoughts and experiences. It may happen that she is trying to forget and let go off a man she loved and who broke up with her. So for this reason she decided to try a new acquaintance on the Internet.

That’s why at the beginning of chatting the questions about your personal life should be asked carefully because excessive intrusiveness can destroy any desire to continue communication on the Internet. It is acceptable to ask questions about her work or school, favorite movies, music etc. If the girl is happy to answer questions, you can start asking something more serious. But don’t talk about religion, subcultures, feminism or politics, especially, if you are an amateur on the subject and have very little knowledge about that. By the way, your opinion can be offensive for her.

how to talk to a girl online

If a girl asks you how you feel about a particular movement, it is better to say that you do not have a definite opinion. In those cases when the girl is not eager to chat a lot, pauses can create awkward situations, so a young man will have to write more. Having a conversation with a girl, you must remember that your personality is not the main topic. You can tell her about your family life: mom’s love for the dog, father’s interest in football (all these can be told with funny and cute details). In the end, to learn how to talk to a girl online, you simply need to be persistent and creative. Don’t be upset if you fail a couple of times. There are millions of single ladies on the net, keep trying! You will definitely find your love.

Bonus: Online dating first message

As we have already told, it is better to avoid templates from the dating sites, but if creativity is not your strongest point, here are some really good pick-up lines:

  • I don’t usually meet girls that way.…
  • Hi! I’m one of those annoying freaks, who thinks you’re stunningly beautiful.
  • I was told you were looking for me…
  • I like to invite guests and pay a visit.
  • How long have you been registered here? What are your impressions of communication?
  • How do you do that?.. To look this good.
  • Hi! Today we are lucky…
  • Do you play drums?.. No?.. Neither do I! See how much we have in common, let’s get acquainted!
  • Sorry, I forgot my phone number. Can you borrow yours?
  • You know, I have absolutely no idea what I have to say to get to know you, but let’s just imagine that I’ve already made this step.
  • Hey, where do you get acquainted with young and handsome guys like me?
  • I’m new in this town. Could you show me your own house?
  • Hey! May I know your name? I want to figure out how it will sound with my last name.
  • Hello! Do you recognize me? I didn’t recognize you either. Let’s get acquainted!
  • By the way, meeting you is at the top of my “to-do list” for tonight. Give me a chance!
  • You’re so irresistible, I couldn’t even think of the phrase I wanted to hit on you tonight.

We do hope that our tips will be useful in your search of love, helping you to become a real pick-up master!

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