How to Date a Girl Who Has a Boyfriend?

In an ideal world, you will walk along the street and spot a beautiful stranger in the crowd. Your eyes meet; there is a spark of mutual attraction. And then, like in Hollywood movies, there is a romantic music as you approach each other. It is the love from the first sight. If someone tells your story it will sound as follows: “They felt love at the first moment they met, and they have been together ever since!” But love is neither a fairy-tale nor a romantic movie. Though, sometimes life throws us crazy curves.

And you can fall in love with someone who you should not admire at all. What if one day you fall in love with a girlfriend of your buddy? That sounds like a horror for some guys. For such people it is unacceptable as they value friendship more than any kind of love affairs. But other men, on the contrary, believe that all is fair in love and war. That’s why, they need a good guidance on the issue “How to date a girl who has a boyfriend?”

girl who has a boyfriend

First of all, you need to understand how the girl treats you. If she likes you, the chances increase significantly. How can you understand that?

– If it is possible to communicate with you, she will gladly do this;

– If she smiles at the sight of you, the situation is not that bad;

– During a conversation with you, she can tell you some personal information;

– You notice flirting in her behavior;

– She enjoys your company.

So, the girl already has a boyfriend, but it is unclear if she is happy with him or maybe she is missing something in their relationship. Very often people keep dating because relations become a kind of habit for them. They are afraid to leave, even if they are unhappy and unsatisfied. Girls are scared that nobody will like them or that maybe the other men are even worse. That’s what you have to find out. If you have a chance of personal communication with the girl, you can ask her something that might reveal the truth about their relationship with the guy.

If the girl continues the conversation, then listen and ask her some neutral questions. Avoid asking too personal questions at once. Now you have to win her trust. Start a conversation with a girl about her boyfriend. If she starts talking, do not stop her, listen carefully, and let her speak from the heart. Maybe she needs to get the things off her chest. If a girl discusses with you her relationship with the guy, it means something is wrong between them. She is searching for support out of her relations.

So, listen and keep the conversation going. For example, you can ask her such questions as: “How long have you been together?”, “What gifts did he give you?”, “Does he give you flowers and how often?”, “Are there any misunderstandings in your relationship?”, “How do you manage to maintain relationships?”, and the like, but the main thing is not to scare her off. Try to remember what exactly she cannot stand in a relationship with her boyfriend. It will help you in the future to make her fall for you.  But remember, if she really loves her boyfriend, you will fail in any case.

How to date a girl who has a boyfriend

Thinking logically, try to find out the truth about their relations. This point will be reasonable only in one case: if the relationship fades and you see them break up sooner or later anyway. Maybe they are already bored with each other and so on. But there is also one more scenario: this girl sees you only as friend, and the chances that you will leave “a friend-zone” are really low. In this case, you need to use your brains and set life priorities for yourself.

If you understand that the lady has no problem with her personal life, and in general, it goes to the wedding, you have to calm down and realize that this option does not suit you. Especially, you must remember that she is not the only one girl living in the world! Go outside and look around. In 10 minutes you can get acquainted with several pretty girls. It is true. If you’re shy, that’s another question. In that way, you have to work with your self-confidence, develop as a person and as a successful man.

Well, let’s go back to analyzing the problem: “how to date a girl who already has a boyfriend”. Having collected the information about their relations, remember what her boyfriend doesn’t do for her. So it’s time to give it to her, but, of course, everything is up to you. That is even more the matter of emotions than the material issue. After all, material benefits can disappear very fast, but wonderful memories will last for the rest of her life.

New gadgets can make her bored within a couple of days and won’t bring joy anymore, but a romantic evening on the roof of the house, accompanied with smooth tunes and flowers, will never be forgotten. Thus, if he does not do anything romantic for her, but she dreams of it, then you have to add romantic moments into your relations. There are a lot of thing that can be done. If you are getting close to each other but she still cannot make up her mind between two of you, it is time to use drastic measures.

girl loves another guy

Intimate relations belong to this category. Find out what she likes in bed most and do it for her. It is a common thing that many people are not satisfied about something in their sexual life, but they keep silent about it for years. They are scared to be misunderstood by the partner. It is totally wrong. It would be better if you do all necessary efforts to make her enjoy. For this, you have to talk with her about her preferences in bed. But be careful, if she is not used to such talks or she is too shy, then it may take her some time to open up.

Another secret weapon is connected with girls’ psychology. It is a well-known fact that girls greatly enjoy pleasant surprises of any kind. For example, you can arrange an unplanned romantic meeting or help her in a difficult situation. You can send her a bunch of beautiful flowers or a box of delicious sweets through the delivery service. They appreciate it as a sign of attention and sincerely rejoice. So a girl can be easily conquered.

You know her tastes; use this knowledge to choose the best gift for her because not everyone goes crazy to see giant teddy bear as a present! If the girl takes the initiative and invites you somewhere, then you can consider half of the work is done but if not, then take the situation in your hands. You can invite her to cool parties as well as to the cinema. The main thing is to invite her constantly, until she surrenders. Most likely you will hear her refusals to meet, and it is normal. After all, she still has a boyfriend, but certain thoughts will come to her mind.

girls with another guy

She may think that someone needs her and that maybe this guy is better than her boyfriend. This is the psychology of people and one day she will agree to meet with you. Take care of her, let her think over her situation. After some time she will understand that with you it will be more comfortable than with her present boyfriend. And one day this girl will be yours, if you do everything right, of course. There is another side of the coin as many men think.

According to their logic, if a girl broke her relations and run to another boy, you cannot trust her. Everyone needs a reliable partner who will fight for relations instead of breaking up when a crisis happens. They think, “If she left him for me, then maybe she will leave me if things go slightly wrong.” That makes sense, how do you think? As you can see, if a girl is dating another guy, there are few options. The most important thing is to analyze the situation you are in.

You have to think it all over, weigh all the pros and cons. You can take a short pause for your thoughts to be organized. And then, with a cold head, make a decision. And it will be only your decision because only you know all the details. Taking into account the facts and emotions, you can act in the right way. Well, these are the possible ways out of the situation when the girl you like has a boyfriend. We wish you to carry out the proper decision that will make both of you happy!

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