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How to French Kiss: Technique, and Some Extra Principles

There is no shame in looking for how to French kiss with tongue. This is an intimate and emotional ritual, so it is better to prepare for it in advance. Unlike classical kisses, this kind of affectionate act needs knowing the technique. Before you start discovering how to French kiss your date, let’s talk about the root cause of your interest.

The simple one is that you have already tried light kissing and want to escape the friend zone, or take a step into the next stage of the relationship. In that case, our article will help you understand all the peculiarities of the process and specific behavior aspects. 

There could be another reason why you`re searching for the instructions for French kissing. Maybe you have met a girl of your dreams and want to overwhelm her right on a date? Then, if you’re planning to do it on the first date, make sure you should kiss on the first date in general. The article also includes useful points about when to do it, how to kiss without causing any discomfort to each other, and crossing your partner’s boundaries. 

Be sure: the best time to start using this kissing technique well is when you’re prepared and confident in your actions. Let us help you and explain the three stages of an ideal kiss in a very simple way.

how to french kiss a girl

French Kissing – What to Begin With?

Before you proceed to the part about how to French kiss someone, check on the important things below. These points are so-called preparation phases.

  • Comfortable place and time. The cosy atmosphere helps to relax both of you. Also, avoid public areas if you or your lover are introverts or just shy people. By the way, you can do it not only on a date but also at the prom, beach, cinema or even in the cafe! Everything depends on your comfort zone.
  • Fresh breath. It is a significant moment. There are many ways to prevent stinky breath: don’t eat food with a strong smell, brush your teeth or use a breath mint before the meeting.
  • Moisturised lips. Use a special balm to pamper delicate lip areas, and make your lips smoother and softer. 

The last condition: try being romantic all the time on a date. If you`re not a romantic person, then check our article “How to be romantic?” where there are plenty of ideas both for him and her. 

Observance of all the above nuances is the basics when you learn how to French kiss. The above simple rules will help not to spoil the impression of a partner about you and will simply put a great start to an unforgettable experience.

how to french kiss a guy well

How to French Kiss Instructions – Points to Remember

Make a pause in the conversation, get a little closer together, and make eye contact. At this step, you can understand whether your boyfriend or girlfriend wants to continue. If you see not only the interest but also the desire in your partner’s eyes then you`re ready for the serious steps! If you are not entirely sure, just ask “May I kiss you?” and wait for permission.

Do not forget to discuss the kiss with your soulmate. Discussion helps understand when you need to act more smoothly, and when you can be more persistent, whether your partner appreciates biting, sucking, or swirling actions. The more you practice, the faster you will learn how to make your kiss technique perfect.

Feel that you still don’t know enough about the French kiss? There is a perfect guide on wikiHow how to french kiss step by step with pictures. It helps visualize described movements and sum up all the information mentioned above.

how to french kiss step by step video

Practice Makes Perfect: How to French Kiss Tutorial 

As a completely infatuated teenager who wants to know definitely how to french kiss a girl for first time as a successful man wonders how to french kiss a woman well. There is no difference in both desires the same way as the sequence of their actions doesn’t differ:

  1. Close your eyes and start with the light kissing.
  2. Keep your lips slightly parted. That is a kind of a sign that you are ready for more. 
  3. Try to tease your partner’s bottom or upper lip with yours if you are still afraid of using your tongue. 
  4. Let the tip of your tongue meet with theirs in a soft, gentle way. It is a very sensitive part of the tongue that contains plenty of nerve endings,  so be attentive and don’t push on too much. After that step, you may try to massage his/her tongue with yours or swirl around it. 
  5. Keep going slowly and follow your partner’s reaction. In that way, you can understand if you can try moving your tongue deeper. Wanna attempt lip-biting also? Remember to be gentle and not to cause unwanted pain. 
  6. Use your tongue to explore all the sensuous places in your partner’s mouth. Do not be too pushy doing that. There the simple rule works: the slower and more delicate you move, the more enjoyable it is for your lover.
  7. The ending should be similar to the beginning. At first take your tongue back, further go with short classical kissing and smoothly move over.
how to french kiss

Foreplay Routine: How to French Kiss Better

The exciting process can go boring if you concentrate only on the lips. Don`t forget about hands: let them wander through your partner’s body. It means that when you are learning how to French kiss, don`t forget to give a hug, run your fingers through your lover’s hair, and stroke their face, neck, shoulders, or back. Moreover, there is a way to diversify this fascinating moment: kiss down your partner’s cheeks, the jawline, or the top of their nose. You may also pause to whisper some kind and lovely words in their ear for added pleasure. 

At the very beginning French kiss seemed like something complicated, but using our simple hacks on how to French kiss someone for the first time, you can surprise your soulmate and make your date ideal!

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