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How to invite a girl out?

Probably, you often had a situation when at the end of communication with a charming and sweet girl, there was a desire of asking a girl out. In this article, we will look at several effective options for how to invite a girl for a date and get consent. Get ready to memorize our effective methods.

Ways to ask a girl out

Most guys are afraid when they want to invite a lady to a meeting. As a rule, fear arises because of self-doubt, the possibility of a girl’s refusal to meet. In such cases, hard work on yourself and the practice of communication with the opposite sex will help. Now let’s talk about the tips that are necessary to take into account to correctly invite a young lady on a date:

Eye contact

If you speak and look somewhere to the side, she will understand that you are not self-confident and shy. Many psychologists propose to look not at eyes, but the place between the eyebrows, so it will be more comfortable for you, and the girl will see that you look at her. Your look should be benevolent and soft. Keep yourself at the same distance, without violating the personal space of the girl. Observe how she responds to your direct look. If he smiles shyly or tries to look away, then you have a chance. A confident low voice will give you courage. You can practice in front of the mirror at home and choose the optimal intonation.

Be alone

Thinking about how to ask a girl out, you should know that the invitation is best to voice in a relaxed atmosphere in private. Otherwise, it may confuse both of you. There should not be any people around you. The environment always can influence a person, so avoid the companies next to the lady. She also does not need gossips, so choose a moment when there are no extra ears next to her.


You should care about it in advance. You can choose such options as a cafe, cinema, theater, or an exhibition. If there is an opportunity, you can ask about her preferences. In this case, you will have more chances to get to the point.

Choose the right moment to talk

The best advice on asking a girl out is that you should watch the behavior of the girl you like. Isn’t she upset about anything? All people have daily chores, concerns, problems at work, etc., so you should not plan a joint pleasant evening in the middle of the week. Іchedule an appointment at the end of the work week or on the weekend.

Put yourself in order

The better you look, the more chances there are that a beautiful woman will like you. It is enough for you to be clean, combed, shaved, and dressed in clean clothes.

Do not be afraid of failure

Yes, sometimes it happens that a lady says no. It can happen for various reasons: maybe she doesn’t like you, perhaps she doesn’t like the venue, or she just doesn’t have time. In any case, there is no need to terrorize her with questions constantly. Just wait, and perhaps she will agree another time. Or you can invite another girl.

How to call a girl on a date by phone

If it is not possible to personally invite a girl for a date or you are just shy, then you can do it beautifully and in an original way by phone. This is the easiest way to invite because only your voice, intonation, and words are important here. During a telephone conversation, the beautiful woman does not have time to think, which increases the chances of a positive response. When talking, consider the following points:

  • Speak confidently and without excessive pathos so that the girl does not regard your call as a joke.
  • Speak the words clearly.
  • Do not make long pauses in conversation, so that awkward silence does not appear.
  • Do not use slang and jargon. These words sound unpleasant in speech.
  • Be friendly and unobtrusive, so that your dialogue will become comfortable.
  • The voice should not be too loud.
  • Speak politely.
  • Call her name sometimes.
  • If you have a car, offer a ride.

Do not give the official tone of the invitation. Some of the fair sex can be confused by the seriousness of your intentions if they do not consider you as a partner. A non-binding walk will be treated differently. During the conversation, think less about how to invite a girl for a walk, be creative properly. For example, ask her tastes.

An offer to look at the stars together or walk in the city at night will help to give an image of romance to your invitation. You can also invite a girl on a date by SMS. If you do it right after a personal meeting, such a proposal will look very touching.

Romantic walks under the moon, soft hugs and kisses are something that will be remembered with delight by many loving couples. Probably, all man correctly remember the exciting feeling experienced before inviting a girl for a date. If you follow the tips listed above, you will be able to make the first step towards a date in an original way and without receiving a refusal.

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