How to kiss a girl?

It is believed that girls feel the excitement before the date the most. However, they cannot even imagine how nervous the guys who invited them are. It is simply expressed in silent waiting for the very moment of the kiss. As in most actions of an intimate nature, one cannot do without psychological connotations here, since memorable romance will not work without spiritual understanding. It is impossible to find clear instructions for kisses. One can only hope for the wisdom of tips from other people.

First kiss tips

Do not rush

Many guys want to show themselves as men. They want to know what they want, to be purposeful and even a little stubborn. Therefore, such a desire to kiss a girl on a first date is completely natural. Nobody denies that, but is it always the right thing to do?

Girls of different ages love to follow the unwritten rule that kissing at the first meeting with a young man is taboo. Each wants to know their potential life partner better, and talk with him more. The girls, who have never even kissed in their lives before, are completely afraid, and the sudden desire of a man to kiss will scare them even more.


This rule does not work if there are clear hints from the girl, giving reason to believe that she liked the guy so much that she wants to kiss him. But let’s be honest, males are not so good at the understanding of hints. It is better not to take a risk.


Thinking about how to kiss your girlfriend, you should take this step really seriously. You should think about perfume. The kissing technique can be so diverse that it is not possible to describe it. In addition, doing everything as written in a textbook is not an expression of true feelings. Everything should go intuitively. But the experience in any field, including personal life, is a very good helper. If only this is not the first kiss with a particular girl. Then it’s best to practice a little before kissing her lips on the lips for the first time.

Choose the right moment

It is impossible to kiss a lady if people are constantly walking around. That is why it is recommended to choose a relaxed atmosphere, and reduce the number of passing strangers to a minimum.

What should be done before the kiss

Get rid of unpleasant smell

Before you go on a date, be sure to brush your teeth. Fresh breath is the key to success. When you are together, try not to smoke, do not eat food with specific smells of onions and garlic. Even chewing gum will not help get rid of such a bold flavor. If you still go to a cafe to eat there, use chewing gum or a special spray after salads or coffee.

Use hygienic lipstick

If you have rough or weathered lips, apply a small amount of hygienic lipstick on them before leaving the house. The main thing is not to put too much of it.

Make your mouth empty

If you have chewing gum, candy, etc. in your mouth, try to get rid of it. It is not very pleasant when such things get into the mouth during a kiss. It may embarrass a girl.

Kissing techniques

There are many techniques of kissing, starting with a gentle and affectionate touch, ending with a passionate and exciting manner. Seeking for best way to kiss a girl, you should remember that everything has its time and place.

Affectionate kiss

You should come close to your partner, gently hug her, and look into her eyes. As you approach the girl, slowly close your eyelids, and move your lips to her lips. You can lightly touch her tongue. You should do everything without pressure or aggression.

Exciting kiss

This type of kissing symbolizes passion and the enthusiasm of feelings. Tightly hugging your partner, you should start kissing. During a kiss, make circular movements with your tongue. The manifestation of fantasy is welcome.

Why is it always worth asking about a kiss?

People often argue whether men should ask girls before a kiss or not. There are many opinions. However, we think that it is essential to ask about it because:

  • It is a manifestation of education, and it shows that the guy is worried about what the girl feels, and he is interested not only in her body.
  • A girl may not want to kiss right now.
  • Not all people have the same sexual desire, and even if there is sympathy, this does not mean that she is obliged to show it somehow.
  • Kissing without asking is sexual coercion. People usually think that it is determined only by physical violence, but it is also pressure, manipulation, and alcohol.
  • It seems that these reasons are enough to understand that asking for consent is the basis of how to properly kiss a girl.

It’s no secret that girls pay more attention to the first kiss. If it is amazing, the girls automatically give the young man the rank of their official boyfriend. If everything goes awful, then some ladies put an end to a possible relationship.

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