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How to Make a Girl Feel Special? All About How to Win a Lady’s Heart

Are you sure that she is the one for you and don’t know how to make a girl feel special? Great relationships never happen by themselves. If you make an effort to please a girl and try to make her happy, then she will respond in kind, and your love will certainly be strengthened.

How to make a girl feel special? If you are new to a relationship or want to win over a beautiful lady, use our tips and tricks to make the girl happy, give her attention and care, and just make her feel special and loved.

5 Great Methods to Make a Girl Feel Special 

It’s not hard to make a woman feel special. It’s the little things that she appreciates the most because that’s what lets her know that you care about her and that she’s unique to you. Choose something from this list, try to surprise your girlfriend, and see her reaction.

1. Compliment her

How to make a girl feel special on a date? Don’t be afraid to tell her how great she looks or smells. Don’t assume that she knows that you already find her attractive. All girls are happy to preen themselves in front of a mirror, especially if they go on a date with a man. A lady will be very pleased to hear a compliment from you if you, for example, praise her makeup, hairstyle, or how stylish she looks. This will definitely make her feel like she’s special to you.

2. Praise her

How to make a girl feel special through text? Women are very fond of praise and feel more valued when they are praised. If you like something about your girlfriend, then tell her about it. It doesn’t matter what it is, character or appearance, just say about it. This will make her feel like she’s really important to you.

3. Give her small gifts

Remember that a small gift with meaning on an anniversary or birthday can be much more valuable than gold jewelry. It can be a small thing, a visit to an interesting place, a poem that touches the soul, or a delicate exotic flower. Women love when they are simply given attention and care, so they feel special.

4. Give her flowers for no reason

Although a bouquet of roses or a bouquet of tulips seems like a very banal way to please a girl, we will hasten to stop your creativity flow and say that all girls love flowers, even for those who say they don’t. Flowers are the most tender, aesthetic, and fresh gesture of your love. If you want to make a girl feel special, give her flowers more often, and not just on holidays.

5. Arrange a photo shoot for her

How to make a girl feel special on Valentine’s day? Beautiful photos are always relevant, especially if there is a place to take a picture. Giving a girl a photo session is a beautiful gesture on the part of a man who wants to capture the peculiarity and beauty of his girlfriend in the photo. If your girlfriend knows a lot about stylish photo shoots or just has been dreaming of taking some beautiful romantic pictures for a long time, then you simply have to organize such a pleasure for her, given that it is very easy to do. To make your gift look thoughtful, take her to a photo studio, where everything is done professionally for such an event. Then, both of you will enjoy amazing photos.

How to Make a Girl Feel Special In a Long-Distance Relationship?

There are some ways you can use to surprise a girl from a distance:

  • Surprise her with the delivery for her. In every city, there is already a delivery service for flowers, jewelry, soft toys, and various exotic food. Why not pamper her and remind her of your innermost feelings? You can’t do without money here, but it will be worth it. Only in advance, it will be necessary to clarify with her at what specific time she will be at the place where you are going to make delivery for her.
  • Write her a letter. Do you think it’s no longer relevant? On the contrary, very few people use this method at all. How to make a girl feel special over text? Write how dear she is to you, and express all your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Wrap it in a beautiful designer envelope and send a letter to surprise her. The only caveat: letters take a long time to reach the addressee, so it’s better to speed up the whole process by making a registered letter.
  • Make a surprise in the form of your unexpected appearance. An option that will cause a storm of surprise in a girl. If you are impatient and do not want to measure separation, then you can come to your beloved. Let the girl know that you are ready to follow her even to the ends of the earth. Plan your visit carefully so she doesn’t suspect anything. Give her a whole day of surprises. Draw the cherished “I love you” on the pavement in front of her window. Launch a lot of balloons so that she can see, and, of course, appear yourself with a bouquet and a bottle of sparkling champagne in the evening!

How to Make a Girl Feel Special With Words?

It may seem like a difficult task to surprise a girl if you are chatting on a dating site, but in fact, it is not as difficult as you think and there are many options for how to do it. By the way, it is known that about 13% of people get married thanks to dating platforms. These are some of the great ideas that you can use when start chatting or making conversation with a girl better on messenger if you want to show that she is special to you. Use these to make her feel special:

  • Poetry. How to make a girl feel special quotes: “All girls love with their ears.” You can write your verse for her or take some romantic verse from the internet. Believe me, you will drive her crazy.
  • Compliments. To show interest in a girl and achieve her attention, make compliments. Since you communicate through text and SMS, it will be easier for you to compliment the girl, because you have time to think and even peep at some options for affectionate words on the Internet.
  • Romantic confessions. It’s very romantic and will definitely make the girl feel special. Look on the Internet about how love confessions are written and, based on your feelings for the girl, write your own special confession addressed to her.

How to make a girl feel special on text? 

Here are some phrases you can use when you want to make a girl feel special. Among them, there are those with which it is convenient to start a correspondence, and those that will come to the place when contact has already been established.

  1. “I saw you today. You look great!”
  2. “How would you react if a guy who makes excellent coffee decided to meet you?”
  3. “I’m too humble to formulate the perfect first message. But I want to get to know you enough to write nothing.”
  4. “The creator of the Internet deserved a monument: because without him I would not have seen your profile or wonderful photos in it!”
  5. “We have been texting for only a few days, and I already feel some kind of soul affinity”
  6. “It’s very easy to communicate with you, it’s so great!”
  7. “If so much pleasure can be obtained from only one correspondence with you, then I’m afraid to imagine what will happen when we meet!”

Final Thought

Men from time to time ask themselves: “how to make a girl feel special?” But after reading our article, they know exactly how to surprise a girl. After all, all girls love when men make them feel like beautiful princesses. A man who shows maximum attention and care for a girl has every chance to win her heart. We hope now you sure know how to make a girl feel special. Choose a few tips from our article and make your girlfriend feel special and see, she will reciprocate after you do something nice for her.

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