How To Make A Hotel Room Romantic?

Last updated January 15, 2023

How to make a hotel room look romantic? Do you want to impress her? Let’s review the most interesting and romantic hotel date ideas. The relationship between a man and a woman is a whole science, but those who can comprehend it will certainly be happy. One of the important aspects of dating is the element of surprise. If you decide to diversify the relationship with your partner, make an offer to your girlfriend and spend an unforgettable evening, you should find a special place for these purposes.

The main thing to remember is that romance does not arise on its own, and the mere presence of a loved one nearby is often not enough. To create a romantic atmosphere, you need to put in the effort, time and imagination. One of the excellent options is special hotel rooms, prepared for romantic dates. If you need to arrange a date at the hotel, it is worth exploring in detail the features of this option.

How Important is Romance in a Relationship For Women?

How long do you know your significant other? Has your romance been lasting for a couple of weeks, a month, or a year? Well, actually it doesn’t matter at all. No matter how old you are, you should know that she needs romance like a breath of fresh air. How to make a girl feel special and unique? Of course, being a romantic in our modern world is very difficult, because the days of serenades under the window and other cute nonsense have already passed.

But there is always a way out. The simplest solution to the problem of lack of imagination on this occasion may be the well-known candlelight dinner. Nothing excites the minds of young girls like this evening, filled with romance and the spirit of pleasant surprise (we can even talk about a marriage proposal). So every man can arrange a romantic evening if a sincere feeling lives in his heart. Be sure that the gratitude of your beloved is worth the effort. So what do we need to create a romantic evening?

Possible occasions for hotel dating

how to make a hotel room romantic

The main possible reasons for a romantic date at a hotel are:

  • Declaration of love. If the plan for a romantic evening is a declaration of love, a romantic hotel room is perfect for this. The cozy atmosphere and the absence of random people will make the evening truly unforgettable.
  • Marriage proposal. The marriage proposal will simply be an unforgettable surprise for couples in a long relationship. The prepared hotel room will allow you to get the desired atmosphere.
  • Anniversary celebration. If you are married for several years, and you are bored with home gatherings and celebrations, then a romantic dinner followed by communication in an unusual place will allow you to take relationships to a new level.
  • Diversity in relationships. If you are tired of the routine, then you should change the situation, adding romance and emotions to the relationship. Do not waste time on the preparation and subsequent cleaning of the room. The hotel room will be decorated before your arrival.
  • The wedding night. A romantic hotel room prepared for a couple of newlyweds will make the first wedding night truly unforgettable.

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Actually, it doesn’t have to be a specific reason. It will be more interesting to come up with or remember a long-forgotten, seemingly insignificant, but filled with love and romance date. If there is none in your memory, then feel free to fantasize, your lady will forgive you this little inaccuracy.

Mind, if there are sincere feelings between you, then the degree of originality of the prepared romantic surprise will not be of particular importance. Instead, the attention that you paid to your soul mate will be important. Believe, she will certainly appreciate your efforts.

How to make a hotel room romantic

how to make a hotel room romantic

A man who is able to create a romantic atmosphere unwittingly proves to his woman how important she is to him. In other words, he shows his respect, understanding, feelings. Namely, at such moments the lady thinks admiringly that she is loved and desired, that she was understood and heard.

After the place for a romantic evening is determined, it is necessary to think about how it will be held. It may be worth choosing a particular style. For example, you can choose a retro style. In accordance with the chosen direction, determine the elements that correspond to it. First of all, this is your image, including clothing.

The procedure is quite simple. Here is how to make a hotel room romantic:

  1. Provide information to hotel staff. The establishment can be visited personally, or you can contact the staff online or by phone. Providing your own ideas about the design, time, features of the visit, romantic things to do in a hotel room, the hotel staff will be able to offer possible options.
  2. Choose the appropriate design option. Based on the proposed types of rooms and design, cost and size of apartments, you need to choose the most suitable option. So, you need to plan a romantic night at a hotel beforehand.
  3. Book a room by making a payment. After completing your reservation at the right time, you only need to invite your soul mate to a romantic evening.

Alternatively, if you want to do everything yourself, you should use tips on how to make a hotel room look romantic.

how to make a hotel room romantic


Lighting design is a powerful element with which you can create the necessary decor in your room. You should use and dim lights. Additional lighting, in the form of floor lamps and candelabra, is ideal for creating a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere.

Bright lighting of the room, which is impossible to regulate, and the absence of an additional dim light that creates an intimate atmosphere were subjects of complaints from lovers of romance.

Also, do not forget that bright flickering lights have always fascinated us in childhood, and even now they evoke a lot of emotions. Now there is a huge number of backlights on the market: from point portable lamps to smart home kits, where the backlight skillfully adjusts to the content of the TV. 

With the help of a variety of lighting solutions, you can skillfully emphasize the details of the interior. And a life hack for those who want to save money: you can use color photo filters. It will look spectacular if you light a lot of light sources at once, but dim their brightness with a dimmer, turn them to the wall or obscure something translucent.

how to make a hotel room romantic

In addition to artificial light, you can add natural ones in the form of candles. Absolutely any candles: decorative, small, large, aromatic, etc. create a romantic atmosphere. The calm and soft light emanating from them will make a light and non-vulgar atmosphere. 

Try to arrange them in different parts of the hotel room, for example, by the window or by the bed, thus highlighting the most attractive places. Most importantly, avoid the light coming from your chandelier. Of course, in a bright and well-lit room, you will not lose your partner, but such light will definitely not relax you or create a romantic atmosphere. 


Make sure that each of your rooms has a delicate, pleasant scent. Use scented candles and fresh flowers in your rooms. You can place a festive cosmetic set containing aromatic soap, bath salt, and a set of creams in the bathrooms of the rooms. It’s one of the most romantic hotel room ideas. The amount of these things depends on your imagination and the allocated budget.

If your rooms have fireplaces, a pleasant aroma can be obtained by adding dry branches of an apple, cherry, or juniper tree to the firewood. You can also use different oils and aroma lamps. The main thing is to know the measure in everything. Some people may be allergic to a certain aroma or any odors in general.

Music background

how to make a hotel room romantic

A romantic date, created especially for her, makes it possible to relax, forget, and understand that she is adored, appreciated, and does not require talking about reciprocal feelings. It is important to choose the right music to create a romantic atmosphere. For example, it can be the melodious sounds of a piano or a string quartet in the lobby, which will allow hotel guests to feel relaxed. If there is background music in the elevator of the hotel, choose something romantic and unobtrusive. Try to avoid monotony and frequent repetition of a musical composition.

You should also use your location. If your hotel is located near the sea, add the atmosphere of the sea surf, using special music. If your hotel is in the forest, the sounds of nature, singing birds, etc. will be perfect. 

Of course, there can be any music, and it all depends on your tastes and the tastes of your partner, but for the first meeting, something slow and melancholic. Avoid turning on any depressing melodies, so as not to drive your partner completely into depression. By the way, if you have a music player, be sure to focus on this, show all your records and talk about them, this is a very nice activity that will bring you closer.

Romantic menu

how to make a hotel room romantic

As a rule, many hotels develop a special holiday menu for couples. But sometimes it is limited to offering a simple dinner directly at the hotel’s restaurant.

You should talk with your chef and sommelier and think about a special romantic menu, according to which you will have the opportunity to order breakfast, lunch or dinner without leaving your room.

What if the hotel does not have a private restaurant or cooking service? You can make your own snacks! It’s not scary if you don’t know how to cook, because this is not a meeting with relatives, the main thing here is to approach the process creatively and with soul. It will be enough to find good wine and prepare snacks. The Internet is full of pictures of beautifully sliced cheeses served with nuts or olives, add whatever you like and you’re done!

Romantic hotel room decorations

how to make a hotel room romantic

Many hotels offer to use silk sets of linen. Also, there are additional decorations of the room in the form of silk pillows, rugs, faux fur, and velvet.

Sometimes hotels provide bathrobes and slippers with embroidered hearts or the initials of lovers, which a couple can take away for themselves as a memory of a romantic holiday at the hotel. You can also simply google for some super fun decoration ideas.


If these examples do not comply with the rules and standards of your hotel, or you simply cannot introduce these services, you can always add just a few details to the design of the room that can create a romantic atmosphere in your room. For example, supplement the interior with a pair of red hearts, decorate champagne glasses, prepare a set of sweets for your love, etc.

Romance in a hotel room has many advantages, so this solution is the best option for both young and experienced couples. Relaxed atmosphere, beautiful romantic decoration, and complete privacy will make a date unforgettable.

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Final Thoughts

Music, lighting, food, smell, and extra decorations are what you need to create a romantic setting. Subdued lighting is significant as well, so stock up on lighting devices or candles and move on. The most important thing, of course, is your emotional state and mood. If you are positive and relaxed, then everything will pass just like that, do not worry and do not try to do something impossible, you are not on the exam!

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