How to tell your Girlfriend you want to have sex with her

How to tell your Girlfriend you want to have sex?

What an exciting moment when you realize, that’s a girl that you have been dreaming about for a long time, and now she is ready to build relationships with you. How not to mess everything up and tell your girlfriend that you want to have sex? That’s what we are going to tell you about.

We have gathered some essential tips that will help you to show off your position very delicately, without pushing or harming. Remember, you always want to treat your girlfriend with respect and understanding. Implementing those techniques into your communication with a girlfriend or wife will help you to achieve the desired goal asap.  

Choose your words carefully

Some guys consider it appropriate to share their fantasies with a potential lover even if they are still at the friendship phase. Well, we would say it is not the best idea as you can scare her off. Of course, telling a girl your fantasies and desires is a pretty clear message. However, you should choose your words carefully.

How to tell your Girlfriend you want to have sex?

When you talk about poses, plates, and your favorite types of woman’s touch you risk appearing as a sex-addicted guy. The best sex is when you have that body and soul connection which is why it is so important to get to know each other close before embarking on your mutual sex life. 

Find someone you care about

Both men and women are seeking to find a person they would really care about. There is a huge difference between one-night sex and when you make love to someone you’ve been dreaming and caring about.

In the first case, you are trying to satisfy you first and use a partner as an instrument to achieve your goal. Whereas, when you have sex with a girl you like, you revel in her enjoyment. 

Find someone you care about

So, if you are quality over quantity kind of guy, then invest your time in a girl that you are crazy about. In that case, you might have no problems telling her about your desires as you can be honest with the one you like.  

Take care of your body

Even though body positivity is one of the hottest trends in 2020 we wouldn’t recommend you to flake on your appearance. Most women would prefer to cover with kisses a muscular body rather than watching a guy’s belly fat trembling. It doesn’t mean you should be locked in a gym trying to get 6 pack abs.

Take care of your body

Now you can find lots of awesome fitness programs that you can do right at home that are not time-consuming yet effective. You can tell your potential lover about your intention to get in shape so she knows you take efforts to be attractive to her. 

Compliment her

It isn’t difficult to admire a woman that you want so why wouldn’t you do it out loud? If you like the way she smiles, walks, eats apples, whatever – just tell her. It is important to create a pleasant association with your persona as a woman are tend to fantasize about things they like.


Be that guy that makes her happy and you won’t even need to do anything special to seduce her. 

Text her

If you are a shy guy that doesn’t feel confident enough to talk about sex in-person use technologies for that purpose. Chatting via media and messengers is a nice way to show your girl that you just can’t get her out of your head.

text her

Try to intrigue her, make her laugh, show off your excitement, and don’t forget to use emoji – girls love that. But think twice before sending her some of your sassy photos, okay? Make sure the heat level is high enough and she is ready to get nasty. 

Show off your creativity

Arranging creative dates you represent your creative flow of thought and show off your ability to impress women which is important in both, dating and sex.

creative date

You should find some romantic and non-trivial places to hang out with her that have a special atmosphere and can set the right mood. 

Stay loyal to her

Most girls require more time to feel that connection and readiness to have sex with a guy so even if she seems not ready to take the next step in relationships then keep spending time and having fun with her.

stay loyal

According to Askmen resource you shouldn’t pay much attention to other women as she might consider you searching for sex only and give up building relationships with you. Be patient and your patience will pay off, trust us. 

Satisfy her needs

It is a nice way to show your girl that you are able to satisfy her. Whenever she needs something try to do your best to give it to her. That will make her feel grateful, appreciative, and fascinated by your attempts to make her happy.

Satisfy her

Women are extremely thankful so give her a reason to appreciate your existence in her life. 

Keep it safe

If you have been dating a girl for a while and you feel like it is time to have sex do not forget about the defense. Grab a condom whenever you go out with her as you don’t want to waste an opportunity to make love to the desired girl because of your irresponsibility forgetfulness. Always stay prepared. 

Be gentle

Start with kisses and delicate touches. It is better for you to keep it cool as long as you can. Girls enjoy foreplay time even more than the actual sex so you should turn her on hardly and she will make all the crazy things that you’ve been dreaming about.

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The most important thing when trying to have sex with a girlfriend or wife is to stay attentive and respectful. Such an approach will help her to realize that her comfort is important for you, and you won’t make you do things she doesn’t like. Hope these tips will help you to become a guy that girls want to have sex with. 

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