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How to Use Tinder?

Thousands of men chat daily at Tinder. Someone wants to find a life partner, and someone just looking for easy dating. You will learn from this article how to use Tinder successfully. Many of us know about the Tinder application, which allows you to make new acquaintances. Tinder is a free application. However, not everyone knows how to use a tinder-dating site.

The primary goal of this article is to help people to save their time and save users from embarrassment, that often accompanies new acquaintances. Tinder is not only an application for passing and meaningless dates but also a great way to meet women you would never dare to approach in real life.

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Tinder is not just a casual dating app. Many people describe Tinder as an app for one-night meetings. But this is a mistake. Not only horny young ladies use Tinder. The girls you meet in Tinder are not much different from the girls you would respond, for example, in a bar. You need to understand that getting the attention of a girl that you like in Tinder is much more difficult than if you met her, for example, lonely bored in a bar.

Just imagine, you need to convince a girl who has never seen you in her eyes, and to spend time with you face to face. And yes, do not forget that a lady should prefer meeting you with over millions of other guys who are also Tinder users. But there is good news as well. According to the law of large numbers, you will achieve much more success in Tinder than in a bar. Also, there are various tips with which you can increase your chances of success.

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Be the perfect lover

I want to mention one person with whom I happened to communicate on the web. His name is Ryan Gosling. He was raised in such a way that he could not even think about offending women in any way, and he always tried to look after and take care of them in every possible way. Men like Ryan, who are so respected by women, can be overly shy by nature and never dare to step up and meet a woman on the street or start flirting with her in a bar. Millions of women dream about such a guy, but in real life, they rarely pay attention to him. If you use the “perfect lover” approach, you can pleasantly surprise a woman. This approach is successful, as it applies to most girls. Do not forget that after networking, you will meet a girl in real life, and then Ryan Gosling will have to turn into James Bond.

Set the optimal search range

Do not rush to look for a girlfriend who too far away from you. Start small and increase your search range gradually. Therefore, you prioritize and increase your chances of success. Take a high-quality photo for your profile

Do not post pictures:

  • If it shows only your face.
  • If you are standing somewhere far away.
  • You are not in focus.
  • Your face is too serious.
  • You stand with another person.
  • The photo looks blurred. Even girls have already stopped using this annoying effect.
  • Tinted photos, as well as pictures in which you are wearing glasses. Black and white photo are also bad

Instead of this:

  • Take an image in which you stay alone. The absence of strangers in the picture ensures that someone will not distract the beholder.
  • Avoid portrait photos only.
  • You should look at the camera.
  • Smile naturally.

You can use various photo editors to correct imperfections of your face, such as acne or to correct the brightness of a photo. But do not overdo it. You, of course, should be the best version of yourself, but try to make sure that a stranger, looking at your photo in Tinder, could later recognize you on the street. Put some promise in the picture. Show that you are a stylish person, show that you travel a lot, or demonstrate your excellent physical shape.

Do not go to Tinder too often

Of course, you can view photos and put likes at any time of the day or night. Nevertheless, it is best to do it in your free time, for example, when you are waiting for something or someone. Or when you cannot find a more useful way of spending time. If you combine the meetings in Tinder with some important matters, then you will not give the proper attention to your, and you will not have any idea how to hook up on Tinder. Even though Tinder does not take much of your time, do not let it interfere in the course of your daily life. Do not stay there for hours and check in once in two days.

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Such time intervals are also reasonable because it allows the application to select the most active users for you. Also, some people can view the time of your last visit to Tinder. And when you notice that a person enters the application every five minutes, thoughts immediately appear like “Does he have nothing else to do?”, “He will constantly get me with his eternal online,” and other evil thoughts. Give some time to the girls. Do not put too many likes for them, but wait until they start to put hearts to you.

Do not be too picky

Let’s be honest. Girls have not only model’s appearance in Tinder. Also, men tend to embellish their appearance, forgetting that they are also far from ideal. So do not be too picky. And if all the same appearance for you is so important, then get yourself an assessment scale from 1 to 10. And you need to mark only those ladies who can get the highest (or almost the highest) rating on your level.

Find out who is the girl you just met

The information contained in the Tinder profile is not enough to get a complete picture of the person and see if she is worth your attention. But there is a simple solution. You need to find the girl you met through the application on Facebook. So you can learn about her interests, understand what people she prefers to communicate with, and also see more of her photos. Best times to use the tinder-dating site

There is a Primetime in Tinder:

  • Monday – Thursday from 19:00 to 23:00
  • Friday – Saturday from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm
  • Sunday from 4 pm to 11 pm

For example, Sunday is ideal for holidays and some activity that does not bother you, like Tinder. This is the perfect day to make appointments for the upcoming week.
Hundreds of girls from different cities followed the advice of a friend and installed tinder online over the weekend. On Sunday, you have plenty of free time to make acquaintance with the “newly made” ladies.

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