15 Incredible Fall Date Ideas in 2020

15 Incredible Fall Date Ideas in 2021

Every season of the year is romantic when you are head-over-heels in love. If you meet someone special in autumn and want to make your dates truly memorable, then you will be surprised by the rich abundance of date ideas for fall that you can try. September, October, and November are ripe for cute fall date ideas for couples who love each other and want to make their dates special.

Date ideas for fall include a wide choice of outdoor activities like fruit picking and some other activities that will encourage you to stay at home with your beloved, cuddling up for warmth and watching your favorite TV show. There are more fall dating ideas that you can imagine. 

If you are looking for creative autumn dating ideas, then the following list of activities should sound interesting to you. Let’s discover how you can plan your dates in fall 2021. 

Virtual dating 

online dating first message examples

If you are single and look for the best opportunity to pick up a woman, then online dating can be the best choice for you.

If for some reason you cannot find your perfect match in your location, then you can take the chance to pick up a girl from overseas. For example, extremely popular site for international dating is VictoriyaClub. They focus on connecting men from the USA, Canada and Europe with girls from the Eastern Europe. Have you ever been to Russia or Ukraine?

Online dating has become one of the most popular solutions to start serious and long-lasting relationships for people of different races, social classes, and even religious views. This is also a safe and cheap way to meet a woman in 2021.

Enjoy an Oktoberfest

Fall Date Ideas in 2020

Autumn is the top season for festivals. One of the most popular of them is Oktoberfest. This is a combination of tasty food, drinks, dancing, and fun activities gathered in a single place. It is a place where you can feel relaxed and happy. This is also a great place where you can meet a girl who is also passionate about visiting outdoor festivals like you. Certainly, it’s one of the best fall date ideas.

Take a scenic walk

walk in autumn, fall

Autumn is also a perfect season to take picturesque strolls in nature. When leasing for a walk, you can feel relaxed and stress-free. Talking a scenic walk with your beloved person, you can release the happy and love hormones like serotonin and oxytocin, which provide for better bonding and improving your shared mood. 

Drive to the countryside see the fall foliage

Drive Fall Date Ideas in 2020 autumn

Pretty often the simplest things are the best. You can go for a fall date in the countryside to watch the leaves changing. This is both a romantic and memorable experience for you and your second half. Such activity creates a special romantic atmosphere where you can talk to one another shoulder to shoulder. 

Pick apples

apples date

If you enjoy spending time in the countryside, then you can leave to pick apples together. This is one of the most memorable activities of our childhood. You can enliven your conversations about such activities, getting to know one another better. 

Go for a hike

Hiking date

Hiking is the perfect activity for haling lengthy intimate conversations when no one else is listening. The time spent together while hiking lets you go through the most important topics and express your feelings to each other.  


cooking in fall 2020

Days get shorter in autumn and we have more time to spend evenings in a cozy atmosphere at home. With the holidays right around the corner, autumn is also the perfect time to cook something special together. You can also attend a cooking class and repeat the same recipe at home. 

Watch a scary movie

watch movie

If you are a fan of scary movies and your second half feels the same, then you can grab some popcorn or ice cream and watch a horror movie together. Halloween – the scariest night of the year – takes place at the end of October. One of the best ideas to celebrate Halloween together is watching a Halloween-y movie together, screaming and grabbing each other at the scariest moments. 

Visit a pumpkin patch is one of the best Fall Date Ideas

pumpkin patch

Autumn is filled with impressive opportunities for spending romantic dates with your beloved person. There are many annual and seasonal festivals for families and loving hearts. Additionally, you can join pumpkin patches and spend the time decorating the pumpkins together. 

Visit an animal shelter

animal shelter

Visiting animal shelters is the best way to see your partner’s nurturing side. At animal shelters, we can reveal our vulnerability, which is the connection point for intimacy. Love and romance are all about vulnerability. When the same feelings are met in return, we feel deeply connected to our partner. 

Picnic in the park

picnic date in autumn fall

Spending time in nature contributes to improving the overall well-being. Spending warm autumn days in the park together with your second half is a great idea for setting a romantic date. Bring a bottle of your favorite wine with you, pick some cheese and nuts, and feel cozy while spreading everything on a plush blanket for two of you. 

Go wine tasting

wine on vineyard

It’s generally considered that wine is one of the best drinks to choose for your romantic date. It helps you build intimacy and trust. This is also the best choice for establishing the right emotional connection with your partner. When used responsibly, wine can help you enhance your date by creating an intimate atmosphere for sharing a deeper level of attraction and trust. 


stars watching couple

This is the activity that you can go in for regardless of the season of the year. This is one of the most romantic date ideas for fall. If you live in the cite, take a ride out of it. You will enjoy watching the starry sky, even more, when there are no street lights next to you. This also lets you change the scenery from the normal day. Watching a starry sky in the countryside lets couples clear their minds, discuss their plans and dreams for the future. 

Play pub games

bar games

It’s always so much fun spending time playing games together. Whatever kind of games you choose, you can add a bit of lighthearted competition to your relationships. Many couples enjoy playing pub games like pool, darts, and a game of flip cup.  

Go to a jazz show

Autumn is not only the season of festivals. This is also the time when you can invite your beloved to listen to your favorite music at a concert or watch a jazz show. If you enjoy the old school jazz, then you should have no difficulty finding a jazz venture. There are always some jazz performances happening nearby. Even if you have never listened to such music, you have a chance to explore a different genre of music together. 

jazz band


Autumn is by no means a dull season, as many may assume. This is a romantic season delivering you with a lot of fantastic fall date ideas. How would you like to spend your future date – at home or at a festival? Get inspired for your own romantic dates in fall 2021!

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