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Romantic dinner on a yacht

When it comes to a romantic dinner, everybody wants to come up with something unusual. A restaurant, a walk around the night city, a date on the roof — all this has already happened before and therefore it is not interesting. Your beloved can only be amazed only because of something unique. There is such an idea! This is a dinner cruise.



The best option for such a case is to rent a yacht and simply go somewhere far. What could tune your beloved to a romantic mood better than a gentle sea and a warming sun with seagulls flying in the air and a cloudless sky above your head? It is hard to disagree with the fact that this kind of rest is the most pleasant.


For each person, without exception, romantic cruises leave the brightest impressions and unforgettable emotions for a long time. And now a more detailed version of how to become a captain of a romantic and unforgettable evening with your beloved. First of all, you should estimate your budget. It’s condition and your willingness to spend money will determine the choice of the vessel. And now the options from cheaper types of cruises to something more expensive.

Economical options of romantic boat dinner


This option has a number of undeniable advantages. First, it is a good opportunity to stretch your legs and drive blood. You can turn the pedals in turn, or you can demonstrate the strength of your legs and take all the work on you. You’re a couple, and it’s so cool to do something together. Let everyone be a helmsman. Secondly, renting a catamaran is inexpensive.

Therefore, you will have a few hours of solitude. You will not be in a hurry, you will swim slowly, and you will often stop in the middle of the water. No one will disturb your communication. Thirdly, you do not pollute the environment. In this case, you need to take some fruits in your backpack and to eat it when you get tired.

Speedboat or boat

This is a more active and extreme option of dinner on the river. The driver of the boat will rush you fast along the beach, and maybe he will take you to another shore or island. If your companion prefers a slow ride, choose the speed that will be more comfortable for you. Hold tight and carefully look around. Do not forget to wave to the people on the beach. It is better to take off the cap because headwinds like to tear them off.


Emotions and impressions received even from a few minutes of riding will be a good topic for conversation on the shore. However, it will be hard to have a romantic dinner on such a boat, so we have to move to the next option of a romantic date.

Romantic dinner cruise for two

Here, the romance and pathos are just going wild. On the Internet, you can find a lot of websites offering dating services on a yacht in almost any major city. You can significantly save money by finding a ship yourself. There are often yachts on the beaches, which you can immediately order. A couple of days before the date you need to go to the yachtsmen and choose what you like.

Exchange phone numbers and pre-agree the date and approximate time and duration of riding. Once again, I will emphasize, you need to exchange phone numbers, but not simply take the contact number of the owner of the yacht. He may have unexpected problems, such as a breakdown, illness or another client.


His communication with you can save you from embarrassment when, coming with your companion, you do not find the yacht. Do not forget to prepare drinks, ice, snacks, and flowers. Also, it is possible to ask yachtsman to cook special tasty food for you in advance. Of course, it will be more expensive, but it will worth it.

The best option is different seafood because it will make the atmosphere of yacht even better. Traveling on a comfortable yacht is not as difficult to arrange, as it may seem at first glance. However, it is not so hard and contemplating magnificent landscapes from a yacht worth it.

In addition, this romantic dinner cruise for two is an excellent moment for the implementation of the most important step in life – the proposal of the hand and heart. Romantic atmosphere only contributes to such an act. A light sea breeze, the enchanting sound of sea raging waves overboard, the warm rays of a warming sun will only help you.

A date on a comfortable white romantic yacht throughout the day is an interesting adventure for a couple who love each other. They will get a feeling that they are wrapped up in an atmosphere of magic. Romantic cruises for couples are undoubtedly unforgettable events for you and for people you love.


Private yacht dinner can cause positive emotions in a person, such as joy, admiration, tenderness, and love. What else can you do while taking a dinner on the river? In the daytime, the best option will be a tour of the best attractions located on the coast. For those who love fishing, you can organize your favorite hobby as well.

You can take a stop in great places, swim and watch the inhabitants of the sea. It is even possible to organize diving! When twilight comes, real romance will begin. Dinner on a comfortable delightfully lighted yacht will certainly be one of the most vivid impressions for a beautiful couple in love.

What you should take on a date:

  • Protective equipment against sun and mosquitoes.
  • The drinks. It is not worth taking strong alcohol. It is better to grab the juice or water. Beer, wine, and champagne are also allowed. You can make cocktails, but then you need special glasses, a shaker, and bottles with ingredients. If you ride a boat or catamaran, a special bag will be useful, which you can buy for 10-15 dollars. Drinks will remain cold for many hours with this useful thing.
  • The choice depends on the drinks taken with you. If you take champagne, then you need tasty cheese, fruits, or chocolate. Seafood, such as shrimp, squid, octopus, dry fish, can be eaten with beer. Also, you can take the chips, nuts and other food which is usually offered in bars.
  • Trash bag. Yes, take care of purity and preservation of nature.
  • A tablet, portable speakers or other things can provide it.

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