The Girl Cheated On Me: What To Do And Where To Run?

Every person looks for love. It’s so nice to feel care, tenderness and affection. It would seem that having met a beloved man, you can enjoy life and have fun. But everything is not so simple – sometimes harmony collapses due to such an unpleasant phenomenon as female adultery. Why does a girl who meets and says that she loves suddenly finds a replacement for her partner?

The girl cheated on the guy. Question: why?

Unlike men, girls do not cheat because they wanted relations on the side to get new sensations. If the lady went to such an extreme step, it means that she had an important reason to do so. It is necessary to know these reasons for men in order to avoid such a situation in the following relationships.

Man does not attract

It is no secret to anyone that the candy-bouquet period in relationships is the most beautiful. During this period men show:

  • perseverance;
  • attention;
  • generosity;
  • affection and care.

These qualities a woman appreciates in the first place. If she sees the interest and if a man achieves her in all possible ways, then she cannot resist. But the period of courtship is over, the lady is conquered and a man stops being a gallant gentleman. He does not care, does not help to remove the coat, does not ask how things are and how she feels.

Moreover, if a man and a woman begin to live together, then the partner becomes a consumer and he takes everything for granted. It is unlikely that such changes will appeal. After all, the girl expected that care and affection will remain at the same level. But after the need to pretend to be the best has disappeared, the guy becomes indifferent, not independent and passive.

This state of affairs does not suit a woman, but on the other hand, she feels guilty for the fact that they seem to be dear people and it’s impossible to abandon relationships that are already built, and she’s not leaving. Therefore, if a man appears on the horizon who personifies women’s dreams, then cheating is likely to occur.

Pathological jealousy

One of the reasons why a girl cheats on a man is his pathological jealousy. Most men are proprietors. Having received something, they are trying with all their might to convince those around them in full power. Unfortunately, this also applies to relationships.


Having won a girl, such men begin to regard her as an inanimate object, who are obliged to obey only his whims and should not communicate with other people. Sometimes it comes to the fact that such jealous people break off the contacts of their lady with the people around them.

The girl cheated with the girl: is this a betrayal?

If we look at the situation in which the wife cheats with the girl, based on the word “treason,” it becomes a key one, because it implies entering into an intimate relationship with a third party.

As a rule, such women are good mothers and wives, they cause numerous child traumas, doing unnatural things for society:

  • Involving children in the bed process to meet physical needs;
  • Unjustified aggression in the family;
  • The intentional transition from one conflict to another with a husband, and other problems that violate the family idyll.

8 steps that need to be done after learning that the girl has cheated

Drop emotions

In order to assess the situation as soberly as possible, you need to try to turn off all emotions and personal experiences. In any case, you will need to make some decision, but the result of this decision will depend on how objective you were at the time of its adoption. Of course, this is not easy, especially if you are quite exposed to emotions, but before making a decision, try to wait a while, cool down, switch to other problems.

Make a list

You need to make a list of the qualities of the wife for which you love her. This will help you assess how important your spouse is. Sometimes there are too few advantages in this list, and divorce becomes the most correct decision. If the list turned out to be quite voluminous, then think, maybe you should forgive her.

Mistake or systematic?

You need to think if cheating was a spouse’s mistake or a regular thing. Often women go for treason when they feel a lack of attention from the man. They are looking for affection and understanding, trying to find the person who will give it to them.

Listen to her

Yes, it is also essential, because you can never assess the situation without trying to understand the motives of another person. If this was a momentary weakness or a mistake that she would regret all her life, then it is logical to forgive and try to forget about what happened forever.

Give a chance if she repents

This is a good sign because it is likely that she does not want to lose you; it is worth trying to save your family and find solutions to the problem. It is worse if the wife insists that she is right. Most likely, such a marriage has no future, because her feelings have faded away.

Provide her good sex

Most often men complain about the lack of sex in marriage, but it happens that a woman feels a lack of intimacy with her spouse. That is why it is so important to provide her with maximum pleasure, paying attention to details. Be sure not to forget about the aspect of romance, candles, and champagne will not be superfluous. Many men sometimes forget that a woman needs more time to get an orgasm, be sure to pay attention to her feelings.

Think about the children

If you have children, then you cannot think only about yourself, their feelings and experiences are also important. Sometimes the divorce of the parents of a child who is not formed as a person can leave an indelible mark for the rest of his life. For children, a full-fledged family is important, where there is both mom and dad. So you need to think if it is possible to save a family.

look for new acquaintances

Sometimes, when nothing can be solved, and the marriage crumbles on your eyes, it is essential to have time to say “enough,” and calmly disperse until everything is completely ruined between you. And you should look for a new girlfriend or wife.

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