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The Ugly Truth About Online Dating

Initially, dating sites were created for the convenience of users who want to meet their other half and build strong family relationships. The advantages of such resources are obvious: people can find a date there. But in such a system, there are “pitfalls” that can scare away and make it impossible to use the chance given by fate.

Is online dating safe?

You need to be very careful not to get into an unpleasant situation. It is because you cannot be one hundred percent sure that you are talking to the right person. You can confirm this only in real life. Therefore, do not overtighten the communication on the site. However, you should not hurry with the meeting either. If you are tired of conversation through the form on the website, you can download messenger, and continue to communicate using instant messaging.

Also, many fraudulent activities deceive visitors of dating sites. And they can cause harm even in a real meeting, and they can deceive right through virtual communication. One of the most popular types of tricks is the lure of recharging a mobile phone account. Entrepreneurial Internet users also lure away money on a ticket if the interlocutors live in different countries. However, this list of scams does not end there. Internet fraudsters come up with a variety of ways to extort money. Therefore it is worth being alert.

The truth about online dating

Even on most successful online dating site, there is a chance to get deceived about personal information of a second person. So, lets find out does online dating work. Here is the list of the most popular minuses of dating websites.

truth about dating sites

Unrealistic profiles

Unfortunately, this problem is inherent in all dating sites. Very often, people embellish their data or provide other people’s photos. Some users for fun or reasons of mental disorder, create accounts where indicate the wrong sex. But the most frequent deception is to underestimate the real age.

He can put fake info about:

  • His age
  • His photo
  • His job


People who deceive others for their benefit have long been chosen dating sites. Therefore, be careful when they offer you to help them with the treatment of your beloved grandmother (grandfather, mom, dad, brother, nephew, etc.). There are a lot of options for extorting money, so set yourself a rule to send anything to anyone only if you meet each other in real life.

Difficulties of communication

It may sound cruel, but the central part of dating site users are lonely people with a lot of complexes. Interaction with such people can be complicated. If you feel that the interlocutor begins to “strain” you, it is better to stop communicating. There is no need to re-educate him. You still will not succeed.


If you are determined to look for a spouse on the Internet, start your search with people living nearby. The ideal option would be people living with you in the same city, or at least in the neighboring towns. Note that the remoteness of the place of residence of your chosen one can play a fatal role in your relationship. Not all people have the opportunity to move.

Disappointment at the first meeting

After going through all the preliminary stages and agreeing on the first meeting, remember that you will meet with a real person, and not with the image built in your head. Very often, the first meeting brings only disappointment, even if you have previously communicated via Skype and mobile phone. The reason for this is that at the preliminary stage of online communication, a person tries to look better than he really is, and at a personal meeting, he looks like who he is in reality.

is online dating safe

He is married and has children

Acquaintance through the Internet is often resorted by married men, who, because of their social status, have a significantly limited circle of contact with women. You have to agree that finding a woman to talk is not so easy for a married man. In particular, if the wife is inclined to control family life. His life is limited to home, work, communication with relatives, friends of the family. A married man cannot quickly go to a restaurant like this, and meet a girl or meet someone through his unmarried friends. He visits a restaurant only with his wife, and his wife does not approve a friendship with unmarried friends.

For married men, the Internet is the perfect place to explore. You can flirt in the virtual space both at work (if the man is an office worker) and at home. Married men practically do not post their photos. They choose the girl they like and write to her, and the picture is “dumped” into an electronic box. Often the questionnaire does not contain almost any information on which it would be possible to draw at least some conclusions. The guy is looking for a girl. He reports height, weight, hobbies, sexual orientation. The purpose of the acquaintance is incomprehensible, even the type of activity is unknown (by which at least some conclusions could be drawn).

However, even if you do not find in the world wide web the man of your dreams, you will have an exciting pastime. Letters to your previously empty e-mail box will pour every day. And the signs of attention (even virtual) are pleasing to every woman! Unfortunately, communication on the Internet deprives of the share of emotions, which falls on the first acquaintance, constraint during the dialogue and the joy of interestingly spent time together. The Internet has become an everyday part of life, a source of information, but not a “testing ground” for full-fledged relationships, whether it is friendly or love. Now you know the truth about dating.

While communicating online, you can imagine your interlocutor, but it is difficult to predict what qualities he possesses because the unobtrusive dialogue is not always able to reveal the real qualities. Any given facts may turn out to be a lie, starting with a user profile and ending with a profile photo. To move to a new level of communication, and to avoid surprises at a personal meeting, you can first communicate using a webcam.

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