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Third Date. Expectations and Tips

The first and the second romantic dates went perfectly. You walked under the moon, met the sunset, and now you want to come up with something original to your third date. In this article, we will write third date recommendations and ideas for men and women.

Third Date Expectations

Good job, you’ve made it to the 3rd date. This means that you both are happy with how the relationship flows. Here are some possible third date expectations.

  • If you didn’t have a kiss yet, it’s a perfect time. According to the Statista site survey the first kiss happens averagely on the second date. If you didn’t have one, go for it! Kiss on the third date is your “must have”.
  • Serious topics. Most likely one of your 3rd date expectations will be serious topics, like dating goals, life values, etc. It would be great to understand whether you are compatible and what you want from each other.

Things may end up with sex. Certainly, your 3rd date may develop into physical intimacy. Don’t really plan that, but make sure to be prepared.

Ideas for Third Date

Obviously, you want your dates to be different. First of all, you want to see your partner in different situations. And second of all you don’t want to get bored by doing the same things over and over again.

Beach date

So, here are some awesome ideas for a third date.

1. Rule number one – third date ideas should not repeat your 1st and the 2nd date.

2. Go to the restaurant, dress nicely and get a good bottle of wine.

3. Romantic dinner on the beach watching the sunset is also a wonderful option.

4. Boat trip on the sea, lake or river will be both romantic and exciting.

5. Dinner at his/her place. Why not?

The main thing here is to make it really romantic. Leave the adventures for later.

Third date tips for men

Take the initiative

Do not your companion where she wants to go. You need to take care of this in advance and come up with several options. You should always know what happens on the third date. A girl should understand that she will not be bored with a boyfriend, that he knows how to entertain her because there are already two dates happened.

Choose the best place

It is better to choose a quiet place where you can be alone. It can be boating on a lake, a picnic, a ride on bicycles, etc. You can also stand on the balcony of a high building and view the city while talking about something romantic. The main thing is romance, not the luxury of restaurants and other things. However, it still can be a dinner on yacht or even extreme date.


Listen to her

Let your companion speak about herself, do not interrupt her, and sometimes ask clarifying questions. Talk about yourself, but do not go into details too deeply. You will make the girl bored if you immediately tell everything about yourself.

Find out her attitude to sex

Perhaps the girl with whom you spend the third date is careful about sex, especially at the beginning of a relationship. In this case, you need to communicate and wait for a while until she is ready for intimate relationships. One time offer to have sex is enough. If you are denied, say that you understand everything and are ready to wait. It is essential to let her make the decision.

Do not forget about gratitude

Be sure to thank the girl at the end of the 3rd date for having a pleasant time. And express a desire to meet again, and offer a couple of options to start thinking about your offer in advance. The fourth date will certainly take place if you did everything as on previous dates. Your meetings will turn into a romantic love story very soon.

Third date tips for women


Ask exact questions

You want to know the temperament of a man, how he reacts to crises, about his negotiating skills and his assertiveness. Therefore, ask accurate questions that suggest a detailed answer. They will help to determine whether it is worth spending time with this person and creating a relationship with him.

Set the rules in advance

Your standards determine the likelihood of success of a third date. Make sure that you formulate your guidelines and expectations in advance. This will help attract the person you deserve and not waste time on the wrong man. If he does not meet your standards, there is no point in continuing the acquaintance.

Their presence implies that you are not looking for adventures, but something serious. You should totally get your third date expectations. Do not settle for anything less and inconsistent with your rules. If a man accepts them without question, he is worth your time.


Romance is especially crucial on the third date. You can kiss him to create a romantic mood. An unexpected passionate kiss will make your day special.

Show respect

This is a fundamental rule of a healthy relationship. You must respect his personal space just as he does.


The first date rule requires you to be formal when trying to present yourself in the best light. On the third date, you can refuse etiquette and have fun doing silly things. Therefore, make jokes and tell funny stories. Humor will decorate your meeting and improve your mood.

Follow your instincts

You should feel comfortable with a man. You already understand whether he is interesting to you or not. The general rule is that you should not doubt but follow the inner voice and instincts.

Control the emotions

Be careful with your emotional and physical behavior. You can be bored, anxious, or worried, but always keep your feelings under control. Sometimes your appearance may indicate what you feel. If you do not know how you look at the moment, go to the toilet and carefully look at your face. When the heart is beating fast, it may indicate nervousness. Take a deep breath a few times and relax.

Show him your other side

There may be something in you that can offend him or cause negative emotions. The third date is the perfect time to drop the bomb. You can talk about previous relationships, current problems, or children. You do not need to tell everything in detail. It is enough to outline everything in general to check his reaction.

More communication

The rule of the third date is that it should be comfortable and exciting. You should choose an activity you love. Remember that you are entering the life of a guy, so discuss personal goals, ambitions, and hobbies.


in the bed

If you feel comfortable with him, and chemistry has appeared between you, then you can relax and enjoy kisses. A kiss will strengthen the bonds of your nascent relationship, so it’s worth making them unforgettable. If you are ready to kiss passionately and for a long time, then be prepared for the fact that the date may finish in bed. If you are not prepared for physical intimacy, limit yourself to short tender kisses.

Postpone acquaintance with close people

It is too early to call this man your partner. Do not try to act as if you are already in a serious relationship, and do not introduce him to your friends and family. It is better to postpone this event and watch the development of the relationship.

Do not tell everything about yourself

A woman must remain a mystery. Of course, you liked him very much, so you want to open your soul to him and tell absolutely everything about yourself, but try not to do that.

Avoid uncompromising situations

Suppose you had a third date at a zoo or cafe. If then you agree to go to his apartment, it means that you are ready to have sex. Avoid such situations unless you really want to get sexual intercourse. Remember that no one has the right to force you to have sex. Therefore, it’s better to meet in public places.

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