Valentine's day date

Valentine’s Day date

 Valentine’s Day date is considered to be lovers day.  The history of this holiday is very interesting and unusual.  Date Valentine Day is celebrated wordwide on February 14th. Nowadays, it is not known for certain whether a Saint by name Valentine, in whose honor Valentine date was named, actually existed.There are several legends associated with the origin of this holiday.

According to one of the versions, a monk named Valentin secretly crowned young couples in love during the marriage ban because of the order of Emperor Claudius II. A decree prohibiting marriage was issued at the time of the war of the empire to create a stronger army.  According to the emperor, men who do not have wives are more devoted to military service.


After the governor learned that the monk had disobeyed his order, he decided to execute him. In Rome, there is a monument of architecture, named after this saint. The homonymous “St. Valentine’s Gate” is a great option for people who love traveling, but have not decided where to go on Valentine’s Day 2019 yet. It is not too late to plan a trip to Italy with your soulmate.

There are some traditions associated with this day. Habitual thing to do on Valentines is to congratulate each other with small heart-shaped cards.  You can sign a card or send it anonymously to you partner. The first message of such a symbolic heart is attributed to the Duke of Orleans, who  sent a declaration of love to his wife from prison.

You must be thinking about places to go on Valentine’s Day.  Choose a place that will appeal to you and your soulmate. The most popular places are:

  1. Restaurants and cafes.
  2. Cinemas.
  3. Theaters and museums.
  4. Concerts.

A lot of  entertainment venues prepare holiday programs in advance, from which you can get Valentine’s Day activities for couples. These thematic events are held in an appropriate atmosphere, you definitely will not be bored.  We recommend to reserve a place in advance there, because on such a day there are a lot of people who want to participate in the celebration.

14 February Date

An unusual place for romantic dates for Valentine’s Day will be rides, you can visit the pool together, indoor water parks that work in winter are very popular meeting place. Take a ride on the roller coaster, add extreme to your relationship.

If you want to make your own unique romantic plans for Valentine’s Day, we have a few tips for you. If your lady is invited to your house this day and your relationship is close enough, surprise her by preparing a relaxing bath for her. Make the appropriate decor of this room, aroma candles, foam for the bathroom, champagne will not be superfluous.

If you are planning to retire with your soulmate of the house, you need to buy some romantic things for Valentines Day:

  • air balloons;
  • flowers;
  • wine.

If you want to bring positive emotions, and sincere astonishment, do not be lazy to find a symbolic gift in advance. It can be everything that is possible for your imagination and budget. It is not necessary to spend large sums of money on it, the main thing is your sincerity. You can give a ticket to the quest room, where you can go together or with another couple in love. If your girlfriend is in love with fashion, surprise her with a handbag she has wanted, or any other stylish accessory. Your goal is to make a surprise that will be remembered for a long time. The most common presents for this day are:

  1. Plush toys.
  2. Perfumes.
  3. Spa subscription.
  4. Underwear.
  5. Jewelry.

Of course, it is difficult to appease to women, but if you show a little imagination, you will succeed.

Valentine Dating

For a real romantic who is absolutely determined to impress his soulmate it will be important to know how to prepare a romantic dinner. It doesn’t matter if it is a baked chicken or you just ordered a set of rolls. You need to know, that your girlfriend will be delighted, because this day she will not need to spend at the kitchen.

You can decorate the apartment with balloons, put the flowers in a vase and open the wine.  When all preparations are completed, feel free to invite the girl to your house.  You can make a wonderful surprise effect with a help of suddenly blindfolded eyes,  help the lady to the holiday table in the decorated room and accept a bouquet.

Think about how to fill the room with pleasant aromas, turn on relaxing music, light candles. A great end to the evening can be a relaxing massage for your partner. You can learn the technique of massage in advance, you will find a large amount of informationon various forums. Your actions should be gentle and confident, because your goal is to relax and get pleasure.

Prepare a romantic comedy or any other film about love that you will enjoy watching together.  A small hint if you can not decide with a movie:

1) Romantic musical “La La Land”.

2) “Paris, I love you.”

3) “Three meters above the sky.”

4) “My boyfriend is crazy.”

5) Notting Hill.

If you still decide to spend this day at home, the best option to choose, will be a quest. You need to hide soulmate`s gift in a secluded place. Prepare notes with tips in advance. You need to prepare some tasks, for example, riddles that concern you two. You can draw a kind of “treasure map”, that will help her to  find a cute gift.  So you will have great fun and make the evening full of mysteries and surprises for both, because her answers will surely surprise you.

If you have serious relationship, a small romantic trip will be a great surprise for your couple. You can go to another country or city. A lot of travel companies offer romantic itineraries for two especially for this holiday. They are completely inexpensive and are available to almost everyone. Thus, you will change the familiar atmosphere, you will have a great rest and you will be able to spend time only together.

St Valentine Date

You can be sure that you will not be disturbed by friends, relatives or acquaintances.  You will remember this pastime for a long time, it will be undoubtedly good Valentines dates.Take as many photos together as possible, print them back.  They will remind you of your adventure during all year.

If you decide to make a girlfriend a marriage proposal,the Valentine’s Day is the best holiday for this moment. Desperate romantics arrange a date on the roof in order to carry out their plans. Prepare a collage of your photos. This manifestation of creativity will not leave anyone indifferent. On this day, you can arrange a joint photo session, capture this happy moment for both.  Think all the necessary props in advance .

If you have not  met your fate yet, do not be discouraged.  Spend this day with benefits.  You can go to an entertainment institution where you will be able to meet a charming lonely stranger.If you notice a cute object, start acting. Probably, there may be a Valentine dating. Perhaps you will be also noticed by someone and you will get conditional signals. Charming lady, can shyly smile at you, throw timid glances.

Valentines date

If you decide to come over her, you will need to introduce yourself first. Start a conversation, try to ask her a question that requires an open answer. In this way, you will have the opportunity to build a subsequent dialogue.  The main thing is not to overdo with it! You should not begin to discuss  the essence of being and other philosophical reflections.You need yo choose the easier and more relaxed topic.  Ask about her hobbies and interests. You can ask about her leisure.  It is possible that you will find common themes and interests. If you do not have them, make her interested in you.

Eventually, you can use the classic method for dating – to order a cup of coffee or a glass of wine for your favorite object (any other drink is possible).  Do not skimp on compliments, because women love by their ears. Tell the truth, what you really liked her, because women are creatures with excellent intuition, they easily recognize flattery and lies.

Call a smile on her face, tell funny stories, it is very important to show your personality, do not try to be like someone. The friendly mood of the conversation will bring you closer. We will not teach you the elementary rules of a pickup truck with which you have been familiar for a long time, we are confident in your abilities.  The only thing we recommend is to be as natural and frank as possible.  Sometimes it is necessary to talk directly about the purpose of your dating, when you will trust enough each other.

You should not start a conversation with sexual hints – it instantly repels and spoils the first impression. Discussing these topics should always be very careful when you realize that you have established some kind of invisible connection and trust.  When you decide to turn the conversation in the right direction, watch her reaction.  Not everyone will like the too frank behavior of a new acquaintance. This meeting can turn into a serious relationship or remain a casual adventure, it all depends on your mutual desire and attitude.  We wish you a memorable and mutual love adventure!

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