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What is online dating like for a man?

“Drop me a line!” How often do we hear this phrase? People tend to communicate more through texting than though calls or live talks. It caused the growing popularity of virtual dating. As a matter of fact, online dating is the thing you should definitely try, especially if you have difficulties when meeting new people in reality. Indeed, it helps humble people to find their matches. Also online dating is a wonderful way to build relations if you don’t socialize a lot because of your busy lifestyle.

For a man, online dating can be pretty hard. Why so? Not everyone is Shakespeare and Mark Twain in one package. Most of men believe in actions, and that is why they are not used to express their thoughts in a beautiful way. Girls, being romantic by their nature, are always waiting for something very special from men. Ladies expect love confessions as long as a novel. They want men dedicate them songs and poems. It is true that women often fall in love with what they hear.

So, the first suggestion is to be good in writing and expression your thoughts. To help you in conquering the heart of your dream girl, we have prepared for you a couple more tips about online dating.

Dating tips for men

  • Stand out

This is the first rule that must be followed before correspondence with any girl. No need to write to her the things that you can write to any other lady. The girl will not feel unique and special. Therefore, there is a high probability that she will simply not answer you. You need to find some details in her way of life, hobbies and unobtrusively show interest in her. For example, if she was in Turkey, you can ask something like: “How do you like The Blue Mosque in Istanbul?” or “How many hearts of Turkish men have you broken?”. Such questions will show interest in her personality, and will not be a template start of your online dating, suitable for any other girl.

  • Cute surprises

We would like to remind you that online dating is not only about texting, it also includes video and audio calls. Here comes the first idea. Let’s consider the situation when you are already in the online relations with a girl. But you live far from each other and cannot meet very often. Though, it is not a problem, you can invite her for a virtual date. You should arrange a nice background and outfit before you make a video call. Ask her to prepare before too. You can lit the candles, making romantic atmosphere and talk about your feelings. Let things be beautiful. It would be nice if you send her flowers through the delivery service on this day. Use your fantasy to surprise her.

  • Remember details

As you know, the devil is in the details. You girl will not forgive if you forget about her birthday or anniversary of your relations. Be attentive to such things. After all, you can make a reminder in your cell phone.

  • Don’t date online forever

It is known that virtual relations tend to fade away if they don’t reach the stage of physical presence. You cannot send e-mails forever. You need a touch, a kiss and a care of the real person. Unfortunately, virtual girlfriend will not bring you a cup of tea with honey when you are sick. That’s why you must arrange your meetings or even relocate when you feel that you have found your True Love.

  • Be positive

Remember that relations exist to make people happy. You should not overwhelm your girlfriend with your problems. Surely, you can share if anything bad happens, but you mustn’t do it constantly. Your girl wants to be a desired woman for you but not a personal psychologist. She has her own troubles, expecting your help. Don’t be a miserable whiner in her eyes!

  • Do not use templates

As we have already mentioned, not everyone has a talent in writing. But in any case, it is better to express your own feeling and thoughts than copying someone’s beautiful words. Also, it is very important to write properly. Watch your grammar and language, avoid any rude words and check spelling. You don’t want to produce an impression of the uneducated savage, do you?

  • No corny hints

Don’t write to the girl you like, what exactly you would like to do with her and in what poses, especially in the first messages. It will give her a good reason to add you to a blacklist. You can share your secret sexual desires after a long correspondence or meeting when you get to know each other closely. And don’t send her your intimate photos! That is strictly prohibited unless you want to shock her.

  • Don’t get mad

When you have feelings to a girl, you want to know everything about her, especially what she is doing or where she is at the moment. Writing her too much and constantly asking about such things, you do not contribute to a good development of your relations. She will think that you are extremely annoying and jealous. As a result, she will break up with you. Be reasonable and remember that really strong relations are built on trust.

As you have seen, these tips are not that tough to do if you want to win the heart of a beauty-girl. Everything is in your hands. So, you simply have to make a bit of efforts. Go ahead!

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