Sugar Relationship - What is it?

Sugar Relationship – What is it?

Sugar dating is a format of relationships in which wealthy sugar daddy pay pretty girls for the formation of the company and sometimes for intimate relationships. Sometimes, however, everything happens the other way around, and wealthy women become “sugar baby.” In Europe society, girls in such relationships are often called “keepers,” and guys – “Gigolo.” Are such relations an analog of prostitution? Or, as many “sponsors” believe, is it just an act of kindness, like volunteering?

What is this relationship?

The history of sugar dating originates in the first half of the XX century. Then, in secular evenings, promising rich men and young women chasing money found each other. And then, as was customary, they entered into marriage. Now on the Internet, there are many sites where sugar mommies and sugar daddies (wealthy sponsors) find their second half.

Each relationship has its own details, but in most cases, the girl should be in a company of a man on appointments, meet generally accepted standards of beauty and be interesting (although, apparently, the last point does not always play an important role). Whether she should appear with him in any public places is discussed in each case. Sometimes, if a girl agrees to this, intimate relationships also begin.

But the fact of things on which baby agrees is always discussed before the first meeting – so you can understand whether a man and a girl are suitable for each other or you shouldn’t even try to start a relationship. It is also necessarily discussed what the man will give in return to the girl and what she would like to receive from him.

sugar momma dating

Most often it is expensive gifts:

  • ocean cruises
  • jewelry
  • shopping in a costly mall

Less often sugar daddies are ready to pay a certain amount to a girl. Such men usually ask a girl to tell why she needs money to be sure that they will go to a good cause. This is the main difference between sugar relationships and prostitution and escort.

Why do people enter into such a relationship?

It would seem that it is quite simple explaining why girls go for it. Who does not want to live richly and indulge in anything? But this is not exactly the right reason why girls become sugar babies. In the sphere of sugar dating, there are men like mentor daddies who want to contribute to the future of the girl and pay, for example, her education in high school or some kind of courses. In this vein, these relationships are not like an escort in general – the girl studies, works for her future, and the man helps her financially.

Naturally, there are girls who enter into such relationships only for the sake of a luxurious life, but if this is the only desire in their life, they rarely find a sponsor, as men usually look for interesting girls. At first glance, it seems impossible to understand why men are willing to spend thousands of dollars on a girl who will only pay her time with him. But it turns out that most male sponsors are single and wealthy. They lack in simple human communication that they will spend incredible sums to get it.

Naturally, there are other situations. As mentioned above, mentor daddies who pay for the education of their companion often engage in such sponsorship from the desire to help people and leave their significant mark on someone’s life. This behavior can be explained by the fact that many wealthy men in the past did not do very good things and are trying to “clean the karma.”

Prostitution or not?

People argue on this question since the appearance of this kind of relationship. Earlier, indeed, people entered into such a link for the sake of its intimate component. But with the advent of Internet services for finding like-minded people, a girl can initially indicate in her profile that she does not want to have sex with her sponsor. Sugar dating has two significant differences from prostitution.

sugar baby

First: everything happens voluntarily.

In sugar dating, the girl gets only at will, and at her own request can refuse it.

Second: respect for both parties to the relationship.

A man in such a relationship will never do anything with a girl without her direct consent since respect for personal boundaries is considered very important.

Is it worth taking sugar dating?

If you are liberated enough and know how to keep small talk, then the road to this sphere is open to you. Another thing is that due to old traditions and family values in some families, such relations are still strongly condemned, so you should think carefully, do you really need easy money if a loss of reputation follows them? But if people around you do not care about it, then you can quickly start earning. And who knows, maybe you will find your faith and love.

Today, girls in search of a wealthy sponsor do not need to wear shorter dresses and sit all day in expensive restaurants, expecting to be noticed by some successful businessman. There are many English-speaking services for dating sugar daddies and sugar babies. Aside from timing, there are no significant differences between sugar dating and traditional relationships. The only difference is that the terms of the relationship are regulated by contract; that is, there is no misunderstanding between the partners.

Both of them are mature people, ready for long-term commitments on their own terms. It only remains to enjoy each other’s company! Also, there is sugar momma dating. On such sites, potential sponsors and keepers post their questionnaires, which indicate what they expect from the relationship, what kind of person they are looking for, and so on. Also, both parties pre-set conditions. According to the rules, no one can go beyond what was discussed in advance.

For example, the Tumblr social network has many pages dedicated to sugar dating and its nuances. Girls share stories and advise each other how to be a sugar baby to get a sugar daddy. Moreover, there are special blogs that contain information about “bad” partners. In this case, sugar babies do not consider themselves prostitutes. If you read the posts in Tumblr, they always write that this is their personal choice, and they do not need the property of the man who pays for them: “this is mutually beneficial cooperation, just the parties use a different resource.”

And not always relationships are built on the principle of “sex for money,” sometimes these men just need a company of a beautiful young girl. There are also a lot of videos on YouTube in which girls and boys talk about their experiences with sugar daddies.

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