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What to wear on a first date?

There is no doubt that the vast majority of the serious relationship between a man and a woman begins with the first date. The first impression is a decisive factor in further development communication between the couple. If you want to make a good impression, then you need to know how to dress for a date. Today we will analyze some tips that will help a man and a woman decide first date outfit.

How to dress for a man

To be confident when meeting with the object of sympathy, a man needs to create the right outfit and image in general. There is a high probability of pleasing the girl if you prepare in advance.

When selecting a dress, a man should take into account several points:

  • A place where you go to spend time together. This could be an ice skating rink, horse riding, a restaurant, a cinema or a walk in the park. Depending on the venue and date scenario, the circle is narrowed down to find the perfect outfit for a man.
  • Man’s sense of style adapted to fashion trends and recommendations of stylists. The choice of clothes should be based not only on the imposed rules of fashion but also on the preferences of the man himself according to his requirements of comfort and practicality. If some men are accustomed to style for such events, other men are closer to a free urban style.


Before making a wardrobe plan according to date, a man needs to carry out several hygienic procedures to look perfect. First, the condition of the haircut should be put in order in a few days before the date, and the condition of the skin should be examined. Acne, redness, and other problems should also be fixed by special means.

Secondly, before the meeting itself, you need to adjust the facial hair, nails, and choose a perfume. As a rule, girls are well versed in fragrances and perfume brands, so you should select an expensive quality option.


In most cases, young people prefer to arrange dates in cafes, where you can dine without too much pathos, and have a conversation in a cozy atmosphere. For a cafe, it is better to look at a more formal casual style since a public room requires adherence to specific rules of dress code.

You should wear a casual shirt with dark trousers or classic jeans, as well as a jacket of the same format (not a classic jacket with a sporty version of a casual style). An alternative can be a blazer with a V-neck. Shoes should be classic. Sports shoes are contraindicated in this version of the dress.


If a man invited a girl to the cinema, the dress option for him should not be a strict classical one. You can choose a casual city style. Blue or light-colored jeans are ideal, as well as a polo shirt and sweater in approximate colors. The main thing is that the clothes should be modern, fashionable, clean, and ironed. Many girls pay attention to such trifles.

How to dress for a women

On the first date, it is essential to make a favorable impression on the man. And to succeed, we must not forget that everything is made of trifles, so you need to think over your image in details. A man falls in love through his eyes, and therefore, the outfit of their women is essential for them.

Fundamental rules

You should remember a few simple rules to get an invitation for a second date and catch the admiring glances of your companion. They are simple, but thanks to them you will make an excellent first impression on the young man. Therefore, when going on a date, follow these five rules:

  1. Clothing should emphasize the real advantages of the figure and conceal flaws as thoroughly as possible.
  2. Do not wear too bright clothes.
  3. Do not look vulgar by wearing too deep cleavage.
  4. You need to dress according to the weather.
  5. It is better to give preference to the classical image. And then you can and experiment on subsequent dates.

Possible mistakes

You should remember how not to dress for the first date. Everything is very simple:

  • No business style. Clothing should not be too strict, so a trouser suit and a pencil skirt along with a jacket should be left for a library or official events.
  • No too frank outfits. At the first meeting, you should not look like an easily accessible maiden.
  • No custom things. A man should learn the fact that his companion is a non-standard person on the second date. Therefore, bag-shaped sweaters, massive metal jewelry, scarves a few meters long should be postponed for later, when a young man will not focus his attention on appearance.
  • No dull colors. If it was decided to wear a black or gray thing, it must be diluted with something bright. Otherwise, there is a risk to look too gloomy.

How to dress in summer

If we talk about the hottest time of the year, there are plenty of options.  Picking up summer clothes, you should pay attention to the fact that it should not be too vulgar. Therefore, if the choice is stopped on shorts, then it should be a classic model. Even if it is very hot, the dress should be only slightly higher than the knee.

How to dress in fall

Autumn is often the rainy season of the year, but at this time nature plays with all its colors, and if a date is scheduled in the park, then there is a place for the wildest imagination. The image of a romantic lady will work. There is no need to wear black, brown, and gray colors.

What to wear in winter

To go to a cafe or restaurant, an elegant dress or suit with trousers of classic style will suit. For a date, which will take place in a museum, at a thematic exhibition or in a cinema, more democratic outfits are appropriate. You can wear comfortable jeans, a warm sweater, and a cozy scarf. Such clothes are very comfortable, so there will be no thoughts about your appearance, which will allow you to concentrate all your attention on the satellite and the event.

What to wear in spring

First of all, you need to focus on the weather. At first glance, it may seem that it is warm outside, but it is worth considering that it will certainly become colder by evening. Therefore, it is better to choose something warmer from the wardrobe.

If the first date is planned in a cafe, then it is not necessary to wear a dress, you can opt for comfortable trousers, but a tracksuit, sweatshirts, and sweatshirts should be left for walking in the park and other unofficial events.

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