Where to Touch a Woman to Drive Her Crazy?

Touches are one of the expressions of love. Warm hugs, taps on the shoulder, kisses, holding hands – human relations cannot exist without the physical contact. Lots of information we perceive in a tactile way. Warm friendly touches make our body produce endorphins – hormones of happiness. Consequently, if you want to make someone happy then you have to touch him or her. Women are much more sensitive than men. Just fancy that human’s skin is approximately two square meters, full of sensors. So, where to touch a woman to drive her crazy? Some parts of the skin have more sensors. Such places are called erogenous zones.

Most of men mistakenly think that the only erogenous zones of a woman are breasts, butt and vagina. Surely, these zones are the top ones and touches on them bring lots of pleasure for a woman. But they are not the only ones. Women’s body has more nerve endings than men. For this reason girls adore touches, kisses and hugs. If you want to be a real pick-up master, you have to learn where to touch a girl to turn her on. Here you can find a list of top erogenous zones of a woman that are not always considered by men. Your task is to learn the theory and then go ahead with the practice.

Erogenous Zones

Obviously, when a man thinks about places to touch a woman to drive her crazy he thinks about erogenous zones.

Here are the most powerful erogenous zones for woman.

Now let’s talk about each area and how to touch a girl to bring her maximum pleasure.


Scalp area has millions of nerve endings. Every gentle touch may bring tons of pleasure and emotions.

touching head

So, pay attention to this erogenous zone. Use it when you hug, kiss or make love to your girlfriend.


It is impossible to learn how to excite a woman without mentioning her lips. There are dozens of possible ways to kiss a girl. But when you’re trying to kiss a girl, don’t be too pushy. There is no need to grab her lips with your lips. It’s even worse if you start biting her lips. If you’re not at home, so this is not the foreplay before the sex.

Therefore, all your passion is better to be saved for the next time when it is appropriate. You have to be gentle and careful, especially at first. Just kiss her and freeze for a few seconds in this kiss, caressing her lips.  Almost all men think that a kiss is an action that must lead to something bigger. This is a mistake because during the kiss you should just enjoy and make her enjoy. Try long and slow kisses, without hurry.

Inner Arm and Armpits

Inner arm and armpits are super sensitive areas. These are good places to touch a woman in bed. You can run them over with your fingertips or your lips.

Nipples and Areola

Nipples and areola around them are the most powerful areas to touch a girl to drive her crazy. The thing is that there are numerous of sensitive nerve endings that send signals to female brain immediately upon any interaction.

Try to do it gently and see how your partner reacts. If she likes it you may try harder. Some girls even like light biting. It drive them wild, So, feel free to experiment.

Hands and Fingertips

Wrists don’t serve only for wearing bracelets or watches. They are also a source of sensual pleasure. If you hold the girl’s hand, then gently and slowly stroke her wrist. The skin there is very delicate, so your touch should not be too aggressive and strong. They must make the girl relax and get some pleasure.

wrist with tattoo

Each finger-cushion of the hand has approximately 3000 sensory receptors. Finger-cushions belong to the most sensitive parts of a woman. Therefore, even a light stroking of the little finger can lead to serious consequences.

Try slowly stroke her fingers. From her reaction, it will be clear how this evening will end. If you don’t seem very attractive to the lady, she’ll pull her hand away. But if she starts touching your fingers in return, consider it as your best compliment.


If you have noticed, hair is very important for every woman. It’s not only about taking care of it or constantly following fashion trends. It is also a powerful element of appearance that helps to attract the attention of men. Every woman loves a man’s touch on her hair.



Most men have no idea how sensitive the female skin is in the area of her knees. You can touch and caress these parts of her body not only in moments of courtship in public places. We recommend you to pay enough attention to these women’s hot spots during a love game in bed as well.

where to touch a girl to turn her on


All the girls, without exception, simply adore when someone is massaging their feet. Obviously, this should be done only when you are alone at home. If the girl is sitting, then pick up her foot and massage it from the sole to the bones and fingers. First, the touch should be gentle. But after a while you can go to a stronger touch, stretching her foot.

Inner thigh

This is a very sensitive place for both of men and women. It is too close to the center of the greatest pleasure. If you are thinking where to touch a woman to drive her crazy, then this is the right place. The inner side of the thighs can be caressed and kissed in different ways, slowly approaching to more intimate areas and again moving backward, gradually increasing excitement. But be careful as some women may have ticklish feeling in this place.


Run your hand along her spine, starting from the lower back and ending with the neck, and then repeat all the same, but in the opposite direction. Believe me, the girl will appreciate this touch and get pleasure. Such touches can create an intimate atmosphere for you. They carry a certain message. She is in your hands, as if you protect her from the whole world. You can add these touches while you are kissing her. When you touch her neck, you can gently kiss her there, and then continue sliding your hand down her back.


If you thought that the waist can be only hugged, you are wrong. We will tell you how to touch a woman to drive her crazy with desire. You can be behind the girl, gently pull her hair, kiss her neck, and then touch of the waist, smoothly running your fingers up and down, slowly massaging this area.

Touching her waist is intimate enough, and you should know the girl well to do it. If all you had was just a few kisses, you’d better save it go for a while.


Collarbones are very sensitive places on the body of a woman. Start kissing her along their line because it will be super sexy and will make your girl hot. You don’t have to wait too long for her to start taking off your clothes.


Needless to say that it will take quite long time before you can touch the girl’s navel. This is a very intimate touch, and it says that there is really close relationship between you already.

touch navel to drive your girl wild

You can run your fingers around her navel, and then make light movements with your hand up and down. In this way, she gets even more pleasure.


Ears are often left without sufficient attention, but they are always the place that can lead to a strong sexual arousal.  Caress them with your mouth and tongue to stimulate this sensitive spot.


If she came to you on a date in a dress, blouse or t-shirt that shows her shoulders, you are simply obliged to touch them. First, gently touch her shoulders with your fingers, and then move them down with a little more pressure. You can also gently slide only one finger on her shoulder as it will excite her a bit. It doesn’t matter if you’re kissing her or not at that moment. You can touch her shoulders just like that, creating a more intimate and special atmosphere between you.

touch woman shoulders

Remember that many girls are very fond of massage. If it’s appropriate, you can gently massage her shoulders. You’d better do it in an intimate atmosphere. Every inch of the female body has a lot of nerve endings that crave for touches and affection. However, you should keep in mind that some women are more open to different touches, and others may simply not be ready for one or another caress at once. Be patient! If your partner starts feeling uncomfortable at some point, you should not force her. Just advise her to bring your hand to where she wants to be touched most.

Important Tips

The way she reacts to your touches can define the character of the lady. If your partner likes caresses in the neck, then she is a gentle and sensitive person. She does not like to rush in her life and in bed too. If her erogenous zone is the waist, then such a partner is energetic and loves experiments. If her erogenous zones are hips, then you got a femme fatale. And if she enjoys touches on her the palms or wrists, it means that she is a very practical person and she thinks over all her actions and decisions.

Important Tips where to touch woman

When you learn touching a girl, your every move should be gentle and smooth. Do not grab her hand and pull it, telling a joke. Imagine that you are petting a cat, if your movements are not calm and smooth, it will run away from you. Well, girls are almost same. Each girl is unique, easy stroking of shoulders can be pleasant for one, but be disgusting for another.  To learn properly how to drive a girl crazy with your touch is not easy. Theory is definitely useful, but this very matter requires a lot of practice. Don’t be shy that you are not skilled in the art of touches. It would be even more intimate if you learn all these tricks with your beloved girl. Trying something new together gives lots of pleasure for both, making your relations more sensual.

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