Why She Doesn’t Believe You Love Her?

She is charming, cute and simply stunning. Every time she walks into the room you hold your breath. She is the whole word for you. You cannot even think of someone else. You have made up your choice. And you know that your feelings are deep and mature. In other words you fell head over heels for your girlfriend. In her turn, she loves being with you. Obviously, she has feelings to you as well. It seems that you should buy a ring and propose her… but things aren’t always the way they seem. She does not believe that you love her.

Women are so complicated. It is really hard to understand their way of thinking and figure out what they really want. Often men envy the main hero of the well-known movie “What Women Want” who could hear women’s thoughts. Surely, if you could read her mind you would definitely know why she doesn’t believe you love her. But don’t be sad, we have prepared for you a complete guidance on women’s way of thinking.

When girls don’t believe in love, it’s a matter of the broken heart. If a girl was betrayed, in that age and in that moment when her character and spirit were not strong enough, when she had not managed to build up a thick armor against betrayals, then it is very difficult for her to trust again. To recover from a stab in the back when you don’t expect cheating from a particular person, and he deceives you, betrays your trust, it knocks you down in life. It lasts for a long time, sometimes even forever. Unfortunately, most of “good girls” experience sad love stories and have their hearts broken by “bad boys”. The reason is that naïve and pure ladies look at the world through rose-colored glasses, not expecting betrayal from men.

Bad experience

Having experienced a painful break-up, a girl begins being skeptical in her views at life and love relations between boys and girls in general. To convince such a broken girl is very difficult. Sometimes she can’t believe that you love her, but sometimes she just doesn’t want to believe because it would be too good, and she’s not used to it. She doesn’t want to love you and then lose you. This girl is scared as having someone by her side and then suddenly not having him is even scarier than being always alone. She can be very confident, or she can think that she is nothing. She could be somewhere in between.

even though she doesn t believe in love

But still your girl can’t believe she’s going to find love with you because she hasn’t experienced enough of it. This broken girl saw similar love stories, but she also saw how her friends suffered, and how they broke the hearts of other people. Your lady knows that those who break hearts are not always heartless monsters. She knows that good people hurt other good people. Sometimes one person just doesn’t love the other one as much as it should be. Sometimes people just stop loving. In any case, they should be honest with themselves and with the other person. After all, someone will still get hurt. That is her philosophy.

Emotional trap

You have to understand that she has a great emotional burden. Even if a bad person was to blame, she still remembers everything that went wrong and blames herself. The broken girl can tell you about the past that haunts her. She has to let go off all those painful memories, but she can’t. So, your task is to help her. You must realize that deep inside she believes that the best is yet to come. She saw the worst in people, but still she is kind. Your girl has every possible reason not to be so, but she believes that her good deeds will come back to her one day.

Relationship without trust: what to do?

Your relations with this kind of girl are the relationship without trust. It is an obvious fact because you trust her, while she is full of doubt. At the same time trust is very important to her, but so far she can only trust herself. She learned to trust herself and listen to her inner voice, which tells her about every worrying sign in your relations. It takes time to earn her trust, but the best things in our life do not come easily.

She wants to trust you. Your girl wants to believe you’re different. She wants to give you a chance. But you have to meet her halfway. Imagine that there are twenty steps that separate you two. You have to do your 10 steps towards her, not 9 or 11, accurate 10.  Relations are the mutual work. It is important to let her know that you’re afraid as well.You need to remind her that you also take risks as she can break your heart.

Even though she doesn’t t believe in love, tell her every day that you love her. Show her this with your actions. Remember the saying that actions speak louder than words. Make her understand that you’re not going anywhere. In case you’re sure that you want to take that risk.

dont believe in love

How to convince a girl you love her


First, it is always good to show your loving attitude by giving small gifts. It can be flowers, toys or something chosen in accordance with the hobbies and preferences of your love. They can express you what you think of her. Surely, you cannot buy love, but money can be used to show our close people that we love them. It would be better if you choose a very special gift. Anyone can give flowers or buy sweets. Do you agree? But if you find a book that she has been looking for so long or get a ticket to fan-zone to the concert of her favorite band, this will make her jump with excitement.


Secondly, do not forget about romance in a relationship. All the girls are romantic by nature, even those who don’t believe in love. You can use this quality. For example, it is a nice idea to arrange a picnic on the shore. A dinner with the flickering candles (even if it consists of sandwiches or a pizza from a cafe) will produce incredible impression because in this case emotional atmosphere matters. The girl will appreciate your efforts, imagination, and attention. If you have sufficient funds, you can spend the evening in a luxurious restaurant or rent a cozy house for weekends in the country. Such actions will be the proof of your serious intentions.

Be attentive to her

Very often men complain that “she thinks I don’t like her anymore. What to do?” The problem is that all girls need a lot of attention. Nowadays only a few guys really understand what it means to be attentive to your girlfriend. Some young people mistakenly believe that attentiveness should be expressed only by observing changes in the appearance of the girl. However, it is not like that. To be attentive to his beloved, a man must necessarily listen to her. In this way, you can easily discover what the girl loves and appreciates most. This useful information can be helpful any time.

she doesn't know how much i love her

Important dates and sacrifice

A good reason to prove that you love a girl is to remember your important dates – first meeting, first kiss, birthdays. Love and show your love for what your girlfriend values, whether it’s a grumpy cat or a fluffy rabbit, favorite music or painting. She might ask you to do something more serious.  Many guys for the sake of their love quit smoking, break up with unreliable friends, and sacrifice own interests. These are very serious declarations of love that not everyone can stand.


No girl likes when a young man tells her lies. And even though absolutely all the guys know about it, many of them continue lying to their girlfriends. They do this without thinking about the possible consequences. However, the known wisdom says that sooner or later all mysteries are coming clear. And when this happens, the girl will be deeply hurt and offended that you lied to her. Therefore, if you want your chosen one to believe in your love, then never lie to her, even for every little thing.

Personal space

If the boy is thinking “she doesn’t know how much I love her” and then trying to spend every free minute next to his beloved girl or call her twenty times a day…well , that is not a right way to show love. Everyone needs personal space. She may even think that such kind of behavior is caused by your doubt in her. That’s why, let her be alone sometimes.

Both men and women love when somebody takes care of them. So, your lady is expecting you to care and protect her. As a matter of fact, coming to a date with a big bunch of flowers is much easier than helping her when she is sick. If she is suffering from bad cold, don’t send her sweet messages or wish fast recovery. That is not a man’s behavior. You’d better come to her place with fruits and necessary pills, also arranging a plate of hot soup for her.

Such actions mean much more. To convince a girl that you adore her is not an easy job. It requires a lot of efforts, time and patience. But if you are sure that your chosen one is a wonderful person who has been badly hurt in the past, you must do whatever it takes to make her happy. You will be rewarded because True Love is priceless!

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