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Turkish Bride: How to Find the Wife of Your Dreams

When you hear of Turkey, the first things that come to mind are its unique culture and architecture, authentic and delicious food, and beautiful women. Many foreigners visit it to find the love of their lives. First of all, men seek marrying a Turkish woman because they are very beautiful ladies who know how to manage their homes and see family as the main thing in life. My today’s article will reveal the secrets of finding Turkish women for marriage, ways of winning their hearts, and the main wedding traditions of the country.

✔️ The best site to find brides from TurkeyVictoriyaс
👰 Average age of Turkish brides24.8
💲 Average cost1,000 to 9,000 USD
💯 Probability of success89%
🏅 Best qualities of Turkish bridesWelcoming, passionate, attractive

Turkey Bride 👧 : Personality Traits

Before we discuss how attractive girls from Turkey are, we need to delve a little deeper into the statistics. It will help to understand how strong and expensive marriages with them can be. After all, the divorce rate in this country is only 1.6 people out of 1000. It is rising quite slowly, so you have nothing to worry about. The most interesting thing is that 1 out of 3 marriages broke up in the first 5 years of married life. The reason for this is a lack of communication before the relationship started. Here are a few more facts that you may find interesting:

💥 If you are looking for Turkish girls for marriage, be prepared for the fact that she will want to get married quite early compared to American standards. In this country, women marry at 24 on average. This figure is closer to post-Soviet countries such as Ukraine and Belarus.

💋 Turkish women are true keepers of the family hearth. They want to create a strong family with at least two children.

💫 The cumulative birth rate is 2.0, while it is only 1.6 in America. At the same time, the average age of mothers is 26-27 years old. This means that they are ready to create a complete family within the first few years of married life.

Features to explore

As for the characteristics of Turkish women, they are very beautiful girls who may hide the depth of their personalities when starting a relationship. However, they will open up to you if they realize that you are the one and only one with whom they would like to spend the rest of their lives. If we talk about the main distinguishing features of Turkish mail order brides, we can emphasize the following:

  • 👩 Girls from this country are simply gorgeous. They are very conscious of their appearance and prefer a healthy lifestyle. Their natural beauty strikes every man. It’s all about a unique combination of genes because, many years and even centuries ago, this territory was a haven for Europeans and Asians. 
  • 🧎‍♀️A Turkish girl for marriage is quite traditional. In many cities in this country, the notion that a woman should be solely occupied with her home and avoid thinking about her career and personal goals is still adhered to. Today, however, in big cities like Ankara, it is increasingly common to find girls with a modern outlook on life. If you are interested in ladies who will be your support in everyday life, you should look for them outside of the capital city.
  • 👗Turkish girls are very feminine. Their self-confidence radiates even through their clothes. At the same time, it should be understood that they have such character traits as pride, assertiveness, and passion. Choosing a wife such as a lady, you can be sure that she will not let you get bored. The main thing to remember is that many Turkish women are extremely negative about affairs outside of marriage. Therefore, if loyalty and devotion to one person are not your personal qualities, it is worth choosing a girl of another nationality.

Where to Find Turkish Brides?

After men discover the personal traits of Turkish women, they wonder how to look for them in a proper way. Is it worth traveling to Turkey for this purpose? Or are there alternative methods? Of course, if you have enough time and money, one of the options is to go to this country and get personally acquainted not only with its residents but also with its customs and culture.

Ankara 🕌⭐

The capital is the place to start your journey. It is here that there is a large concentration of beautiful single women who have a modern perspective on life. They do not mind meeting a foreign man to create a strong and happy family. You will surely be able to find girls who turn into beautiful brides and wives but it can take quite a lot of time. You can use different locations for your search – from the downtown to cafes, restaurants, parks, and various tourist spots. Women are open to any kind of communication. Often, they are friendly, so it is easy to start a conversation.

Istanbul 🏙️🏘️

It is an extremely popular tourist destination because it is the only city in the world located on two continents: Europe and Asia. That is why many people choose it for traveling. However, this does not mean that only tourists can be found there. Istanbul is home to a large part of the local population, among whom you can find a beautiful, loving girl. Men can simply approach any lady on the street and try to start a conversation or choose more unusual places, for example, the Grand Bazaar, the largest market in Europe, where you can often meet local beauties.

Night Life 🌆🌇

Even though Turkish marriage customs are about creating an elegant celebration, it doesn’t mean that girls are unable to have fun on weekdays or weekends. Undoubtedly, they lead a more reserved lifestyle, but it does not prevent them from having fun in bars and restaurants, especially in big cities. It is worth noting that women in this country are very fond of dancing, so they can often be found in establishments with loud music and a dance floor, such as 

  • Babylon;
  • Sortie;
  • Masquerade Club;
  • Nupera.

Here, you can find slim, sexy, and curvy ladies to start a lasting relationship with. In general, if you are interested in dating girls from Turkey, it is recommended to watch the video at

It details the peculiarities of marriage with girls, as well as the basic Turkish traditions.

Life During the Day ☀️🌄

Turkey has an active life not only in the evening but also in the daytime. Girls often go out on the street to do their daily tasks. They look serious and focused, which is a little scary for foreigners, but if you try to talk to them, you will realize that these ladies are not as harsh as they may seem at first glance. To meet a beautiful girl, you can go to a shopping mall or an area with large stores. The main thing is to act confidently and show your serious intentions.

Alternative to Offline Dating: Online Search for Turkey Brides 💌

A trip to Turkey can take a lot of time and effort, as well as money. It will be suitable for those men who work remotely and can afford to live in a foreign country for at least two weeks. If this story is not for you, do not despair. After all, you can find love online. For example, foreign men often use special dating sites to find a Turkey girl for marriage. This is where you can start communicating with potential brides who are interested in families.

Online dating is the easiest way to get in touch with girls from Turkey. However, you should realize that it is quite risky because you can choose a bad website or fall for women who are involved in scams. To be safe, you should first find a good platform with an impeccable reputation. One of them is VictoriyaClub. Here, you can safely talk to your Turkish sweethearts without fear that your money will be wasted.

Where Do I Meet Turkey Mail Order Brides?

VictoriyaClub is a website that can be considered the perfect place to find love. You can choose from a variety of girls for marriage, favoring those whose looks attract you the most. Now the site has profiles of various ladies who will definitely be able to impress your heart.

In fact, finding a Turkish bride is quite easy. You only need to follow the required procedure:

💟 choose an online dating service and register with it;

💟 complete your profile by adding personal photos and information about yourself;

💟 purchase some credits or use bonus offers that are accrued for registration;

💟 write to the ladies you like.

It is important to note that you may also receive messages from potential brides. You should not ignore them, as it is possible that your destiny will find you. When using online dating services, you should be an open person, answer all requests, and try to learn more about your interlocutor. This way, you can be well prepared for a real meeting and find true love.

Basic Turkish Marriage Traditions👰🤵

For many men, registration on dating sites ends up with the official registration of marriage. This result is not an exception, as many people may think. The secret of success lies in the fact that only people who do want to find a faithful life partner create profiles there. They are busy achieving their goal, which means that they are looking for ways and methods to achieve a significant result.

If you have managed to become a Turkish bride and groom, it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with all the traditions that characterize a wedding in this country. With good preparation, your celebration can be an even greater success.

Turkish Marriage Traditions: Beautiful Garments

Turkish people have a very high appreciation for their culture. Thus, many girls do their best to create an elegant and beautiful wedding celebration. They pay tribute to tradition by decorating their outfits with such items as:

  • red veil and ribbon around the waist as a symbol of purity;
  • a beautiful red traditional dress.

Many people are surprised by the choice of such bright colors, yes, everything is explained by Turkey marriage traditions. The red belt symbolizes the girl’s virginity, and a colorful dress is worn because girls are not allowed to wear rich clothes before marriage. However, it should be noted that not all girls adhere to these rules. Many of them choose beautiful white dresses, and red is used only in the veil or waistband. 


Before the Turkish traditions marriage, the man must visit the house of the bride’s parents and ask for their approval of the marriage. A special engagement party is usually attended by all the close relatives of the bride and groom. The wedding rings are tied with red bands. This decoration is used until the newlyweds exchange rings. Often, girls wear this symbol of fidelity on their right hand to show that they are already engaged. During the wedding ceremony, the ring is then worn on the left hand and stays there for the rest of their married lives.

Coffee with Salt

According to Turkish culture marriage customs, the bride must prepare a special drink for her husband-to-be, which will contain a large amount of salt. The man’s task is very simple – to drink it without showing any signs of disgust on his face. In this way, he will be able to show that he will endure any sorrows and hardships that may await the couple on the way to a happy life. The groom gives the bride a special gift after consuming the drink to show his love. Only after that, the other guests at the wedding congratulate the girl and give her their presents.

Henna Night

One of the most unusual Turkish traditions marriage is Henna Night. It is the time when a girl says goodbye to her home. It is the last night of her maidenhood, which is surrounded by joy, sadness, tears, and dancing. The evening before the wedding, only close women come to the bride’s house: mother, sisters, husband’s relatives, and friends. A special room is decorated with trays of fruit, nuts, and various oriental sweets. The main action begins with a ritual called “Lighting of Henna”. The future mother-in-law brings a large, beautiful silver tray with previously made henna. It is covered with a scarlet handkerchief and two candles, which are symbols of the birth of a new family. The bride walks around the room with this tray, and guests put various gifts on it. The girl is dressed in a beautiful red velvet dress, which is known as bindalli🥻. It is a family relic passed down from generation to generation.

Turkish Bride: What Makes Her a Good Wife

As you can understand, Turkish culture marriage is very different from American one. A man will need to spend a fair amount of time learning all the rules and settings. However, before that, it is necessary to understand whether he really wants to find Turkish women for marriage. Here you can read the main characteristics of girls from this country, which prove that they are good wives.

Loyalty and devotionThese are two main traits that can be used to describe a Turkish mail order bride. They know how to love their men and stay with them under any circumstances.
Hard work and diligenceThis is exactly what can describe every girl from Turkey. You can be sure that your home will always be clean and cozy. 
Strong love for childrenIf you dream of a woman who will be very caring to your kids, a Turkish bride is the best choice. They teach children such important qualities as respect and modesty while explaining to them why courage is necessary for adult life.
Strong love for childrenIt is very easy to realize that a girl from Turkey is in love with you. She will surround you with care and attention, doing everything to show her affection. She can manifest her love in many ways, such as cooking a delicious lunch for work.
SincerityWhen choosing a Turkey girl for marriage, you can be sure that she will not deceive you. It is common for her to speak directly and openly, without any understatements. If she has doubts about your fidelity, she will not be afraid to ask you this question.

Winning Hears of Turkey Brides: Tips and Secrets🤫😏

A man will have to do his best to win the heart of a Turkish beauty. First of all, it is recommended to show that you respect her. Many people think that girls from Muslim countries are exceptionally modest. However, in fact, this does not prevent them from being proud and confident. Another secret lies in gifts. Do not forget that girls from Turkey love attention. Give them flowers and small gifts to show them your care and interest. 

Mistakes Made by Men Looking for Turkish Brides🛑

When looking for girls from this country, some foreigners make mistakes that prevent them from creating a strong union. Most often, they are not interested in Turkish marriage customs, so Henna Night or red garments cause a lot of disagreements between the couple. Another topic that becomes the cause of quarrels is religion. The fact is that in Turkey most people adhere to Islam. Creating a strong bond between an American man and a Turkish woman requires understanding and respecting each other’s religious beliefs, even if they are very different. When looking for a Turkish girl for marriage, you should show respect for your wife-to-be and demonstrate how serious you are about your intentions. Women from this country do not like undetermined men, so your task is to become a strong and confident support.

Expert’s Opinion

Many men want to find Turkish girls for marriage as they want to get a faithful spouse who will be able to go with them through all the hardships. Girls from this country are loyal, kind, beautiful, and passionate. They always strive to improve themselves and their homes. They do know how their spouse and children should be taken care of. It is quite easy to start searching for your destiny. You can go to Istanbul or Ankara, visit the most crowded places, and choose Turkey girls for marriage based on external parameters. Another option is online communication, so you can also see internal beauty.


Why do Turkish brides wear a red veil?
One of the Turkey marriage customs claims that the bride’s clothing should be red. It demonstrates the innocence of the girl.
Do Turkish brides wear white?
Despite the fact that according to Turkish marriage customs a girl should wear a red dress, many contemporary women refuse this rule. They prefer white outfits, adding some bright-colored elements, such as a waistband.
Why do Turkish brides step on the grooms foot?
This is one of the unusual Turkey marriage traditions. It helps to figure out in a fun way who will be the ruler of the newlyweds’ home.
Who pays for weddings in Turkey?
In most regions, the wedding in Turkey is paid for by the groom, and the engagement party is paid for by a relative of the bride.
How can I marry a Turkish girl?
Before marrying a Turkish woman, you must first find your soulmate. You can use dating sites for this purpose. If you have decided to get married, it is recommended that you go to the girl’s parents to get permission for it.
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