Hi! We are team of enthusiasts who help other people to resolve their problems in relationships. Also we give creative tips for dating. We decided to start our project in 2017 but created our website only in 2018. Our main goal is development of healthy relationships in society. We help young people to create lasting relations.

“Life is an unpredictable thing. You can never know what is waiting for you just round the corner of the street. Some people meet their true love at school and spend half of century together while others strive to find someone and fail as a result.”



Our blog has a lot of interesting topics for couples and single people. You can find original advices and lifehacks for dating. Our topics are written by a lot of authors from all over the world. Also we have possibility to get your testimonials for improvement our project. So, welcome to OK-Dating – the most creative dating blog in the Universe! We hope we will help you to feel happy and find your real love!

“A person seeks love by building up expectations, determining for yourself the necessary level of requirements for a partner, passing through meetings and partings, successful and unsuccessful appointments, leaving painful traces on the heart. What you need to know about it to perceive the situation most objectively, not allowing anyone to destroy your own identity?”

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