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10 Fitness Dating Ideas for Couples

Now the sport is on the top of popularity. It is fashionable to lead a healthy lifestyle and devote free time not to watching serials on your favorite couch, but to working out in the gym and doing some outdoor activities. Therefore, if both of you are sporty and like to have a good time outside, we suggest 10 Fitness Dating Ideas for Couples. They will help to diversify your leisure time and make sport hobby a little more romantic and enjoyable.

1. Going to the gym

Gym dating can be quite romantic, because you will train with your better half. For one day it is worth adjusting your training program a bit and adding exercises that can be done in pairs. For example, leg lifts with the weights become even more effective if you are spotted by a beloved man. You can add more weight or make a couple of extra sets to fix the result. In addition, your man will be vigilant to ensure that his girl is safe. If your man dreams about having chiseled arms, he should do reverse push-ups. Let him put his hands on the bench, and you will sit on his knees as a “weighting”.

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Or do double push-ups. Watch a couple of videos of how to do your crunches together to diversify this exercise and become closer to your partner. A treadmill will help to complete the training. After a good workout, you can go to the fitness bar to drink a couple of protein shakes and eat some fitness bars to regain your strength. The gym dating is one of the ways to spend a great time together, and even add a little spice to your relations. By the way, if you are still single, it is time to find a soul-mate. There are many gym singles, so do not miss the chance to meet a person who is also keen on sport, just like you.

2. Bike ride

Fitness dating can be not only indoors but also outdoors. Invite your chosen one for a bike ride. It is both sporty and romantic at the same time. But to make your date really memorable, you have to prepare everything in advance.
Here are some fitness tips on how to make your bike ride unforgettable:

  • rent a bike if you do not have suitable ones for riding around the city;
  • schedule a date so that your better half is full of energy. And the next day, he won’t have a hard workout in the gym;
  • bring your protein bars with you to regain your strength quickly.

Plan the route in advance. It is really cool if your route covers the most beautiful sights of the city, and a picturesque place for a picnic is chosen as a final destination. No alcohol! There must be only healthy food and refreshing drinks such as carrot or apple fresh juice to gain your power again. The route should not be too long, so you won’t get tired, because there is still a way back.

3. Online dating

If you are separated from a partner, for example, your man has left on a business trip, so you can arrange fitness online dating. This is a great way to continue your workout and stay in a perfect shape. To do this, use your smartphone or other gadgets to set up your video connection. To cheer up your man, we recommend girls to wear the most revealing fitness dress. It can be a short top and a pair of tight shorts.

Be sure to include squats, strides, crunches and leg swings in the knee-elbow position into your workout program to show the most attractive parts of your body. These dates will help sporty singles to know each other better, if you have found each other on a dating site and want to diversify your communication by adding a little spice. But it is necessary to tell in advance about your idea because your online interlocutor also needs to prepare and appear on the screen in a proper outfit.

4. Hiking in the mountains

It is a great opportunity to have some romantic moments and to keep fit at the same time. Choose the most picturesque route, put on comfortable shoes and go on adventures. Don’t forget to take sandwiches and water to for energy. Bring a thermal bag, so that all products remain fresh and drinks are cool. Count your strength wisely, especially if your better half is not used to such exercises, so don’t overdo. If your relationship is only developing, and you are dating sporty singles, it is better to arrange a romantic picnic.

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You can choose the location beforehand, and maybe even decorate it. To do this, contact special agencies. Choose a simple route, which will be not tiring for your partner and also for the organizers, who need to make all necessary preparations. Be sure to warn your love where you are going to invite her. Many ladies, wanting to conquer the guy, wear short dresses and heels. That’s why she won’t be able to hike in her smart outfit. Therefore, make sure in advance that your partner is properly dressed.

5. Kayaking

If you want to add a bit of extreme to your date, then you can go kayaking. Rafting down a wild river is fun, and you can demonstrate your physical condition as well. It is better to contact a special agency that provides such services. It is safe, because you will listen to the instructions of a specialist. And, in addition, you will be provided with all necessary things for rafting on the river.
If you are looking for a soul-mate, this is a great place for seeking single dating. Perhaps you will sit next to your future love! So, don’t miss this chance to spend time cheerfully and with possible benefits.

6. Miniature golf game

Playing miniature golf is a great way to add something new to your relationship. In addition, this kind of a date will bring lots of fun and joy. You can be closer to each other while hitting the ball, just hold your girl’s hands, directing the golf club. This sport does not require special skills and is not tiring at all. In addition, the entertainment center has many places where you can chill out in a relaxed atmosphere, drink coffee or remember your childhood by buying a cotton candy.

7. Yoga

Instead of intensive trainings, many people prefer to relax and not to expose their body to a strong physical stress. Yoga is a great option for them. It helps to stretch the muscles, keep them in a good shape and make your body fit. In addition, it harmonizes your mind and positively affects the mood and general well-being. This sport is suitable for a romantic date if you want to bring some more harmony to your relationship.

It is not necessary to go to the yoga class because you can simply watch the some couples yoga exercises on YouTube and repeat them in a romantic atmosphere. To do this, you should light candles and aroma sticks for creation of the proper atmosphere. Also at the yoga class you can have a single dating and find your soul mate. Join a group if you dream of finding a sporty and passionate partner just like you are. Feel free to speak first to a person you liked. Also after a workout you can give a sign of attention by praising his or her technique of performing exercises.

8. Ice rink

If it is winter and the holiday time is coming, you can go to the ice rink. This is a great activity for two. Skating together is truly romantic, but at the same time you will be able to demonstrate your good physical condition. If your partner suddenly stumbles, you will easily catch her. The skating rink can be both outdoors and indoors. Choose the option to your liking, the one where you prefer to spend time. But if fluffy snowflakes fall on the streets and everything around is decorated with bright garlands, it is time to enjoy the holiday atmosphere.

Just do not forget to dress up well, or later you may go to a cozy café for a cup of fragrant hot chocolate or coffee to get warm. Indoor skating rinks are also available during the summer months. This is a great opportunity to spend time in an unusual way and also hide from the summer heat. In addition, this cool atmosphere will bring you closer to each other even more.

9. Surfing

Do you live by the ocean? Then there’s nothing better than surfing the waves. If your girl does not know how to stand on the surf board, it is a wonderful chance to teach her. Show yourself in all your glory, be a patient teacher, and try to brighten up all her fails. You can impress her with your surfing skills and become a real Superman in her eyes. In addition, a great picnic can be arranged on the shore. A beach is a wonderful place for a romantic meeting and a pleasant pastime. It is also a perfect variant if you want to combine outdoor activities and surprise your beloved one.

10. Roller skating

It is possible to relax and have fun in the company of your better half on the roller rink. This is a great way to get even closer to each other, as well as to live it up a bit. If your roller skating skills leave much to be desired, it does not matter, together it is easier to support each other and learn how to keep the balance. And, although some falls are inevitable, your better half is sure to take a good care of the bruised places. It is also a nice place for those who want to invite a girl on an unusual first date. As a rule, single fitness girls want something special, and, at the same time romantic from the guy who invites them for a date. This is a great way to demonstrate your physical fitness and creativity.

General tips for organizing a date in the sport style

To have a perfect date, pay attention to the tastes of your partner. It can be that the girls would prefer to go to a Pilates class instead of the gym, with its loud music and constant clank of iron.
Tell her in advance how and where you are going to have your date. Surprises are suitable for couples whose relationships have already been established and all the tastes of the soul-mate are known. Then you have a great chance to get into the top 10.

Don’t be late! Especially, in case if you invited your better half to go somewhere to the country. It is impolite even for girls, as it has been your idea, so do not spoil the impression from the beginning. Finish your date with something really pleasant, such as a massage at home or a romantic dinner. If the location allows and there is a possibility, then make a small surprise; for example, give her a bouquet of flowers kept in advance at the reception of the gym. Be creative, consistent and keep a positive mood. Then your date will definitely succeed!

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