11 Traits Of A Perfect Woman

The idea of ​​an ideal woman is a prototype, which is formed through personal experience gained in the process of socialization and learning by an individual. But despite the abstract nature of the issue under consideration, women and men want to know who is the ideal woman. Beautiful women always surround us, but this is not still so obvious, especially in the first stage of dating.

Another acquaintance with a woman can lead to the idea that a real woman is a great rarity and she is usually somewhere far away. (The same can be said about dating with men). For example, if you work in the market, it is likely that you meet and communicate with many types of women and most of them are kind people.

Undoubtedly, a few bad examples can override all the positive statistics, which too often leads to stereotype. It would seem that we are all reasonable people, but many of us are wholly ignorant of the opposite sex. In this article, we have tried to focus all your attention on some standard features of real women.

What makes the perfect woman


It is about the internal and external balance. Here it would be possible to speak about appearance, but tastes are different for men. But the inner peace of the woman, compliance with the appearance of the internal content is needed by every man. Ultimately, people are attracted to a harmonious, stable image. If a woman experiences internal discord, she will show herself, no matter how hard she tries to hide it. This includes, for example, the rejection of one’s age and attempts at rejuvenation in their very awkward manifestation. Or rebellious appearance and the most modest content.


Every woman is associated with the mother, with her care and warmth. No, men do not want to be raised, scolded, punished, or taught. They want to have confidence that there is at least one person who will always give them warmth, peace, accept them in any condition, and support them.


Adequate self-confidence gives a woman a sparkle in her eyes, calm in words and actions, a smile and goodwill. Self-confidence, in turn, depends on adequate self-esteem and self-acceptance. A woman radiating energy charges everyone around her instills the same confidence. In addition, men are pleased to see their woman as the one that many others dream of.


what makes the perfect woman

It does not mean physique, hairstyle or eye color if a woman accepts herself and knows how to present to society. Feminine can be in sneakers, with tattoos, jeans, and with a short haircut. Femininity is an inner quality, the ability to be soft, sensual and understanding. These are hand movements, voice timbre, facial expressions, and body position.


A lovely smile, an open and gullible look, a real laugh is a balm on the soul of a man. True, it mostly depends on him whether a woman with him can afford such moments of weakness and spontaneity.


This item depends on the goals, interests, and needs of the man. Someone likes to feel that a woman depends on them, but this is already a matter of man’s psychological health. In most cases, the stronger sex prefers to feel support, independent and the whole person next.


Men perceive information better with their eyes. Therefore, naturally, first of all, they are attracted by their appearance and unusual behavior. Of course, it is better to do this with the help of charisma, charm and real abilities, achievements, sociability, and not drunk dances on the bar counter.


At the subconscious level, the men are repelled by a sad look and a tearful tone. This does not mean that a woman should be silent about their problems. You need to talk about them, discuss calmly. Well, and the sad kind causes in the best case desire to regret. Cheerfulness is associated with self-acceptance, self-realization and a favorable view of the world.

Multitasking and flexibility

Men also value the ability to be different and equally successful in several areas of life. It is about the psychological flexibility of a woman, the ability to adapt to the mood of a man and quickly adapt to changing conditions (family, date, work, meeting with parents, meeting with friends, going out). Erudition, creative thinking, and broad outlook contribute to the flexibility of the mind. As a rule, men want a woman to be a friend, girlfriend, sister, mother, wife, a partner in one person.

What men really want in a woman:

Sense of humor

Very often there are conflicts by a misunderstanding of words, and even more often jokes of a partner (“Honey, well, I was joking”). A sense of humor brings people closer, helps defuse the environment, minimizes differences, creates a psychologically favorable atmosphere. After all, when we laugh, the hormone of joy is produced.


A man wants always to understand what his beloved means. He does not want to solve secrets and look for subtext in the words of the girl. And if such a woman cries, this does not mean that she is expecting a costly gift from a companion, it only says that she is upset.

How to find the perfect woman

By and large, we have no difference between a normal and perfect girl. The same girl for one can be ideal, and the other will make the rest of his life terrible. It all depends solely on how you approach each other; the mutual sympathy of the girl to you is also essential.

Therefore, you should be open to communicate with a large number of girls, look at their behavior, attitude and sympathy towards you, as well as life values ​​and principles. In other words, we can say that there is no unique way to find your ideal; you can only stumble upon it when you sift out a large number of different girls.


Of course, these are just some of the most popular features and characteristics of an ideal woman. In the images of individual men, they may be replaced by others. The image of the ideal woman is individual, determined by the inner world of a particular man. Therefore, it is generally possible to focus only on universal human values, socio-biological laws, and basic needs.

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