How long between the first date and wedding? How many dates should you have?

It’s extremely important to know how long between the first date and a wedding. And how many dates should you have? On the one hand, a fast marriage is bad, but on the other hand a long dating period is even more dangerous for relationships.

Marriage is one of the most important manifestations of people’s adulthood. It is not the simplest task to determine if you build relationships with the right person. You should know for sure it is not just a temporary thing, not the passion chemistry, but serious and sincere feelings towards each other. How long between the first date and wedding? How long does it take to realize he or she is the one?

When is the right time?

There is no such thing as clear terms in relationships. Still, there are some points in relationships that you both need to reach to realize it is the right time and a person to create a family with. 

How long between the first date and wedding? How many dates should you have?

Love should be the basis of any family. Love inspires people to create something beautiful. something new. That is that strong feeling that helps you to highlight the right person from a list of potential candidates. The thing with catching romantic love is that it is based on hormones. Love is chemistry that makes our hormonal system go wild. Try to use your head before getting married and make serious steps when you realize there is a logic in your actions. 

You should bear in mind that the level of love hormones isn’t permanent. Let the time blog the romantic fog away and clear out your judgment before creating a brand new family with someone. Otherwise, you can get married to someone attractive yet strange and different. In that case, you might not avoid divorce, which is always a shame. 

Especially it is true about online dating. Therefore, marriage agencies, like VictoriyaClub strongly recommend offline meetings. they even arrange them for their site members.

When does it end?

No one gets attached accidentally, indeed. Still, it doesn’t mean you should jump into a deep end. People need that attraction to evoke a desire to know each other closer. Sometimes you realize a person isn’t right for you, which is fine as dating is meant to be that kind of trying period before a new family launching.

How long between the first date and wedding?

Every person we meet teaches us some important lessons and help our spiritual growth. Every person can be that one but you never know. So, you should try dating different people before the wedding as it will help you to realize your values, to see how your opinion is different from others. That is the way for you to understand what is acceptable and unacceptable in relationships.

We would highly recommend you to enjoy that first romantic stage of relationships, leave all your expectations behind and have fun. Once the love fever is ended do your best to discover all aspects of your potential husband or wife. 

Interesting fact! French don’t even have a word “dating”. They call it something like “I’m seeing someone”. And they don’t like formal relationships.

Family life aspects

To figure out if you are ready for marriage determinate, what is your and your partner’s attitude towards 4 basic aspects of family life:

  • lifestyle
  • sex
  • children
  • money

Remember, you can only build a happy family when all 4 aspects of family life are balanced. 

Lifestyle hugely affects your future marriage. It is a wise move to clarify all the domestic matters at the very beginning of relationships in order to prevent the possibility of further fights. That will help you to save your energy in the future. 

Decide where to live and distribute responsibilities between you two before marriage. When everything is organized before marriage you get enough time and energy to enjoy each other, keep relationships exciting, but not waste time-fighting while tending the nest. 

You should talk about small things like if you hate to wash dishes, make sure you tell it to your partner before marriage. You need to make sure you both are pleased and comfortable. In that case, domestic matters won’t cause any harm. 

What you shouldn’t do is to hold issue solving for later, as it means there is a chance to explode like a bomb one day and to stud a partner with shreds of your dissatisfaction. 

Sex is an indicator

Sex is one of the biggest indicators of partners’ involvement in each other’s lives. It connects bodies that are connected to our soles. Still, you shouldn’t get married to someone just because your sex is that good.

woman and man on a bed

At the very beginning of a relationship, you should assess if your partner is ready to take and give. It is not about the physical aspect only, but also a mental one. Even during the first stages of relationships when wild passionate sex takes place, you can see clearly if your partner is focused on his/her needs satisfying or your sex is based on concerns on each other’s pleasure. 

Only during some time, you can see the depth of your mutual feelings. Do not get married is on the wave of pleasure and you need to feel each other properly. In that case, your sexual life will transform and will take new beautiful sensual forms. 

Wealth & Children

Let’s talk about children as that is the most controversial aspect of family life. If you don’t want your marriage to be unstable then talk through the children’s topic at the beginning of relationships. It often happens, when one in a relationship wants to have children and he/she believes a partner will change his mind in the future. One thing we know for sure is that you shouldn’t rush your partner’s decision. Treat your beloved one with love and understanding to avoid fights and miscommunication during that period. 

Money is an important thing to think of when building trustworthy relationships.

If someone in a relationship is unwilling to talk about money that is an indicator of a partner’s immaturity. It is crucial to discuss money if you want to build a stable family. Your communication before the wedding is the best time to establish trusting relationships. 

Marriage is an opportunity to grow mentally while enjoying your romantic adventure with a special person. No rush is needed. You should create it consciously to make your family life a happy one.

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