How women think in relationships?

How Women Think In Relationships?

Many men are not able to understand the modern woman. Her thoughts are a mystery to him, and the habits are unpredictable, the words are so veiled that the gentleman at times hardly guesses about the true motifs of the beautiful seductress.

Why is it important to understand women?

Without proper analysis, a man cannot understand why his lady requires so much attention, begging for gifts and crying at times. The study of the psychology of women will help to understand the causes, for example, if her laziness, and will provide an opportunity to find methods of influence.  For the sake of attention, compliments and gifts they are ready for anything.

New clothes, surprises and courtship will help the girl to bloom and radically change her behavior. It is not necessary to put her in the spotlight – it is enough to prove your love to her. Oddly enough, many do not even need luxury cars. It is enough to give her chocolates or warm words. And men often forget how sensitive their life partner is.


The main danger of ignorance of a man is that entirely every woman is in one way or another a manipulator. Seduction is the primary task of a woman. In the new company, the girl immediately begins to attract attention in various ways and lure the guys. She draws the attention of all men to get a large selection. The psychology of a woman is a fantastic thing – she is on the verge of sympathy and disgust.

Why is it important to understand women?

Without elementary knowledge of psychology, a gentleman easily leaves the race, because he thinks like a man: straightforwardly, judiciously, and hard to breed. To entice a girl, you need to stick to a neutral position. If a man knows when to smile,  when to take her hand and invite her for a date – he is doomed to success. Women like self-confident and active men, not deprived of attention, because girls also love to compete and achieve. However, they have other methods and ways for excellence.

Sometimes the girl inexplicably feels infidelity, even if there was no reason at all. A smart girl always knows the hidden motives and desires of her man, but she will never show how well she understands him. Excessive candor can scare the guy and destroy the relationship. The girl can deceive a man who is trying to hide the deception, and this makes her more confident. Subsequently, it is not difficult to lie, so it is better not to deceive a woman.

Emotions and feelings

Many men irritate the manifestation of emotions. Women’s tears, screams, insulting words frighten a man who returns home in the evening and has no idea what mood his companion will have this time.


The nature of the woman varies depending on her mood. Every girl can shout in anger. It is better not to approach an angry girl at all, and it is necessary to console the one who is crying. A caress will help the woman in hysterics.

Women often make men hysterical, and after that they regret it. There is no need to take such attacks on your account. Emotions and hints make a woman think. Guesses, fantasies and assumptions give rise to jealousy, which only aggravates the mood. Feelings associated with intuition, so you need to refrain from cheating, so you do not blame the girl for being too emotional.

Surrounding people and friends

The girl needs to feel herself essential not only among potential lovers but also among friends and colleagues.  This happens because the opinion of people for a woman is sometimes more important than honesty. They will do anything to remain excellent and attractive to others. Women are called talkers only because they try to use more words and emotions for explanations. It is essential for a woman to be understood correctly.

What women think about relationships?

True face

Man often immediately shows himself as he is. His manner of communication is natural, gestures give out intentions, and mimicry reflects emotions. However, a girl always keeps herself under control. Spirituality is in the first place for women when choosing a partner. Physical intimacy is impossible without love, while men, on the contrary, tend to fall in love only after sex.

Girls have a hard time experiencing heartache

If something badly hurts them, then the resentment persists for many years, even if forgiveness has taken place. A man perceives an insult more straightforward – he forgets. A woman will always remember all the sins of her partner: not out of harm, but out of caution. A girl tries to fall in love once and for the whole life. She expects the same unconditional love and loyalty from her partner.

A frequent problem of couples is in possessive habits:

  • a woman asks her chosen one not to communicate with other girls;
  • controls the correspondence;
  • forbids even following another girl on Instagram.

This is the female psychology. She must be sure that a boyfriend will not abandon her, that he “belongs” to her and will never leave her. Therefore, a betrayal hits a woman so painfully. A man is inclined to consider relations as a temporary phenomenon. With such views on life, the gap does not become frustrating, because there was no hope. It must be remembered that jealousy is a reflection of the fear of loss.

Features and secrets of female psychology

The main features of female psychology include:

  • emotionality;
  • pride;
  • sensuality;
  • inconsistency.

And the basis of all, of course, is emotionality. This feature makes women soft and gentle, makes them perceive everything that happens quite sharply. Emotionality is inherent in women so much that society perceives this trait of a purely feminine and even sets the framework for male emotionality. Women are much more controversial. This is due to the presence of a complex internal conflict in the soul of each girl.

To solve all complex issues, she, as a rule, needs a man. However, finding the perfect guy who can satisfy all needs at once is unrealistic, and then the burden of unrealistic expectations puts pressure on the woman even more. This is where pride comes into play. When a suitable partner is not found, the woman tries to prove to everyone and herself that she is capable of everything. It is not always possible to realize. Therefore, all new contradictions come into play.

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