What is Cougar Dating? And Why it is So Popular

What is Cougar Dating? And Why it is So Popular in 2021

Cougar is a new label for modern adult women that prefer dating younger men. Some people say it is a bizarre phenomenon when we believe people should stop shaming and labeling women for their preferences. It is a natural thing when women are attracted to younger guys. There are lots of ladies that want to make up for years of marriage or failed relationships by hanging out with young and passionate guys, which is also completely fine. So what is cougar dating?

There are lots of cougar examples in Hollywood as female celebs are often attractive, successful, self-contained, sexy, and powerful women that simply can go unnoticed by the other sex. 

Cougar Appearance

Let’s go through the qualities that make a woman appear cougar

What is Cougar Dating - cougar look
  1. One of the most remarkable aspects when detecting a cougar lady is her age. It is common to call women cougars from the age of 40. 
  2. Cougars take care of a face and skin condition very well as these are aspects of a female appearance that reveal the real age of one. They spend lots of money on surgery and other procedures so they look fresher and more attractive to younger men. They also wear makeup daily. 
  3. Most cougars are in excellent shape. Most trendy up-to-date clothes are in smaller sizes. So, it is much simpler for a woman in shape to find a sexy and swank outfit that will catch the attention of the opposite sex. 
  4. The fact that cougars are adult women that have reached career success already means they don’t need any additional investment from a man. They have enough money to buy whatever they need by themselves. 
  5. People believe cougars love to get all the attention, however, most adult women that prefer dating younger guys prefer to observe from afar but not to dance on the bar if you know what we mean. 
  6. Cougars often date extremely attractive guys even if they are not too ambitious or experienced, which we don’t blame them for. 
  7. Cougars don’t fake feelings and know exactly what they need. It is not a problem for one to express her attraction towards a young guy. A cougar lady also appreciates when guys select the same approach towards her so they don’t hesitate and have fun straight away. 
  8. Even though people believe cougars prefer hookups there are lots of women that prefer dating younger men on a long-term basis. It won’t be a problem for a guy to determine a cougar’s intentions as they are pretty clear with revealing their thoughts and desires. 

How to attract a cougar?

how to attract cougar

1. Be clear in cougar dating

As we have mentioned earlier, older women don’t like to play games so if you want to date one you should know what you want from your partner and be able to describe your expectation out loud. It doesn’t matter if you want to have a one-night stand or commit to long-term relationships. You need to be honest with yourself and the woman you like. Don’t try to trick her by lying as cougars are much more experienced than younger girls and are able to identify lies. 

Before even trying to reach a cougar woman out ask yourself several questions: Do I need her for sex? Do I want something more? Is she that attractive? Do I need her to fight loneliness? etc. Being honest towards yourself is a key to successful relationships with all women including cougars. One of the best ways to find cougars is using online dating websites as there are lots of attractive, modern, open-minded women out there that describe their desires and expectations clearly as they appreciate the time of theirs and every potential partner. That is a time-saving and effective solution for successful puma dating.

2. Stop stereotyping women

Most guys tend to describe cougars using tacky stereotypes. Well, you shouldn’t think that way if you like an older woman. Her age doesn’t make her less female and she wants her potential partner to treat her as a whole unique person but not as a representative of a special social group with some peculiarities that need to be accounted for. Regardless of age, women want to feel loved and desired.

3. Show off your interest

The way you act towards a cougar depends on a place and circumstances. If it is a bar then you should remain friendly but not creepy. Smile and wait for her response. You can only start talking to her if she smiles at you back. Compliment her with a drink and start a casual chat to see how that goes. 

Your attitude should be different when you like a cougar from your gym for example. One of the best ways is to pick a running track placed right next to the one she uses and start talking about things like sports as she might be interested in that topic.

4. Take a refusal gracefully

Some guys turn into absolute jerks when they face rejection from a woman they like. Even when you feel disappointed about your crush’s refusal there are nice ways to express your feelings. Rather than letting her know she loses a chance to hang out with the best guy in her whole life, tell her you are happy to spend time with her when she changes her mind.

5. Act your age

When your target is a cougar, remember: she knows you are younger. Those women are called cougars because they love “fresh meat” so you don’t need to act more masculine and grown than you are. Most cougars are extremely open-minded individuals that prefer dating younger guys for the adventurous and romantic vibes they emit. You need to be ready to try new things, visit new places, try new food, etc. Cougars need entertainment but not a settled lifestyle. Learn about the preferences and interests of each other to grow and explore new things together. 

The same thing with sex – don’t be afraid to try new things. Cougars are ready to experiment when it comes to sex so make the best of it. You need to be a great listener as a cougar will share her sexual preference so be ready to turn her wildest dreams into reality. 

As you can see from all the aspects of cougars described in this article, there are lots of advantages to dating one. Cougar dating means dating a woman in shape, that cares about her appearance, follows trends, remains successful in terms of career, open-minded, enjoys passionate sex, and prefers to be honest to her partner. So, is there an older woman that you have a crush on? Then forget all the stereotypes and try cougar dating. 

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