Tips to Fix Your Relationship ASAP

10 Working Tips to Fix Your Relationship ASAP

For many years, you have lived happily together. You have a nice house that you built with your partner, healthy kids, and a well-trained dog. However, at some point, you start realizing that something goes wrong and you need to fix your relationship ASAP. 

The energy is low, negative, or tense, and you have started to fight a lot without any satisfying resolution. If you feel like something has changed in your relationship and you face the possibility of a breakup, don’t lose hope just yet. 

If you still have tender feelings for your partner and want to save relationships, there’s always a way to rebuild. The following list of the 10 working tips should help you rebuild your relationship as soon as possible. 

Spend time with each other

Spend time with each other

Yes, you have your own life. But, on the other hand, you need to find a balance between the private and public. Otherwise, the relationship may wither at the most promising stage. Your connection needs care and attention, confessions, surprises and gifts, romantic dates, and cozy home evenings. So be creative and spare no energy to fuel your feelings.

Do not persecute or plague with jealousy


If a woman bombards a man with messages 24/7, calls him a hundred times a day, and her world revolves only around him, it’s time to admit that a woman’s feelings mutate into addiction. The persecution strangles men. This approach will not help keep anyone. 

A woman should be more confident in herself and stop worrying. A man will not leave. And even if you’ve got such a hot handsome man that it’s hard not to worry about it, convince yourself that you will be fine anyway. 

Don’t sacrifice your privacy

But not in the sense of “keep running on dates with a stable partner.” This kind of freedom is difficult to combine with serious intentions. Of course, you can burn with a sincere passion for each other, but this does not mean that the rest of your life should dissolve in selfless adoration. 

Don’t forget your friends and family, don’t give up your evening yoga, Saturday spa sessions, and Sunday breakfasts with your sister. Take care of independence, do not drown your personality in love, do not get into the habit of asking for time off and reporting – having lost the single status, you can still do whatever you want and whenever you want. 

Make equal efforts to fix your relationship

Beach date

It is believed that relationships require a 50/50 return. What nonsense, only 100/100! Both partners must make a 100% effort to maintain the relationship in the right dynamics every day. It is difficult to expect harmony from the connection “100 to 20,” “100 to 50,” or even “100 to 99.” You must be on an equal footing. If your union is out of balance, you need to talk about it to get back on track.

Be honest with your feelings

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Tell yourself the truth – are you really happy? Are you satisfied? Physically, emotionally, mentally? Yes, it’s not easy – human nature is prone to sacrificial compromises, but these three points are crucial. The secret of strong reciprocity lies in a strong and natural connection on all counts. So make sure that everything is so in your relationship, or at least it goes. 

Don’t skimp on empathy and appreciation

As a team, you cannot oppose each other. This means that you cannot take into account only your point of view. Whether you are right or wrong, acknowledge the reality of the difference in perception. If your partner sees the situation differently, try to understand and, most importantly, let him know that you respect his point of view.

Be a good listener, and feel free to be grateful. Even if he only loaded the dishwasher, say thank you. Thank him for what he is doing for you, and he will want to do it again to keep you happy. And, of course, he will be grateful in return.

Love yourself and take care of yourself

Many women complain that they either cannot find a suitable partner or are always attracted to men that treat them wrongly. The reason is low self-esteem: we attract the level of love that we feel for ourselves. You can’t burn yourself with self-criticism every day and expect others to treat you like a queen. 

Take a positive look at your qualities and start loving yourself for who you are, right now. And if you love yourself, then you take care of yourself – you protect your health, go to bed on time, allow yourself a relaxing bubble bath or maybe a spontaneous bachelorette party tonight. It is very important to pamper yourself by nourishing the soul outside of the relationship; otherwise, you will have nothing to give.

Do not seek to please and adapt

The desire to please is based on the expectation of positive feedback – love, kindness, and gratitude. However, the world is full of negativity, and people will gladly abuse you.

Relationships are a two-way street. Strive for a healthy balance of dedication and selfishness. And, please, do not get fooled by the fear of loneliness, agreeing to options from the series “let it be so” – this approach does not bring happiness.

Don’t avoid problems


Nobody likes conflicts. Some people are entertained by strife, but they are in the minority. But what happens if partners, not wanting to sort things out, constantly turn on the avoidance mode? Nothing good. If you avoid problems for years, they will accumulate. Then, one day you will wake up and realize that you will never be able to figure them out because you have forgotten where this huge pile began long ago. So don’t suppress negative (or positive) emotions. 

Talk to your partner about any issues that bother you. Firstly, you are a team, which means that you need to work together to overcome adversity. And secondly, you always deserve respect and the right to speak up. But make sure to apologize if you did something wrong.

Don’t try to re-educate your partner 

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It is no secret that many women believe that they can re-educate men with whom they decided to connect their lives. “If I make him lose 10 kilos, he will be much more attractive,” or “If I can wean him off video games, I will be happy,” or “As soon as we get married, he will change for the better” – all this has nothing to do with real love and long-term happiness. If you don’t like how he looks, talks, or kisses right now, you shouldn’t be with him without thinking of any tremendous changes. Free yourself from fictitious responsibilities – leave it to someone who will be happy with the original.

Final Word 

It would be too easy to say that you want to have a healthy relationship with someone you like, but it takes a lot of hard work to build a relationship of loyalty, trust, happiness, and love. It doesn’t happen overnight, and you both need to work on it to last.

Healthy relationships are those relationships that help us grow into the people we want to be, and at the same time, be able to share ourselves with someone who truly loves us and cares about us unconditionally. So follow the tips described above and fix your relationship ASAP.Make sure to also check our article: 10 signs she definitely does not love you anymore.

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