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Equestrian Dating

Horse riding is undoubtedly a useful and pleasant pastime, which can also be combined with a romantic date to get a lot of unforgettable impressions and emotions.

Sometimes you want to get out of the daily routine and gray stone city to the fresh air, change the constant rush to peace and tranquility so much. And when these wonderful moments can be shared with your loved one, it is difficult even to imagine the benefits of such a day. But before you go on horse dating, you need to know and follow some simple rules, which we will consider in this article.

The advantages of horse riding as a date

Equestrian dating if favorably different comparing to the usual date. It is much more useful and original than the banal trip to the cinema or restaurant. Horse dates are a good combination of pleasant physical exertion, nature, fresh air, and communication with your loved one.

This kind of active rest will have a positive effect on the body and on the mood of your second half. Communication with such pleasant, noble animals, makes us wiser and more humane.

You can choose the outskirts of the city with picturesque places in parks and forests or a suburb with its magnificent open spaces and unforgettable nature. Also, when choosing a location for horse riding, many people are guided by the convenience of their location for them personally and the transport accessibility of the location.

horse dating

Few rules of horse riding

You will surely hear all the safety regulations immediately before the walk. But the most basic ones must always be remembered. Horses are very intelligent and strong animals, but at the same time, they are quite shy. Any sharp sound, noise, movement, objects, and things unknown to them can scare animals. They can hurt you because of it.

Follow basic safety guidelines to avoid injuries and accidents:

  • Do not smoke near animals.
  • Do not make sudden movements.
  • Do not take pictures with flash.
  • Treat the animals with gentleness and calmness.
  • Approach the animal from the left side. But first, you should call her and make sure she noticed you.

Do not be afraid, behave calmly and gently, and if the horse does not feel discomfort and fear, nothing will spoil the trip. Horses are beautiful, kind, and intelligent animals if you handle them properly. It is not necessary to do horse riding for a long time. People will provide you with a calm, affectionate animal, and you will understand that riding is quite easy and very pleasant. Experienced instructors will help you understand the basic principles of handling a horse, after which you can enjoy the ride.

You can grab a small treat for horses: black bread, pieces of sugar, or apples. Serve them only on the open palm. Then the animal will be able to take a treat gently. Be sure to ask permission from the instructor since animals also have allergies.

What to wear on horse riding

Nothing should embarrass you and spoil the romantic atmosphere of the walk. Therefore, you need to choose the right clothing. If you are not going to engage in horse riding in the near future seriously, then no purchases will be needed. You can find clothes in your wardrobe.


First of all, pay attention to the shoes. They should freely fit in the stirrup. The approximate width of the stirrup is about 11-12 cm. The sole should be smooth and non-grooved, so the sneakers will not work. Shoes with a wide but low heel will be ideal


Choose pants that are stretched enough and will not hamper movement. But at the same time, keep in mind that too wide pants will be very uncomfortable. Tough fabric, such as denim, is completely unacceptable because they rub the skin when walking.

It is better not to wear outerwear made of rustling fabric and with a long hem because these can frighten the horse. Of course, take into account the weather conditions. If it is winter, then you should take care of thermal insulation and pay special attention to the legs. Wool socks will not be superfluous.


Additional preparations

Imagine how it would be wonderful for you to lie down on a soft blanket together, breathing the smell of freshly cut grass, looking at the blue sky, and talking to your dear person about various trifles. Moreover, you will eat and rest after riding.

A picnic may not be with a blanket on the grass but at a beautifully and romantically decorated table. Alternatively, it can even be served according to all canons with a waiter and live music.

The possibilities for organizing these dates are almost endless. It all depends on your wishes and imagination. Such a picnic will certainly brighten up pleasant tiredness after a horse ride and will add many impressions. A great surprise for your second half can be an excellent addition to the picnic.

If you are a man, you can prepare a bouquet of wildflowers and present them to your beloved. If you are a girl, you can cook your own food for a picnic. It can be simple sandwiches or cake made with love and care. Your young man will be very pleased.

You can make an interesting and useful romantic trip not far from the city! Beautiful nature, fresh air, and noble animals are advantages of horse riding. You will get great pleasure from both riding and communication with horses. And in the end, you can arrange a picnic where you can relax and enjoy communication with each other!

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