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Farmers Dating

Almost no people want to spend time in stuffy apartments in summer. People wish to get to nature, so they try to spend every free moment by the sea, river, or in a serene forest. If you want to arrange an original date, then you should have it on a farm. In comparison with country dating, an enjoyable romantic evening on the farm with your beloved is easier to realize.

Farmers dating

First of all, any romance implies solitude and mystery. In addition, during a romantic date, each of the participants should have the opportunity to show their own nature. A man should feel like a strong and courageous protector and a woman like a fragile and tender companion in need of care. That is why an excursion around the forest or the lake will be perfect.


The very first thing you can do on a farm is to have a picnic. For a good picnic, you need good food. For this purpose, you can cook baked chicken and immediately cut it into portions. You can also buy sausages that are useful for roasting on the fire. A delicious sauce is suitable for both sausages and chicken.

Such goodies as pizza and sandwiches can be an excellent addition to the table. If you want to be creative, you can cook pancakes with an unusual and exquisite filling. It is easy to get fruits and vegetables on the farm as well. And a good complement for a romantic picnic on the farm will be a bottle of good wine. In this case, you will have a perfect country girl dating.

Farmers dating

Romantic picnic on the farm near the lake

If you want to arrange a picnic near the lake, then you should take care of coziness and comfort. You must take into account the fact that it can be windy and cold. In this case, you should take blankets with you, which will be able to hide you and your soul mate from bad weather.

You can also take pillows or blankets with you. It will be comfortable and warm to sit on them. And if possible, you can take care of pleasant music, candles, or garlands.

How to decorate a table?

It is important to design a table for a farmer date. Therefore, you should use a festive tablecloth, put beautiful glasses, plates, and take care of cutlery. Do not spoil the romantic atmosphere with the fact that plastic dishes are blown away because of the first gust of wind.

Take care that you have a fire and warm capes on the chairs. First of all, it is necessary to think about your comfort, because nothing romantic will happen if you or your second half will be freezing instead of romantic dialogues under the moon.

If you want to arrange a date on a proper level, we advise you to purchase special picnic sets. They consist of a convenient bag, backpack or basket, originally filled with beautiful dishes that can be taken for picnics. This is usually a pair of crystal glasses, forks and spoons, as well as several porcelain plates.

You should also remember about small little things that will make the evening better:

  • Insect repellent. It will be great to spend time in nature without the terrible bites of mosquitoes, bees and other living creatures.
  • If you fry sausages or other foods directly at a picnic, take care of the skewers or grill grates if you do not have them of a farm.
  • Wipes will be an excellent addition for a comfortable stay.
  • Money. Even if you have everything with you, you drive on your own transport, all products and things are prudently carried in the trunk, and the first-aid kit is full of medicines for all occasions, a certain amount of money for safety should always be in your pocket;
  • Connection. Charge your mobile phones and warn your relatives about where you can be found in case of an unforeseen situation.

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In addition to food and beverages, it is worth thinking about the entourage. It can be cute candles, garlands, aromatic oils, balloons or flowers. A date on the farm does not mean that creating the right atmosphere will not work. You just need to take into account some points. Colors around you are important. The most suitable are the shades that encourage active brain activity and exciting desire. These are red, orange or bright yellow.

However, the abundance of bright colors can lead to the appearance of aggression. Therefore, it must always be balanced with white. The black is better to refuse, as it usually causes negative emotions. In addition to tablecloths, sometimes it makes sense to think about buying new bed linen.


You should choose the clothes and shoes which you like the most, but it is worth remembering that no one will appreciate your wonderful shoos with heels if you can normaly walk with them on nature. Stop your choice on comfortable ballet flats, which are suitable for dresses of any cuts. Do not like excessive romantic ruffles? Then you can wear your favorite jeans.

Men can wear light tennis shoes, light pants and T-shirts. However, it is worth taking care of comfort in the evening for yourself and your lady. We recommend bringing a pair of warm sweatshirts with you.

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