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Where to Go on a First Date?

The first acquaintance is a very significant event, which determines whether the young man will continue the relationship with the girl in the future. Therefore, some guys often think about good places for a first date. It is necessary to think about both the time of year and the partner’s hobbies to make a positive impression. A man must think about all possible options in advance.

Where to go on a first date in the winter?

Often men face such a problem as choosing date places in winter. When there are only snowfall and cold temperatures outside, it is difficult to find a pleasant option. A guy should organize a good rest, bringing positive emotions, and not letting her freeze and get sick.

The original ideas of the meeting can surprise a girlfriend and make her look at her companion differently.

Outside activities

Thinking where to take someone on a first date, you should know that going for a walk in winter is an excellent option. You can go on nature or in a specially equipped sports complex. The choice is great because if you invite a girl to go skating, skiing or sledding, she is unlikely to find the new acquaintance uninteresting and boring. It is believed that such a pastime brings people together and allows them to be natural.


  • It is necessary to find out if the girl knows how to use skates, skis, etc. If a young man is confident and knows that he can teach his companion, he will be able to achieve tactile contact and trust, which will contribute to the further development of relations. The relaxed atmosphere is needed at the first meeting.
  • You do not need to make a surprise out of this, as the guest can dress up too easily. It is worth advising her to choose more comfortable and warm clothes to walk longer.
  • A good end of a fun walk will be a trip to a quiet, relaxing, and cozy cafe, where you can warm up and share the vivid impressions received during the day.

Dynamic walk

If the chosen one does not like active rest, you should call her on an incredible journey with real sled dogs. Horse riding with an experienced instructor may also be a great idea.


  • To make sure that the girl is safe, you should check the necessary instructor certificates and the operability of the equipment used. This will help to have a good time and not worry about the companion.
  • If the walk promises to be long, you need to have a thermos with a hot drink. This will help not to freeze and deserve another plus in the treasury of positive qualities. Delicious spice cookies will be a pleasant surprise for her.

Surprise in nature

Visiting the park or seeing the sights of the city is quite an exciting and simple option. If the weather is good, this can be combined with a small photo session. The guy who offers the chosen one to be photographed on the background of winter nature will be considered the sweetest.

What to consider:

  • Snow fights are fun and exciting, but care must be taken not to hurt the face of the companion.
  • The second pair of gloves in a backpack will make a guy a real savior in the middle of a date. It is essential to warn the girl about the plans so that her clothes are not light.
  • Mandatory completion of a walk in a warm coffee shop will allow the girl to return to the image of an adult. Relevant jokes and pleasant conversations will benefit further communication.

Cultural events

Art allows personality to develop. Therefore, it’s worth assessing your budget and inviting a girl to such cultural events:

  1. Concert of a favorite group.
  2. Painting exhibition.
  3. An evening of poems.
  4. Festivals of cinema, music, culture, etc.
  5. Theater.

You should think about these aspects in advance:

  • If you need tickets to visit, it is essential to buy them in advance.
  • In will need to get a taxi if the weather is bad.
  • It is necessary to learn more about the event to competently conduct a dialogue and shine with knowledge in the area that pleases the beloved.
  • You can invite her to any thematic event in the New Year.

In any season

Dolphinarium date

This option will be especially successful if the girl has a birthday. She will feel like a child again, get a lot of bright emotions and positive impressions.

  • Tips:
  • The couple must have a relationship of trust.
  • The date will be successful only if the girl has a particular disposition for this kind of entertainment.
  • At the end of the meeting, you should take your beloved into a cozy and peaceful place to exchange emotions and impressions.

Coffee shop

If the couple does not know each other at all, you should pay attention to the pleasant coffee shops with an intimate setting, where you can talk and get to know your partner closer. A glass of wine or a cup of good coffee with cinnamon will be great. Today there are many original places. Therefore, you can find a coffee shop with exciting and atypical dishes.

What to consider:

  • You must know what budget you can have.
  • The coffee shop should be small and have a warm, trusting atmosphere.
  • If the date is long, you should not let a girl get home alone. You need to call a taxi or go with her.

Best places for a first date

For wholly crazy people, there is such an option as a hike with tents or a tourist trip. In such conditions, you can see how hardy a girl is, how she will behave in various situations, and whether she can provide good support. These days can be both memorable and challenging. It is important to remember that not every girl will appreciate such a proposal.

There are special restaurants where you can dine in the dark. It is quite an intimate and frightening atmosphere.

A zoo is an ideal place for a girl because there are a lot of cute and funny animals there. Such a date will leave positive emotions.


At first glance, the cinema is not an original idea for meetings. But some options will make girls change their opinion.

You have to find a quiet place in your garden and hang a projector there. A blanket on the grass will increase warmth and comfort. Open-air cinemas are unusual, so you do not have to think where to take someone on a first date. A girl will remember this date for a long time.

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