How To Choose The Best Woman For A Relationship?

Modern realities are such that girls are not always suitable for serious relationships. How to make the right choice? Where can there be a mistake? We will understand these issues. Relationship with a girl has a mass of pluses. Therefore, many guys seek to achieve this result. However, sometimes it is hard to make the right choice. Where can there be a mistake? How to choose a girl for a relationship? What girl to choose for a serious relationship? We will understand these issues.

What to look for in a girlfriend

Age is important

Of course, we all would like to find a younger and prettier girl. But in the case of long-term relationships, this path rarely succeeds. Practice shows that girls from 17 to 25 are very poorly suited for building a family and for long-term relationships, in particular.

At this age, their hormones are constantly jumping, and she has a very modest experience of communicating with men, so she cannot give you what you need and what you want. At this time, girls consider themselves to be goddesses, so guys should seek them. They also believe that guys need only sex, although they cannot give anything but sex.

Of course, there are exceptions, but after 25 there is a real transformation:

  • now the girl knows the value of money and does not require fashionable gifts from you;
  • she already has enough experience in dealing with men, so we imagine that a guy needs to be happy and can give it;
  • as a rule, by the age of 25, a girl acquires her own housing, there will be no problems with real estate;
  • she already has her earnings; it’s easier to agree that everyone pays for herself in a cafe;
  • the character becomes calmer
  • the realization comes to her that 25 is already quite a lot, so she needs to look for a man and hold on to him;
  • she is more straightforward and understandable.

That is why experienced men advise starting long-term relationships with such girls. They are already more drawn to the creation of a family. Therefore they become much more compliant and clearer. It is really more comfortable with them.

How to choose the right girl

A guy and a girl in a relationship should have compatibility on three points:

  1. sex
  2. home compatibility
  3. money

We will reveal these aspects.

Compatibility in sex

Everything is quite simple here. How often do you need sex? This can be once a week or every day for 3-4 times. The girls are all the same. You have to check within a few weeks whether it suits you according to this criterion. Why so long? Because in the first week any couple doesn’t get out of bed at all, and then everything becomes clear.

Home compatibility

Home compatibility is, for the most part, your cleanliness. Do you like to scatter things and the cluttered room does not bother you? The girl should think in the same way. Better you will litter and grunt together, than one of you will regularly clean up after the other. This factor is also checked within a few weeks. First, the girl is likely to clean your home regularly. Only then will she show her true identity.

Monetary compatibility

Monetary compatibility is the most critical item. Yes, girls are mercantile, and each has her own degree of this “disease.” You need to find out how your girlfriend sees you as a “bag of money.” Requests gifts? You need to break up immediately if you do not like to spend money.

what is a real girl

If she saves every penny, then see if it falls into extremes. Otherwise, one day you find expired products on your table because there were discounts on them. Each of these aspects is important. Do you observe incompatibility in at least one of them? Relationships immediately cease.

What is a real girl

A good girl is not stupid. Stupid girls quickly get bored, unlike smart ones. Intelligent girlfriends will always surprise, maintain desire and interest in themselves. They will not let a man get bored. With these girls there is something to do and what to talk about. A good girl is adequate. Many girls have problems with adequacy. The girl does not arrange a scandal from scratch, does not take offense without cause, does not demand, does not whine and is able to speak directly.

The girl has already grown out of the foolish dreams of a prince on a white horse and, in an adult way, perceives the relationship between the sexes. A good girl is independent. Independence is the key to a happy relationship between a man and a woman. Having interests outside of your relationship is essential. A good girl respects you. A good girl lets you be a man. She is not trying to command men. She respects men’s desires, dreams and lifestyle.

Know what you are looking for in a girl

What girl should be with you? Adventurer or calm and homely? How should she behave in bed/in the kitchen? What place should she take in your life? From the answers to these questions depends on what specific girl you choose. For example, if you love the life of a night city, clubs and parties, then a homemade girl is not for you. In accordance with the exemplary type of girl, you need to date her in the right places. Do you need smart, educated, good housewife? Go to exhibitions, theater, museum or library.

It is unlikely to meet this kind of girls on the street. Just do not forget to stock up at least some knowledge of the place where you are going to have an extra trump card when meeting. Active girls are often found among volunteers, tourists, as well as at parties and social events. You need to go to clubs to find a girl who loves nightlife. Here you will quickly find a companion. However, such girls are poorly suited for long-term relationships.

The exception is the case when you coincide entirely with her in interests and hobbies. And now the most important trick. It is very difficult to find precisely the girl who will become permanent for you. So do not hesitate to make acquaintances with a few and check them for certain qualities. Subsequently, you will choose the best option.

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